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A couple months ago, I interviewed the lovely Amanda (Part 1 and Part 2) and I totally meant to keep interviewing people–at least one a month. But alas, I’ve dropped the ball.

Hi, I’m Marla, and I’m a ball-dropper.

I do want to interview some more people. And I also want to invite some of you to write a guest post. (and I want to talk about modesty and review some books and give away more dollars…)

So, keeping it short and sweet on this delightful Friday, please tell me:

1.) Who would you like me to interview on my blog (it can be another blogger, author, whoever–can’t promise I can make it happen, but I’ll give it a shot) and what’s one question you’d like me to ask him/her?

2.) If you’d like to write a guest post sometime, tell me in 50 words or less what it would be about. (I know some of you would LOVE this if you weren’t so scared–take a leap, friend.)

Have an awesome three-day weekend! Stay tuned tomorrow for another Book Give-Away (Swirly Saturday Style)!

18 thoughts on “be my guest

  1. Jennifer

    I’m guessing Tammy Smith is your pastor’s wife. (And in high demand, according to all of these comments!) I would love to hear an interview from ANY pastor’s wife. Especially if she’s been at it for years and has some advice for those of us who are just starting out.

  2. Stonefox

    Hey girl, I;m just getting back to blogland, but I think an interview with your pastor’s wife would be great.

    I know people love hearing from folks who are well known, but I like hearing from “ordinary people” who are shining right where they live. That to me is encouraging because there is only one Beth Moore…but we each have a light and can make a difference.

  3. jess

    oh shoot. now i feel rotten. if you’re a blog reader without a kid or a husband, i’m sending you the love. not trying to be exclusive. eep. <3

  4. jess

    how about a guest post by all of your blog readers’ kids? Like, have a question one day—tell us all to ask our kids that question—and compile the (most likely hilarious!) answers! 😀

  5. Mary

    October 11th. I think a mid-labor post would be extra special. Nothing I’d like to do more in between contractions than chat it up with you!!

    You really might be on to something though. Could you turn it into a book???

  6. Mary

    If this was a indirect way of saying you want to interview me on your blog, I would be so flattered!!! 🙂 jk

    Maybe interview BooMama? Or Angie Smith? Or shoot, you had Amanda…see if you can get up close and personal with her mama!

    And let’s be serious. If I wrote a guest post it would most likely be about nonsense 🙂

  7. Denise

    I am jumping on the band wagon – Tammy Smith – or heck even Mike or how about those fabulous women who work in Kids community at your church 😉 Or, ooooo – Beth Moore!

    I think I would like a question like, who is it that has been one of the people in your life that has made you who you are today?

    I would love to guest post, even if it scares me – I don’t know what topic I would write about – I mean, I could talk about Parker or faith or working with kids – it kind of depends.

    Have I told you lately you make me happy?

  8. Colleen

    Tammy Smith would be fun…how about Melanie from BigMama? She’s a riot! have fun regardless! And I’m looking at the schedule for next week for a get together if you’re up for it…

  9. Crissy

    My first thought was Tammy Smith too. (Great minds Ali) I loved the modesty post but had to many thoughts at once to reply. I think the idea of interviewing people is fun and I love just hearing peoples stories!

  10. Ali

    How ’bout Tammy Smith? About modesty? Or Gabe Taviano about his zoo experience? Or any cute, single, Christian man who would like to take my sister out on a date.

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