excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor.

I am sitting here just staring at my computer screen, working so hard to wrap my brain around something the fine folks at PETA did this week.

They asked Ben and Jerry’s to use human breast milk in their ice cream, because taking milk from cows is inhumane.

Should I say it again? You still won’t believe it.

Two days ago PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked Ben and Jerry’s to use human breast milk in their ice cream, because taking milk from cows is inhumane.

I know they think it’s criminal to step on an ant or to accidentally swallow a gnat while riding your bike on a country road at night. And rightly so. Just think of those poor, defenseless insects!

But, um, turning women into milk factories so that COWS CAN HAVE A NICER LIFE?! I don’t even know what to say. My uncle owns a dairy farm. If he wasn’t in bed already, I’d call him.

Here’s a link to the letter.

In other news, the zoo book is coming along. I’ve put a disclaimer at the beginning of the book (seriously) disassociating myself with PETA nuts. I like animals, sure, but OH MY WORD.

Expectant Prayers has a new title! I don’t think I blogged about this, because it was up in the air for awhile. But a gal e-mailed me a month or so ago and said I couldn’t use the title because she had trademarked it. Eek. I’m not sure why the publisher didn’t check that beforehand. But anyway, new title? Expecting. I’ve always wanted a one-word title after my huge ol’ big ones. I like it. Coming in January to a store near you.

And I have poison ivy (sumac? oak?) on the backs of my knees, on the top of my left thigh, and I’m afraid it’s going to spread other places, because I can’t stop scratching it. Eek! Hopefully it won’t be across my face for xangafest. And if you don’t want to hug me, I understand. It’s driving me batty!

I’m having a really rough time staying on top of the girls’ school stuff. Papers, assignments, lunches, brown shirts for peace plays, word studies, writer’s workshop. I missed both curriculum nights, and evidently, a lot of this stuff was discussed then. And, well, I have more excuses, but they’re all pitiful, and I need to put a little more effort into this even if I don’t feel like it.

36 hours until XangaFest!! Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to meet some of you for the first time!!

30 thoughts on “excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor.

  1. sizzl

    I am really curious as to what human breast milk tastes like.

    Cow’s milk really is unhealthy for us, though. In addition to all of the hormones in it (Bovine Growth hormone for quicker milk production) that cause an immense array of serious health problems, most of them different types of cancers, we’re not even supposed to be drinking milk after we’ve passed the nursing stage as babies. It’s just not what we’re meant to do.

    And… I have no idea why we even began drinking the milk of another animal. Kind of revolting if you ask me.

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    @Amanda – 

    Amen. If breast milk was so easy to come by that they could make millions of gallons of ice cream with it, shouldn’t they be passing it out by the bucket-full to mothers who aren’t able to breastfeed? But NO, the well-being of cows is more important than the health of newborn babies. What was I thinking, putting babies before cows?!?

  3. Anonymous

    @stephaniedawnbasham – I’m so glad to hear they replied that!  I mean that’s just nuts!  I was just thinking in my head, tell the peta folks sure, you’re first!  HA!  I remember nights that I honestly felt a little “cow-ish” with pumping.  But, it was for my own sweet girls.  And I do know that well cared for frozen milk is taken for new born premies and babies that need it at hospitals.  Which I think is awesom to do, because God makes the best milk if you’re able to get it all to work!  And, might I add, a MUCH BETTER USE OF THE RESOURSE for crying out loud!  Wow.  wow.  People are just kookie.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, this is crazy…and not because of the debate over whether it’s best for humans to consume large amounts of cow’s milk, but because of the thinking behind this “request”….

    They don’t really care what’s best for humans only animals….having (gladly) been a human milk factory myself, I can speak to how ridiculous it would be for women to provide enough milk for all the dairy consumption in the world….cows seem a little more “endowed”…….

    I especially like the topic of this post when compared to the one before…are we upside down or what in our culture where a cow’s comfort takes precedence over the brutal acts done to unborn…and partially born babies – all in the name of civility.

    Love your blog…putting you on my Blogroll! Peace to you, Angie

  5. afburd

    I got chiggers all over me from a blackberry patch when I was a kid. I couldn’t stop scratching the itch, so my Mom put clear fingernail polish on the bumps. Maybe you could try that for your poison ivy…

  6. ladymiss3739

    Sigh.  I used to debate the logic behind those kinds of things, but then learned for the most part, you’re arguing with people who have no intention of reconsidering their views. 

    Just in case B&J’s decides to follow their advice, I suggest we all ask next time we order: “Um, excuse me, but is this made with mammal milk, or breast milk?” 

  7. luvmynoah

    OH. MY. COW!  Stollen from a great blogger….  I hope the cows are happy!  This is a scary world.

    I love the new title!  I hope your itches go away!!!

    Have fun at the Xanga party!  I have to make it to one of these soon!

  8. FlyingCAB

    yeah. wow.  that’s just dumb.  I mean really.  And frankly, even though it’s a stupid idea….the practical application is even dumber- can you see enough women to make all the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream volunteering to pump breast milk for OTHER PEOPLE to eat!?  I mean sure, there will be a couple of nuts who would do it…but really. 

  9. scottnjes

    I LOVE your new title!! It’s great! Congrats on getting one word!

    I guarantee no one is going to get breast milk for ice cream. That stuff is to precious to sell to a company. and it’s such a pitb to get out.

    Sorry about being poisoned.  I hope it goes away fast! I’m going to try to stay up on your life a little better now that the new house is winding down.

  10. M3mine

    Hadn’t heard the PETA thing—that would keep a lot of sane people from buying Ben and Jerry’s.  At least I would stay away from it.  And what about the little babies who are supposed to be the ones who are benefiting from breast milk?  Insane idea!

  11. der_lila_Stern

    That PETA thing baffles me.  If those cows werent being used for milk they would be killed.  No new cows would be produced to replace them – no one would want to breed the cows.  So really, how would that protect the cows?  Why dont the crazy PETA people simply let people make their own choices? 

    Enjoy XangaFest!

  12. mrshart03

    Joel told me about the Ben & Jerry’s thing the other night- I couldn’t believe it either- these PETA people are idiots!  Apparently they have never pumped while nursing, otherwise they would know how much of a cow it makes you feel like!

    It goes along with the links you posted yesterday- putting animals/the planet before HUMAN LIFE, once again.  Sad.

  13. jessyomama

    um… i mean maybe it’s just me… but doesn’t inhumane distincly have the word “human” in it. It’s like Not right to do to a Human, isn’t it? Well, phew, cuz last time I checked, COWS AREN’T HUMAN! hahahahahahaha! that’s hilarious

  14. barbaradesmond

    I agree that is seriously weird. I know absolutely nothing about cows but I would think milking them isn’t harming them and don’t they get grumpy if they go unmilked? I don’t eat that icecream anyway but that would just be too strange. Are they going to mention that?

    Try wearing gloves and try not to scratch. This made me think of that stuff they sell for people to put on their hands but it’s really for cows udders. Oh Peta you are totally insane. Wouldn’t it be inhumane for the humans after all humans would be human while cows are cows.

  15. rebates

    Wow…that’s so twisted…The problem is, some of the information is true!  Breastmilk is best for human BABIES, not human adults.  Cow’s milk is meant for calves.  Humans are the only mammal that drink the milk of another mammal and continue to drink past our early years. 

    But, suggesting that ice cream be made from breast milk???  I doubt the fat content in breast milk is even adequate for that!  (Have you ever tried to make ice cream from low-fat milk?  It’s like an ice cube.)  How about making ice cream from soy or other milk alternatives?  Soy ice cream is really good!  And if they’re really so concerned about the health of the people eating the ice cream and consuming too much dairy (which is also true), just tell them to stop eating it!! 

    Don’t get me wrong…I love my ice cream, but I tend to avoid most other dairy products…

    This is just weird…

  16. stephaniedawnbasham

    I think we WERE separated at birth! That’s so funny that we blogged about the same story at the exact same time! Oh dear.

    I like how they keep using the “breast is best” argument. Um, isn’t that argument used for breastfeeding vs. formula for babies, NOT for whether to use human breast milk or cow’s milk in ICE CREAM?

    I messaged you! 🙂

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