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On our way out the door to a playdate. Just wanted to remind you that you have 3 hours left to order the Mother’s Day Special on my site! (2 copies of Diapers for $16) Thanks for all the orders so far! Woohoo!

Pics below if you haven’t seen them yet. The Metro Gardens were gorgeous again yesterday. We saw thousands of itty-bitty tadpoles at Frog Talk Walk. So awesome!

Reading a cool book. Have someone for you to pray for. Thoughts on out-of-control flip-flop population in our home. (more later)

Ava was Student of the Month (in her kdg. class) for April. Woohoo, Ava! She got to eat pizza with the principal. The sweet little girl was just beside herself with pride and excitement.

Man, I don’t do well under pressure. 9:00. Gotta go! Have an awesome day! Go outside! Happy Sunshine!

10 thoughts on “four-minute post

  1. jenhul

    Congrats to Ava on the student of the month! I’m co chair of the student of the month at the school I work at…currently we do an ice cream social after school for the child and their family. The other teacher and I in charge are brainstorming different ideas for next year…I’m curious were families invited to the pizza lunch or just the students? Did you have to bring her to school early for the pizza lunch?
    We’re looking for ways to make it more special for the student and not so crazy with siblings, a crowded room and overwhelming-ness for all!
    Thanks for any ideas or details!

  2. bethelaine

    eating with the principal kind of sounds like a punishment to me…  i think it would make me really nervous!  but i’m all about the pizza part.    HUGE congrats to ava!

  3. gsowell

    This post was just a teaser for posts to come. I’m a sucker for teasers. You know how they give you just a bit of a news story and say, “More at eleven”? If I hear that, it is VERY hard for me not to stay up until eleven just to find out the one other fact not in the teaser. Now I’ll be back here ALL the time checking for the updates.

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