everything’s funnier after midnight

I am on a blogging ROLL. I must subconsciously realize that I’m leaving Thursday for 10 days. Must. Store. Up. Words. Lots and lots of words.

So, I’m sitting at my computer laughing at myself. Here’s the deal. The past couple days I’ve had this weird numbness in my left pinkie and ring finger. Sometimes it goes up my hand and into my arm. It’s tingling right now as I type. Didn’t think too much of it until I remembered that a friend with brain cancer said his first symptom was numbness in his arm. I decide to check it out on the internet.

I type in “fingers are going numb.” Find this question:

Just these last week,my left hand fingers,and part of my hand keeps going numb,and pins and needles!!,?

Then this answer:

If the numbness is in your little finger and ring finger then you have a pinched ulnar or radial nerve. You need to protect the area around your elbow from further injury and it should get better within a week. If it doesn’t improve quickly then see a neurologist.

Then this explanation:

Because of the anatomic positioning of the ulnar nerve, it is subject to entrapment and injury by a wide variety of causes. Because of its superficial position at the elbow, it is often injured by excessive pressure in this area (leaning on the elbow during work or while driving a car).

As I am reading my diagnosis and subsequent explanation, my chin is resting on the palm of my left hand. My left elbow is resting on my desk. I am leaning on my elbow hard. I have been at my computer A LOT more than usual the past couple days.

I need this vacation more than I thought!

Okay, so maybe you had to be here. Although Gabe was here and didn’t laugh like I did. He did make fun of me for awhile though (resting his chin on his desk while trying to type, etc.)

So, you know all those blessings I wrote about? Have a funny one. Gabe brings home a receipt from lunch. Went to the Apple store with some work buddies, then they ate at the mall. I notice that his receipt says, “Mall Employee Discount -$.86)

“Gabe, did you tell these people you worked at the mall?!” (I know we’ve talked about being good stewards, but this doesn’t mean LIE!)

He has no idea what I’m talking about, looks at receipt, then laughs. “She asked me if I worked in the area, and I said yes. I thought she meant the Columbus area.” Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Took the girls to the library and DQ tonight during Gabe’s podcast. They got DQ dollars from the dentist. (how bizarre is that?) Free cones all around!

Last thing. A couple days ago, I was trying to make supper, and Livi was talking my ear off. And her chattiness started leaning a teensy bit to the sassy side.

Me:  I wonder if your talkativeness and sassiness are going to get you in trouble in first grade.
Livi:  I wonder why I’m gooder with people than I am with you.
Me: Yeah, can’t help but wonder.

Have a great one!

19 thoughts on “everything’s funnier after midnight

  1. rocknnell

    I have had the numb tingling thing in my fingers….to above the elbow since before Gabe graduated H.S.  –  much money spent, many tests ran…. fibromyalgia… ulnar thing….probably about 5 more names….3 specialist at OSU… 2 in Lima..etc.  ( basically – you’ll have to get worse before we can diagnose)…. but it is there, it is real…etc. . Have a GREAT, GREAT VACATION.

  2. gsowell

    I get that tingly thing in my arm, too, but it always starts while I am leaning on it and computing, so I figured out the source pretty easily. Glad your research verified my suspicions.

    Susannah and I had almost the same conversation as you and Livi. Funny.

  3. terriwright

    OK….the important thing here is that Livi is good with people. It is really fortuitous that she has already let you know that you aren’t realy people…..you’re just Mom. You’ll need to really KNOW this info in a few years….her ignoring you won’t hurt quite so much…..

  4. Abs7

    I go to a dentist who hands out toothbrushes for Halloween- Boring! I think I would appreciate your ice cream coupon giving dentist much more!

    Glad you don’t have brain cancer

  5. ch1pch0p

    Where do you go the dentist? My dentist gave out a Coldstone coupon!! LOVE IT

    Shoot, I lean on my elbow all day long. No numbing yet. But my toes get tingling when I’m on the elliptical.

    The W’ville library does not have a DQ. Don’t lie to these people.

    You taught Livi to be sassy. You can’t get mad at her for it.

  6. Nixter77

    At least it isn’t life threatening!!! Yay for holidays and praise God for the many blessings he has been showing you this last week, it really is an encouragement!! Thanks for sharing all those blessings with us!

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