atypical day

Not a typical day. But an atypical day.


Gabe left the house at 6:45ish this morning (I think), and by the time I got up at 7:30, there were four people in my bed. One with a fever (Nina), one claiming to have a broken arm (Ava), one yelling that people were kicking her as she laid across the foot of my bed (Livi) and me.

Then Gabe calls and sounding very, very sorry says, “I forgot my camera battery. Could you bring it to me? And also my wallet?”

Scurried around, skipped a shower, woke up Nina, got everyone ready, dropped Livi and Ava off at the neighbor’s to walk to the bus stop, drove downtownish to deliver Gabe’s battery, flash, lens, 2 granola bars (forgot the wallet!) to him so he didn’t have to leave his place in line. Sort of wished I was standing in line with him but mostly eager to get home, put Nina in front of the tv and catch up on all my work.

I have no idea when Gabe will be home. Things didn’t even get underway until noon. Check back tonight for pics of his day and more Xangafest shots.

Also this week–a coupon for 1/2 off a copy of Expecting (or Buy 1, Get 1 Free) just for doing me a little favor. And I’m giving away a signed copy of America’s Best Zoos and a little somethin’ somethin’ to go with it.

Can you stand the excitement??

I signed up to sing in our Christmas program at church. Are you kidding me? I’m in it for the fellowship, not because I think people will be blessed by my voice.

I got a baggie of 7 vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines at the thrift store yesterday for 60 cents. This was particularly thrilling for me, because when I was 12ish, I held a “garage sale” for my sisters and sold Bethany all of my care bears and Strawberry Shortcake dolls for 25 cents each. I’ve regretted it ever since.

Can you believe it’s almost October? What in the world? Busy month for us. Four speaking engagements, five zoos, one family reunion, The Main Event, a Kevin Harvick Fan Club Event, a baby shower, and our last two soccer games. Whew.

Pics tonight after the soccer game! Hope you’re having a great Monday!

7 thoughts on “atypical day

  1. blessedmommy08

    YAY Christmas Choir!!! ???? You will love the fellowship…and know that there are a lot in there for more fellowship and less fantastic voices! I tell you, I was so blessed last year and I am already blessed this year by those I sat by last night! I am excited!

  2. FlyingCAB

    oh good.  Stuff like that always happens to me – I’m like “sure! Be right there! On my way to bail you out!!”  and then I forget at least one of the things I was supposed to have brought – but yes, I always bring food too 😉

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