fixing my eyes

Well, I’d just love to tell you all about my day–how it went from quappy to happy–but I can’t. You see, I just finished my McGraw-Hill project waaaaaay before my deadline (tomorrow a.m.), and I need to treat myself to a few chapters of a fiction novel before bed.

I was aiming for an 11:00 bedtime–remember that resolution I made a few months back?–but oh well. Definitely before midnight. Or at least 12:30.

Tomorrow’s Bible study, so I can tell you about my day sometime in the afternoon. This whole suspense thing is starting to get annoying, isn’t it? Believe it or not, it’s not a ploy for attention. I have other methods for that. Soon, friends, soon. All my secrets will be out! (and no doubt, way less thrilling than you might think)

God is good, girls. I just about wasted today in a big wallow, but I knew I had to fix my eyes on Jesus regardless of my feelings, and wow. Cool things happen when you look to Him.

One diaper at a time… One diaper at a time…

Tomorrow is my little brother’s 29th birthday. Happy Birthday, Josh! Love you!

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