calling all lefties!

I apologize in advance for the lame post forthcoming. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I need more time to recover from my weekend. A weekend where I did absolutely nothing.

Actually, not true. I cut fabric strips for boas. And I signed and boxed and enveloped copies of Blushing Bride. And worked on editing my “novel.” And watched “This Is It.” None of those things sound exhausting in and of themselves, and yet. I think the 3-hour nap on Sunday afternoon (interrupted no less than 43 times–and I am not exaggerating–by my children) was the most tiring of all.

About these boas. I’m making one right now that’s going to test my giving spirit, because I like it more than I should. I’ve decided to name my boas, and this one is called “” If I can just find a way to tie Scrabble letters onto it.

My sister Bethany (of apron-making fame) donated a ton of beautiful fabric scraps to the Boa Project. My goal is to make these for no cost at all, so if any of you lovely seamstress/crafters out there have fabric scraps that you can’t use and don’t want to waste, I’d love to have them! (Gabe may beg to differ because they are ALL over our living room AND office floors right now. Cleaning that up ASAP, hon!) Let me know if you have some, and I’ll let you know where to send ’em! Thanks!

Also, if you still want Blushing books, let me know kind of soon. For an envelope of 4 books, it’s $5. For a box of 17, it’s $15. You can go here and click to donate $5 or $15. If you live outside the U.S., give me a shout, and we’ll work something out. If you’d rather send a check, let me know, and I’ll get you my address.


Oh, sorry. You know how easily I get distracted.

I’m left-handed. And kind of happy about it. I know in some cultures, left-handedness is bad, even vulgar. And I know it can cause problems when you’re sitting to the right of a righty in a restaurant booth. And I know we live in a right-handed person’s world. But still.

Wrong or no, it makes me feel a little bit special.

And I really like meeting people who are left-handed. (I LOVE MEETING RIGHT-HANDED PEOPLE TOO!) I usually say something brilliant like, “You’re left-handed? I’m left-handed!” And then they look at me with a whoopty-do kind of polite semi-smile and go back to the credit card receipt they were signing.

So, since today is a tired sort of day, I’m going to give 90% of you the day off from commenting (unless you have fabric scraps or books to talk about).

If you’re left-handed, I’d love to know! And do you do everything left-handed, or are you selectively ambidextrous? I write and eat left-handed, but do everything else right-handed.

Have a great week, friends! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FEBRUARY ALREADY?

45 thoughts on “calling all lefties!

  1. Sonshine

    Just a comment on a comment. Laura said that her great-grandfather exclaimed she was “un-mixing the cake!”. That’s a riot 🙂 and reminds me of when i wanted to help my m-in-law mix her doughnut batter (made d-nuts every New Year’s Day). She, very seriously, asked her husband if he thought it would hurt the batter for me to mix it the “wrong way” after she’d been mixing with her right hand. 🙂

    Btw, I’m the “Becki” my friend HannaH mentioned, and a former classmate of your mom’s, Marla. 🙂

  2. Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose

    Here I am, a day late again 🙂 I’m a lefty! I write and eat with my left hand, but I do some other things with my right hand. I throw a baseball with my right hand, but I bat the ball as a lefty. Weird. There are no other lefties in my immediate or extended family (that I know of).

  3. Kelli

    You know I loved the moment we both realized we were lefties!!!

    I love being left handed!!

    I twirl a baton with my right hand because the teacher made me. It is the only thing I do right handed.

    And a funny story, my dad threw something to me and I missed. I blamed it on “you threw it to my right hand”. He reminded me that in softball I THROW with my left therefore I CATCH with my right!! Oops!

  4. Tiffani

    Catching up on my blogs, so I’m a little late to the “lefty” party…

    My hubby is a lefty so I get your love and appreciation for all things “lefty” b/c he reminds me quite often that he is in his “right mind”. HA!

    I am just an old righty and so are both my children…I remember from teaching school though, that I always had a soft spot for lefties..they struggled a bit in first grade trying to figure their hands out!!

  5. HannaH Purple

    I, too, am a proud little lefty–artistic, creative, SUPER-sensitive, WAAYYY over-emotional, but happy with all that. However, i work my puppets with my right hand, leaving my left free to touch a face, tousle hair, whatever it takes to make my puppets look more real to my audiences when I’m “working.”
    And, obviously, I ramble, too, much to the amusement, annoyance and even chagrin of my friends, depending upon their moods at the time. So, maybe that’s a lefty/creative trait, huh? Who knows…
    I’m also quite the poet, and can rhyme almost anything, so talk to your friend Becki (‘nuther lefty) if you need advertising copy…
    meanwhile, have fun with all your projects, and WEAR EARPLUGS when you nap…or send the fam AWAY for three hours!

  6. Rachel

    I am a righty, however my daughter is a lefty. She does everything with her left except when she plays sports
    (basketball & softball) It amazes me to see her on the mound pitching with her right hand.
    Wow lots of lefties on here. That is great!!!

  7. Amy

    My mom and I are left-handed, and we love it! I keep hoping that my daughter will be, but looks like no luck. Perhaps my younger son will be. I eat and write left-handed, but use scissors with my right. For softball, I hit right but catch left.

  8. Sarah McGalliard

    i love “blushing bride” and i would absolutely love to buy a box!!! i have been letting all of my friends borrow my copy and i am always afraid i’ll never see it again. i would love to know how to buy a box!!!

  9. Marla Taviano

    Christine, I have a very hard time changing babies sideways. After a week with a changing table, I chucked it and changed every diaper after that on the bed or floor.

    If I do have to change a baby on a changing table (nursery duty), I do it the right-handed way (head to my left, bottom to my right).

  10. Ashley

    I’m slightly ambidextrous. My son is a lefty (he’s 16mo), but seems to be a confused lefty – eats and colors left-handed most of the time, but does other things with his right.

  11. Emily

    I’m left handed! And proud of it! I often forget that I’m special in this way so thanks for reminding me!

    I do most things left handed but I play the guitar right handed.

  12. Christine

    I’m a righty but I’ll raise my left hand with a question for y’all. Every righty mom I know swears I change a baby’s diaper backwards. I put the baby’s head to my right and go from there. Every other righty mom I know says that is BACK-WARDS! But it just feels weird to me to have the baby’s head to my left. I wield the wipie and position the clean diaper with my left hand but hold up legs and fasten tapes with my right. So how do y’all do it? My (left) handful of lefty friends don’t have babies so they’re no help here. Is diaper changing the one and only thing I do lefty?

  13. Brownie

    If anything were to happen to my right hand I would be absolutely handicapped because I can do nothing with my left hand. No one in my family is left-handed. Not even their spouses. Never thought of the fact before. Don’t know what will happen with the great grandchildren since they are still either under two or in the womb. By the way, the one in the womb flipped to a heads down position! Praise the Lord since delivery is not too far off.

  14. Kelly, Jon Girl

    I’m impressed with the number of lefties that read your blog! I’m a lefty too! I do everything with my left hand except I bat and golf right handed.
    I had the same situation as Leighton, my kindergarten teacher couldn’t teach a lefthander so she tried to train me to use my right hand. Now, my pencil grip is horrible!

  15. Angela

    I’m a lefty. The only thing I do righty is cut. I think that’s because there was a shortage of lefty scissors when I was little in school, so I had to adapt. But I do everything else lefty, and I’m proud of it too!

  16. amber

    I feel like I may be lynch mobbed by the lefty colony that is congragating over here. I’m a righty. I can’t even dry my hair with my left hand….my hair dryer gets all wonkyfied and then my hair blows out weird. So I only use my right hand to hold my hair dryer. Which means that only one side of my hair gets styled just right. Pathetic I know.

    And now your day is complete because you know all of that useless information about me! 🙂 You’re welcome.

  17. missy @ it's almost naptime

    I am not. However, my husband is, and ONE out of my four kids is. Maggie is a leftie, and she is definitely the artsy hippie tree-hugging leftie girl whom we fear will grow up and vote Democrat.

    Everytime my husband sees someone write he says, “Gasp! I didn’t know you were right-handed!”

    He still says it to me.
    It’s getting kinda old.

  18. Laura

    I am left handed and my mother is left handed. We both write just like a right handed person only mirror image. Not “upside down” like my mother calls it. When she was in 1st grade she had a left handed teacher who taught her to write mirror image to righties. My mother was not about to let me turn my hand over and write “upside down”. I am very grateful.
    One of my favorite stories about my Dad’s grandad is when my parents were first married they were visiting my dad’s grandparents and my mother was helping in the kitchen stirring cake batter. My Great Grandfather walked in and said “Stop! you,re unmixing that cake!”

  19. LesLee

    I’ve got fabric scraps! I also have a left handed son, it is hard trying to teach him to use scissors! And every time I set the table he moves everything to the opposite side, I should learn to set it that way for him. Back to the scraps, how small is too small? I’ll go through my fabric later today, I know I’ve got some that I’ll never use. I would like a picture of the boas if you have one so I can see what you are doing! Thanks!

  20. Gretchen

    I’m a lefty, and one of the highlights of my life was getting a t-shirt that said, “Kiss Me, I’m Left-Handed”, from Pier 39 in San Francisco. I was like…nine. Living on the edge.

    Because of the l.a.m.e. excuses they had for scissors back in the day. You might know the ones…I learned to cut right handed. But I use my rotary cutter with my left hand, and knit left-handed(ly). 🙂

    My handwriting’s a disaster. I blame the haters of the day and the fact that I learned 2 different types of cursive. Of course now, I can blame this on the fact that I type all the time.

    Makes me feel special too. But I sure disliked driving a stickshift.

    Geez…who knew I had all these lefty trivia things about myself. Thanks, Marla. You’re way cheaper than therapy. Which isn’t to intimate that you’re cheap, per se or cheaply dressed. Just that…

    …well, you know. xxxooo

  21. Lindsey

    woohoo! I’m a leftie and I LOVE IT!! I get real excited when I meet people that are lefties, too. i’m not a full leftie though…I hold a bat and cut with my right hand.

  22. Bri Prall Clem

    i am left handed along with my brother Brad, Courtney’s husband and also my dad is left handed also i have 3 boys and none of them got it from me. i kinda wished at least one of them would be. But hey is is alright with me.

  23. Crissy

    You should mention to Michael that you are a lefty! He LOVES meeting other lefties too! If he sees someone using their left hand he will get excited and say, “Hey, mom they’re a lefty too!”

  24. mary

    While my sister and I are both right handed and married to right handed guys, all of our grand kids so far ( who have right handed parents too) are either left handed or use both.

  25. Beth In the City

    I’m left handed! VERY left handed, and so is my daughter. I taught myself to cut with a scissors right handed and carrying babies on one hip helped me become a bit more ambidextrous. Otherwise, you could have forgotten I even owned a right hand!

  26. Valerie

    I’m a lefty!! And come from a family of righty’s…. I’m the oddball. But, some of the benefits to being left handed are that we’re literally right minded, on average our IQ scores are around 5-10 points higher than those of right handed people, we lefty’s also tend to be more creative beings. However, the downside to being a lefty is that on average our lifespan is around 5 years shorter than right handed people according to studies conducted the past few years……

  27. Deidre

    My Mom is left-handed, but taught herself to most things right-handed. Not sure why, but now only writes with her left hand?? Also, my brother has 3 daughters and all three are left-handed. Odd?

  28. Tess

    Hi Marla,

    I’m the sole left-hander in my family. I do, like you, engage in left-hand excitedness when I see someone writing “like me.” I always felt like the odd-ball in grade-school…using my scissors upside down (someone told my mom they work better for leftys that way), using the scissors that scream LEFTY in giant letters on the blade, and writing upside down. Since then, I’ve learned that being a lefty often comes with some sort of built-in creativeness (maybe to make up for the awkwardness we have learning how to live in a right-handed world??). I do many things right-handed, but as far as writing goes – it’s all left. 🙂

  29. Sonshine

    Hi, Marla! Hooray for the left hand!! I am one of two left-handers in my family: My older sister, Barbara, is the other one. I think one of our maternal grandparents was left-handed, also. I eat, write, and do pretty much everything else with my left hand – except use the computer mouse. My right hand is just along for the ride on my body. 🙂 Occasionally, I will do everything but write with my right hand, just so I know I CAN do it, in case I’d ever lose the use of my left hand. I also enjoy telling people that I’m ALWAYS in my right mind! 😉

  30. Liz

    What kind of fabric are you looking for? Cotton?! Felt?? Fleece? – I might have some to donate… just need to know what kind you want! 🙂

  31. whimzie

    Woo hoo!!! I’m a lefty!!

    I think handedness is interesting. I did my senior psychology project/experiment on handedness. I have lots of Cliff Claven trivia t hat impresses absolutely no one around me…except me.

    I was hoping just one of my children would be left-handed. But alas.

  32. Leighton

    I write and eat left-handed and do everything else right-handed also. And my elementary school teachers didn’t quite know how to teach me to write, so I hold my pen and hook my wrist around over the top of what I’m writing. It probably looks pretty funky to watch.

  33. Lacey

    Yay for lefties! 🙂 I write and eat left handed also but everything else is done right as well…oh except for cross stitching or cake decorating! 🙂

    I want to see a pic of the boa’s. 🙂

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