do you like funny?

Because I do. And I’m in a rush to get to Bible study, so I’ll leave you with links to two very funny things. And then ask you a question.

Link #1: I know a lot of you read Angie Smith’s blog. I just read her latest post last night and was cracking up. Sooo funny! Check it out!

Link #2: Brandi Wilson’s blog is another favorite of mine. And her husband Pete, a pastor, has one too (also cool). Yesterday he posted one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Check it out!

Pete also asked his readers a question, and I’m going to steal it. I loved, loved, loved reading about what you were doing the other day. What simply smashing word pictures you drew!

Here’s my next question: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? (and if you like, you can tell me if you’re doing it or not)

Here’s my answer: I wanted to get married, have babies, be a writer and a librarian. If I think hard enough, there may have been more. How about you?

25 thoughts on “do you like funny?

  1. Anonymous

    I’ll just go ahead and embarrass myself. I wanted to be a super model. In fact, that’s what I was for career day in the fourth grade–mostly because I got to wear HIGH HEELS (!) to school.

    In fact, I even had to write a poem about it. The only thing I remember is the first two lines:

    “I am a lovely model
    And when I walk I do not waddle…”

    Oh dear, can’t believe I just admitted that…

  2. smarkas

    I wanted to be a vet or a missionary. Like Sandy, when I found out the hard part about putting animals to sleep, that pretty much nixed that idea. I read a book about Amy Carmichael in 2nd or 3rd grade, plus my dad was the head of the Missions committee at our church. I have seriously considered volunteering at an animal shelter (probably will in future – don’t have the time right now) and I have a huge heart for missions. Somewhere along the lines, God showed me that prayer and financial support for missionaries is crucial as well… and my focus shifted there.

    So, I’m not doing either of those things, but those dreams are still a part of me in some ways. But what little girl dreams of growing up and being a technical/business writer and PowerPoint specialist? There are a lot of adults who don’t fully understand what I do. I have always loved words, even as a kid, so I guess that sorta fits.

    Oh, I think I may have wanted to be a librarian for awhile too. I at least made my own card catalog for all my books! (What a nerd!)

  3. AdamMacsgirl

    I wanted to be a check out lady at the grocery store. (Not really sure what they wear!) I even dressed up as one for the Fall Party when I was in AWANA. What can I say—I had high aspirations! 🙂

  4. stephaniedawnbasham

    When I was really young (early elementary) I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher. Then I turned 10 and dropped the teacher dream. Still wanted to be a mommy. Then in late junior high/ early high school I started telling people that I wanted to marry a youth pastor. Not sure where that came from. Still wanted the wife and mommy thing. Then I went off to college, fell in love with a youth ministry major (the man, not the major), definitely still wanted to be a wife and mommy, and concluded from observing my education major friends that I would rather die than ever become a teacher.

    Now I’m the wife of a youth pastor, NOT a teacher, and a nanny (so, maybe about 35% of the mommy thing being fulfilled at the moment). Not bad for only being 23. 🙂

  5. jonnalynn

    To answer the question…I wanted to be a ballerina when i was little!

    I’m not sure yet whether or not we will be in Nashville for Thanksgiving or not…if we aren’t you & your fam. are more than welcome to stay at our place though!

  6. rocknnell

    Krista……….  LOL………..the lottery number reader….that is toooooo funny, you made my evening….LOL….why not Vanna White ? you crack me UP ! If I knew in TFC we could of done somethig to help you live that out, maybe at your Xanga fest…. !  ” Live out your dreams ” 

  7. jenhul

    From an early age I wanted to be a teacher. I came home from the last day of school many years to play school with siblings and neighbors. Around 5th grade I decided I liked politics (huh?!) and told my classmates to vote for me, as I would be the first woman President. That ended…and through college I started in education and switched to major in Speech Pathology, with a minor in elementary education. So, I am considered a ‘teacher’ to many.

  8. kkakwright

    really, honestly.  i wanted to be that lady that read the lottery numbers every night after the evening news.  it always looked like such a fun job.
    as i got to be a teen, i wrote in my journal that i wanted to be a pastor’s wife and mom.  hmmm…seems this life i lead is everything i wanted.  then why do i get grumpy about everything that goes along with it? 🙂 

  9. Anonymous

    As a kid, I just wanted to marry a good and godly man and be a good and godly wife and mama who stayed home with her kids.  Like I remember wishing my mom could have stayed home with me.  Funny how the day-to-day of life can chip away at your dream-come-true life.  It’s good to pull back, stop, remember, and take joy in His answers to my little me prayers.  Good question!

    As a teen dreamer, the list seems endless.  Vet, doctor, surgeon (specifically oncology), nurse, teacher, Olympian (gymnastics), marine drill sergeant (or a Navy Seal sniper), lawyer, politician, farm wife, horse rancher, artist, country music singer, secretary, pilot, mechanic… to name a few.   Come to think of it, I’m not sure mama-hood alone… was even on my ever changing short list!

    Interesting that mama-hood includes slight versions of some of those wishes as well.  Obviously just on a personal level rather than a professional level, but doing something to liken to them all the same!  *grin*  You know, I believe God adds on to those fulfilled childhood dreams.  He knows how our hearts continue to reach on, but it’s hard to know if He’s preparing us for the future… or now.  I don’t want to risk moments I have now with our girls, for the dreams I have for myself.  But I can use my dreams to light up our life right now!  I mean wow… my first dream has already come true!  Now I think it’s time to invest and cultivate dreams in them.  Teach my restless feet to walk with You, Lord!  Show me what You have for me… and what’s just vain ambitions.

    In light of the Kingdom calender, it seems that all that really matters now, outside my own home’s care, is sharing God with others.  In every way possible, you know, heart, deeds, and words; words, deeds and heart!  Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile the two (the commission and personal dreams)… but, like James McDonald said… save something for heaven.  *grinning bigger*  I like that.  While your enjoying your ____ (fill in the blank), you’re SO gonna see me flipping in Heaven… if God lets me.  J

    And, should the Lord tarry here, I’ve got the likes of Neal’s Great Aunt Wilma to inspire a second life after kiddos.  She lived a very full life and learned to paint, play the violin, and much more, AFTER the age of 60!  She lived to 101.  Great Aunt Wilma rocked.

    Fun question, thanks for asking!  Blessings to you today, girl!

  10. GracefulKiki

    I wanted to be a fashion designer, a photographer, an accountant and a bank teller.  The fashion designer thing was an obsession.  I had tons of journals I would just FILL with sketches, swatches, “mood board” ideas, etc.  I still have most of them…pretty hilarious to look through now. 

    Annnnnnnnd now I’m a teacher…sooo…yeah, not doing any of those things. 

  11. MlleBaroque

    I think as a little girl I wanted to be a horse jockey. (Think the “Black Stallion” books) And then in middle school it was a fiction writer. (I wrote so many “books” they could fill a filing cabinet.) And then as a high schooler I aspired to be a Supreme Court Justice.  It wasn’t until my junior year of college that God got my attention and showed me my true passion…wifehood and mommyhood.

  12. Anonymous

    I wanted to be a veterinarian until I learned that sometimes meant putting animals to sleep and seeing the heartbreak of a family losing a beloved pet (hmm…this may have been around the time my own kitty left us…). Then I wanted to be a ballerina – all through high school.  I actually had a chance to go pro, until I got stress fractures in my shins around the time I would have started in a company.  Starting that career on an injury is a bad plan.  Ten years later I am in my last year of law school.

  13. luvmynoah

    I wanted to fly planes in the Air Force….then someone squashed that dream and told me I had to have perfect vision to do that.  Next I wanted to be a singer.  I guess I do sing and I am a worship leader.  When I was a kid, teen and young adult my dreams were much bigger with singing though.  God has a way of changing a perspective as we grow in Him. 🙂

  14. tonialynn59

    I wanted to get married and be a mommy!  I thought about being a teacher but I’m not big on being up in front of a group of people no matter the age!  Can’t wait for grandchildren!!!

  15. terriwright

    I wanted first to be a nurse like my Mom, but she discouraed it. THEN I wanted to play in a symphony orchestra, but I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifices for that(starving, not marrying Kirby…), SO….I became a teacher. God certainly led me where I needed to be.

  16. rocknnell

    I always wanted to be a ” son “…( in these days it is not too popular, via they think you are gay.)..but then…it would of gotten me to be able to drive the tractor and work on the farm….and to be Pete Havlincheck….My Soph. yr. in High School…God called me to full time ministry…..making JESUS real to people like a chick at Scioto ! 

  17. bethelaine

    i always wanted to be a teacher when i was little because i LOVED school so much.  then in college, i majored in English Education and when i had my first field experience, i realized that i don’t like [other people’s] kids all that much.    so now i just write curriculum.

  18. M3mine

    As a kid, I NEVER thought about being a teacher, which is what I ended up doing.  My big goal in life was to be a nurse—until I realized that they had to handle people throwing up or taking care of other bodily messes.  Actually, I quit teaching to be a full time mom, and I’ve been taking care of people throwing up and other bodily messes ever since!  As a grandma now, I’m STILL taking care of those things!  Life is funny, isn’t it? 

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