before it snows again…

Livi’s on spring break this week, and we’re off to the zoo in a few minutes. I’m so excited to see snow showers in the forecast for Wednesday.

I’ll blog tonight about our weekend and any adventures we have at the zoo. Maybe even some photos.

Enjoy the sunny day!

3 thoughts on “before it snows again…

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    I miss the zoo! Daniel and I have been wanting to go to the Columbia Zoo on a Saturday sometime soon. They have hippopotamuses (sp?) there! And you can feed the giraffes! How cool is that?

    Hey, would you rather go to the zoo that Friday before the week at the beach than the museum? The only reason I didn’t mention that before is because I thought it might be too hot that time of year to spend the day outside, but if it’s not, would you rather do that? I know you were wanting to go to a zoo sometime that week, but I don’t think there are any close to where we’ll be at the beach. At least not a really good zoo like ours. 🙂 Let me know!

    Have fun at the zoo!!!

  2. ch1pch0p

    Are you buying memberships to the zoo for the year? I hear they’re definitely worth it!

    Have a great Spring Break!

    The snow better go away before my race!!!

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