Don’t ask me why, but I really want to write a blog. And I can think of nothing to say. Nothing. I not only have writer’s block, I have cleaner’s block, cooker’s block, mother’s block, Cubbies leader’s block. The only thing I don’t have is napper’s block, but it’s too late for one of those. Nina should be waking up any minute and Livi’s bus will come shortly after that.

I’ve been busy this week preparing for the Ladies’ Luncheon I’m speaking at on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it, hoping I won’t be completely wiped out by the time it gets here. I’m just really tired.

I mean it. I can’t think of anything to write.

6 thoughts on “blocked

  1. tonialynn59

    I was sharing with Mary on Sunday that your passion is marriages.  She said what a blessing that is because of so many breaking up.  She mentioned there another woman in our church just left her husband.  How sad.  But I do believe Satan is taking the church down one family at a time.  Keep on doing what you are doing!  I hope you get lots of rest between now and Sat.  I promise Mike and I won’t keep you out late on Friday night!  I’m jealous you get to ride in a car alone with your husband for so many hours.  It seems like it has been ages since we’ve had that.  I love that time. 

  2. YoYoYoder

    Just thought you’d like to know–a guy from our church came up to me tonight and was like, “Hey, my wife got back from Nurture last week and she said your sister spoke. I don’t even know her, but I like her already!” How awesome is that?!? You are doing amazing things in marriages Marla! Keep it up!

  3. ctorlone

    And yet, sometimes it’s just fun to talk, to just put it out there because of the need to interact with something huh?  hope you have a great luncheon…we’re off to Williamsburg on Saturday…we’d love to catch up with you when we return though!!! 

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