blame it on the rain

I lugged myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning determined to go for a jog if it killed me. Got dressed, opened my eyes wide enough for contacts, stepped outside to see if I needed a sweatshirt, saw it was raining. SWEET! Coffee and Bible study instead. For 10 minutes alone, and then one by one, my girlies got up.

Livi has her school pictures today. She really wanted to wear the shirt she wore yesterday, so I got it out of the dirty clothes basket and smoothed out the wrinkles with my hand. Am I good mom or what? The poor darling has poison ivy. I think she got it on our family woods-hike in Cedarville a couple weeks ago. It’s mostly on her shoulders (??) but some has spread to her neck, face, and legs. (??) I made a trip to Target yesterday and loaded up on calamine, aveeno bath stuff, hydrocortisone cream. Thankfully you can’t really see it that well on her face. I’m praying it doesn’t show up in pictures.

And it’s raining today. In any kind of humidity, her hair waves and curls like mad. She opted for a ponytail and cloth headband. Except that we were turning the house upside down looking for the headband two minutes before we needed to be at the bus stop. I pleaded with God to help us find it, enlisted Gabe’s help, and 30 seconds later, he found it. Miracle, I tell ya.

Anybody want to win a free copy of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time? There’s a website called Does Mommy Love It? that reviews baby/kid products and tells you if “Mommy” loves it, likes it, or says don’t bother. They reviewed my book (and Mommy loves it), and they’re giving away two free copies. Click here to leave a comment and enter the drawing.

There’s some talk in the comments about working moms/stay-at-home moms. A few weeks ago, I got my first e-mail from a working mom who loved the book but was disappointed that I didn’t offer more support to working moms. I e-mailed her back and told her I thought she made a good point. I have some thoughts on that, and I have a feeling there might be some more working moms out there who felt the same way. I’ll tackle that discussion sometime soon.

Anybody read US Weekly? I read this blog yesterday and found it pretty eye-opening.

And did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Few things break my heart more than a little one battling cancer. Read this mom’s touching story about her 2-year-old daughter, and take a moment to pray for that family and all the others whose worlds have been rocked by cancer.

I meant to be in bed by 11:00 last night, but instead sat down to watch the replay of NBC’s coverage of 9/11 as it happened in 2001. It broke my heart. Someone made contact with a person inside the building and asked what was happening. “We’re ****ing dying!” And they never heard from them again. I can’t imagine the horror.

And it was so surreal to hear them say things like, “It might have been a bomb… We think now that it might have been a small plane… There’s been some kind of accident… We have reports of six people dead…” I kept thinking, “if you had any idea how bad this is going to get before it’s all over.” So much heartache, so much devastation. And I found myself getting so angry that there are people who would dare do something so inherently evil. I hate Satan, and I CANNOT WAIT for him to get crushed and destroyed forever. Praise God for the promise that that’s how it will end.

Hmmm…need to end on a happy note. It’s FRIDAY! Fridays are cool, right? Have a good one! And have an awesome weekend, girls!! Hugs and squeezes!

15 thoughts on “blame it on the rain

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Another poison ivy suggestion: Zanfel. DH had poison ivy on his face a couple years ago and even days later, when he started using the Zanfel (at the pharmacist’s recommendation), it cleared it right up. It works by actually neutralizing the toxin.

  2. mtaviano

    @Marla P – Hi, Maria! 🙂 Nice to meet you! Yes, I get Maria ALL the time. It’s been happening ever since I can remember. Oh, well, right? Thanks so much for the poison oak tips. There are just a couple spots on her face that seem to be fading, but I’ll monitor it really closely. I had it on my face 10 years ago, and one of my eyes was nearly swollen shut. The steroids got rid of it pretty quickly. You have a great weekend too!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Marla! My name is Marla also. I am friends with Brandi and Boys and found your blog through her. This is such a random question but do people sometimes read your name as Maria. That happens all the time to me and drives me crazy. I will often spell my name with all caps to help cut down on the confusion between the “L” and “I”. Silly I know but just wondering?
    Now, for the reason I am really commenting. My son has poison oak right now. And I called my dr.s office to guide me with the treatment needed. Basically, the nurse said use 1% hydrocortizone,clip my son’s nails very short and contact them if it spread to his face. If and only if it spread to his face would they want to prescribe an oral steroid. She said “You don’t want that to get anywhere near his eyes.” Not sure of the extent of PI on your daughters face but just thought I would pass along the advice given to me this week since we are have children with a itchy, annoying rash. How it gets better quickly and you have a great weekend.
    And yes, DWR really does work and has a pleasant smell!!

  4. mtaviano

    @bensmomshelly – There is nothing official about any of these zoo trips, but yes, there’s a plan. Go to the zoo. 🙂 We plan to be there when they open (10:00, I think) on Saturday, September 20th. Anyone who wants to come at any time and stay for any amount of time, we’d love to see you. Someone in Detroit offered to let us stay there Friday night (after the DZ on Fri) so we’ll most likely do that. Or camp out on your basement floor. 🙂

  5. faithchick

    I must be so horrible at housewifing that i can’t even get DWR to work!!!

    Bias like that makes my blood boil.  I’ve had so many thoughts in general about the big hubub about her teenaged daughter….it ticks me off that democrats can push thigs like pro-choice, planned parenthood, do what makes you happy, safe-sex teaching blah, blah, and then when it works in their favor they’ll use something as (sadly!) normal as teenaged/pre-marital pregnancy to further their agenda that supports in in the first place.  BIG UGH!  (this makes sense in my head-maybe not in words)

    And then, look at 9-11, and the crazed people that attacked our country.  And they don’t like the solution of going to war—they want to go over and have Happy Camp and sit around and talk about ways to tolerate each other’s differences and “everyone, let’s just get along and watcht the butterflies” together.  Makes me sick.  Makes no sense.

    Okay…I’m leaving my soapbox.   (with oh, so much more that could be said!)

  6. bensmomshelly

    1.  I actually like running in the rain.  (well, that is when I actually run……….which is never anymore)

    2. @kellycohan – That’s what I was going to say!  Downy Wrinkle Releaser has changed my life and liberated me from the tyranny of the iron! 

    3. Do you have an official plan for the Toledo Zoo trip? 

  7. OkinawaAna

    As a former subscriber to US Weekly, I second your friend’s blog.  They haven’t even attempted to be fair and unbiased in this election, and the slander of Palin and her family just pushed it too far.  They’ve shown themselves to be what they are — a trashy gossip magazine.  That I so dearly loved reading.  🙂  But I won’t be buying it anymore.  This whole Obama/Palin disparity has convicted me to not put money towards this kind of blatant garbage.

  8. ladymiss3739

    I will agree with Kelly…I’m not big on gimmicky cleaning/household product stuff.  More is less, I think.  But, the DWR works wonders.  That, and it makes you smell you washed your clothes when you didn’t.   

    I was searching youtube yesterday for clips on 9 11.  Instead, I found a bunch of “this was all a hoax” kind of clips.  Made me sad and angry.  Thanks for what you wrote!

  9. kellycohan

    Phew. I saw that US Weekly cover in Target last week and almost choked on my water. I could NOT believe how ridiculously blatant it was. Ugh.

    Oh and have you tried the Downy Wrinkle Reducer spray? It is a miracle worker for situations just like Livi’s shirt. Or when you’re on a zoo trip and your clothes come out of the suitcase looking like an elephant’s behind (my favorite application). 🙂 And they sell it in little travel-size bottles for $1 if you want to try it without committing to the big $4 bottle.

  10. luvmynoah

    Have you ever watched Nicolas Cage’s movie “World Trade Center”?  It is an eye opening view of how it was to be under the building as a firefighter/police and trapped.  We watch that every once in a while to remember. 

    I’m sure school pictures will be awesome!  How is it going with the new schools?  I hope they are doing well and loving all the new things they are getting to experience. 🙂

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