So I lasted until 10 p.m.

Actually, in my defense, Gabe and I had a “discussion,” and it wasn’t a very easy one to stomach, and I was secretly thinking, “Lord, was this necessary? I was really hoping for a peaceful day with You, with answers flooding in and smiles all around. Not this.”

Anyway, Gabe requested that I do a couple things. Not fun, but I know he’s right. And I know he’s exercising God-given leadership, and as much as I balk at being led, it’s good for me, good for us. When I ask God for wisdom, I want Him to just pour it in my head and voila! Instead, he often gives it to Gabe, and I get it second-hand. Bah.

I’m talking in circles here. Bottom line–I didn’t miss the internet today. I would’ve gone to bed happy, but Gabe asked me to get pro-active on a few things zoo-related, which involved getting online, so I did.

But then he told me he loves me, supports me in this, and it can wait until tomorrow. Since I was already on, I popped in for an update.

Now, off to seek God in quiet, not while doing dishes, cleaning out drawers, packing lunches.

Off to the (Columbus Zoo) tomorrow with Ava and the first graders.

Thanks for your encouragement, friends! And if you have time amidst prayer requests for real problems and hurting people, could you say a prayer for us and the rest of the Zoo Trip? We need a miracle.

Blessings onĀ  your Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “eh.

  1. Laura

    Praying for you and yours! And BELIEVING that God will answer our prayers! Your books, your blog….it’s all a testimony of how much God has done already and it’s just a taste of how much MORE He will do in the future!

  2. Erin

    Good luck at the zoo tomorrow…I’ll be praying the rain holds off.

    Also will be praying for you and the Zoo Trip!! You’ve already seen God work mightily…I know He will show Himself to you through the entire thing.

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