For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt like somewhat of an anomaly. (uh-NOM-uh-lee = one that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify) Sometimes this is a good thing. Oh, wow. I’m so unique. Look at me–I stand out! Sometimes it’s not so good. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be normal? Life would be so much simpler. For everyone involved.

I’m a conflicted sort of gal. A paradox. A bit of a weirdo. My whole life I’ve been some sort of unexplainable phenomenon–a popular nerd, so to speak. I know the cool kids were thinking, “She’s kind of loser-ish, yet she has this air about her. Should we befriend her or no? Maybe we should, just in case.” And the nerdy kids saw me as one of them (because I was/am), so I pretty much fit in there too. (and let’s not pretend there’s no such thing as popular and nerdy–there was. there is. it’s life)

It’s like I fit in everywhere. And nowhere. Wherever I go. And I go a lot of places. I moved a lot when I was little. And changed schools a bunch too. Pre-school-1st grade = Christian school. 2nd-4th grade = home school. 5th grade = public school. 6th-12th grade = a new public school. Three years at a Christian college. Student teaching in Japan. Subbing all over. 1 year teaching public school. 1 year teaching Christian school. Subbing. Mommyhood.

Then Gabe and I moved 10 times in 10 years. And in the words of my friend (and my pastor’s wife) Tammy, “10 moves in 10 years. 52 zoos in 52 weeks. I’m seeing a theme here.” Yeah, no kidding.

Anyway. In lieu of the uber-popular “25 Things You May or May Not Care to Know About Me,” I’m going to list ______ Things that Make Me an Anomaly. (don’t know the number yet–we’ll see) Here’s what I’m hoping (but it may be wishful thinking): that by the end of the day, I’ll find someone who can say, “Me too!” to each of my reasons, thereby erasing my Anomaly Label once and for all. Oh, it will be so nice to be normal!

And, well, if none of you can relate to any of these things that make me odd, well… Well. It’s okay. I’m fine with anomaly-ness. Really. Here goes nothing:

Proof that Marla Taviano is an Anomaly (an oddball):

1. I’m left-handed. Wait–there’s more. I write and eat left-handed. Except if I’m eating with my fingers–I do that right-handed. I bat, throw, bowl, and cut (with scissors) right-handed as well.

2. I wear size 10 shoes. I wore size 9 before kiddos. I have my mom’s cute toes on my left foot and my dad’s oddly-shaped toes on my right foot.

3. My ears are crooked. I can’t wear glasses and have them look straight. And I will never have 20/20 vision without glasses. I want glasses.

4. I don’t like poetry. I’ve tried.

5. I’d rather listen to silence than music.

6. I live, eat, breathe, love, write, sell books, but I own less than 100.

7. I hate high heels. And jewelry (unless it’s handmade for me by special people). And scarves without a coat. I do think these things look very attractive/sexy/fashionable on other women.

8. I love skim milk. I can’t eat chocolate, eggs, or ice cream without it. If I even smell one of those foods, I need a glass of milk.

9. In my mind, fruit is delicious. In reality, I never want to eat it.

10. Euchre is my love language.

11. All of my bras and underwear are from the thrift store.

12. I’ve been to 25 zoos in the past 6 months.

13. I don’t like movies. It takes an outrageous amount of discipline for me to sit through anything longer than a Brady Bunch episode.

14. I love doing laundry. I do at least one load a day. (I clean the bathroom once every six months. If that.)

15. There are certain places that give me the creeps. Hospitals. Airports. Shopping Malls. I’m not exactly sure why.

16. When I write, my pen rests on my ring finger. I have a big ol’ writing bump (callous).

17. I have a slight obsession with Scrabble letters. And purple pens. And discounted holiday candy.

18. I have a hard time walking by a cinnamon candle without stopping to smell it. (3 or 4 deep sniffs in a row) I have little use for any other candle scents.

19. I don’t decorate any part of my house for any season or holiday except Christmas. (and I only do that for my kiddos)

I’m going to stop right there for 2 reasons: 1.) I know some people who will be bothered by it for the rest of the day. 19 is the worst number ever for OCD/perfectionist types. 2.) I’m having trouble thinking of stuff. Maybe I’m not as weird as I thought. Or maybe I’m just tired.

So, what’s the verdict? Am I normal? Or ano(r)malous? Do we share any idiosyncrasies in common? If you know me well, feel (somewhat) free to share any oddities I left out. (Please be kind, siblings.)

Better yet, tell me something WACKO about yourself. I’ll feel better.

A super-special Happy Birthday Shout-Out to Kelly Your Cousin! (that would be Kelly My Cousin to me) Have a great week, friends!

62 thoughts on “anomaly

  1. Michelle

    Hi! I just found your blog today through Lysa’s blog. I’ve got you bookmarked, Marla! ; )

    I look forward to coming back regularly.

    To add a very strange oddity about myself . . .

    I cannot stand to take hair out of a brush, or touch wet hair of any kind (that is not attached to the head, lol). If the drain is clogged with hair, it’s going to have to stay there. Otherwise there will be some serious GAGGING going on. Thankfully my husband will take care of that DISGUSTING task. :o)

  2. Deanna

    I’m right-handed and do everything right-handed EXCEPT holding a pool stick & holding a glass/cup. When we go out to eat at nice restaurants, everyone thinks I’m left-handed because I put my glass to the left of me. I don’t know how either of these things came about, but its just more comfortable in those two circumstances.

    I have no comment about the thrift store panties.

    A few ‘quirks’ about me…I can’t stand for someone to tear off a paper towel and leave a part of it. If so, I have to come along and tear off the edge to make it even. Also, it bothers me when someone microwaves something and stops the microwave before it finishes, and then doesn’t clear the screen…just leaving it with the few seconds left on there. Bothers me…do you hear me? Bothers me. I could name several others but I’ll stop with those.

  3. Kelli

    I do everything left handed except I learned to twirl a baton with my right hand. I have a HUGE callous on my ring finger because of how I write! Left handed thing?

    I wear size 11…. monster feet and I have the craziest ugliest feet and toes ever.

    I just peeked on the inside cover of the books you mailed to confirm your obsession with the purple pen, and wouldn’t you know purple ink!

  4. Lou

    #1 – me too! – I write left-handed but everything else is with my right hand.
    #2 – me too! – I am almost 6 ft tall so I have a large foot but it did not change after having my child only during.
    #6 – Too funny!
    #14 – me too! – except I wouldn’t say “love” it would be more like “don’t mind”.
    #19 – Me too but only because I truly love Christmas and still I only put a tree and a few “pretties” sitting around.

    You are not weird, just a God made individual.

  5. Marian

    Aha! Twitter-surfed my way here, if there is such a word (and if there isn’t, I just invented it).

    Boy could I relate: I was never “popular” in high school, but I could talk to anybody or sit with anybody at lunch. You’re not so weird! Besides, I can totally beat you when it comes to weird feet: I have seven toes, twelve toes when I wear my prosthesis, wear size 7 1/2 heels (which I don’t like either) and 9 for everything else!

    Not that any of that really has any effect on you…I just thought your post was interesting and felt like throwing in my two bits!

    P.S. I also love purple pens. 😀

  6. Jenni

    Oh I swoon over letters, be they scrabble letters or otherwise. All sizes, all kinds. I am not picky. And I despise high heels too. But what the heck is euchre?

  7. Sarah

    I like this post (and all of the comments). Quite interesting I must say 🙂

    I guess a couple of odd things about me would be that I always brush my teeth with hot water, never can start any type of resolution (eating better, exercising more etc) on any day except Monday, and I have an obsession with all things avocado.

  8. Carrie-clearance sticker issues

    I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s post will bring! This brought a lot of smiles to my face. And my word on the ugly attitude I am normal brought to the post!! Good grief this is all for fun and encouragement–right?

  9. Kathryn

    Um, ok, number 11! I know that you are probably tired of hearing about it, but I think I throw up in my mouth every time I think of that!! Oh, my word!!!

    I think my thing, that everyone who knows me knows about me, is that I am VERY CLUTZY!! I drop everything, I walk into things, I trip over things. It really is ridiculous! I’m so bad that I fell down my parents stairs on my wedding day…… and broke my elbow!!! Oh, that was BEFORE the ceremony!! Now, that is weird!! I can laugh about it now, but I was not laughing the day it happened or on my honeymoon!

    I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh just about every time I come by!!

  10. Bethany your sis

    4- I hate poetry, too! Yuck.
    5- I am sick of almost every song out there. Listening to the radio bugs me–so silence is nice.
    8- I drink milk with ice cream, too!
    14- I love doing laundry.
    15- Hospitals give me the creeps, too. The smell, feeling violated, hospital gowns, people telling me what to do…

    You are definitely not as weird as me, Marla!

  11. Jenny L.

    CHALLENGE!!!! Post your address on here Marla and let’s see how many people mail you some NWT (New with tags for those non-ebayer’s out there) underwear 🙂 How fun would that be?

  12. Jenny L.

    Hi Marla,
    It’s me again. I agree with you Megaphone……I wouldn’t dare spend regular price in there (I’m a big time bargain hunter too) – but when they have one of there crazy sales – $2.99 and $3.99 for really nice underwear is a pretty good deal! 🙂 Besides, it sounds to me like Marla is deserving of at least ONE pair of really nice undies – that AREN’T from a thrift store 🙂

  13. Amber

    Oh and Marla, it’s ok if you do #11. My mom does too. Maybe it’s a Marla thing? And I’ve had a couple pair of underwear from the thrift store.

  14. Amber

    Danielle — I HATE that way silverware and glasses feel right after they’ve been washed and they’re still warm (from the dishwasher). It creeps me out.

  15. Amber

    9, 14, 19 — ME TOO!!!

    9 — there are certain kinds of fruit that I like, but if given the option of choosing between that and something else, I would almost always choose something else… even when it’s my favorite fruits. The idea is wonderful… fruit itself, not so much. I like it ok… but… yeah. Definitely don’t think, “Oh wow! I want an orange!”

    14 — Doing laundry is one of my most favorite things!! I would do it everyday if I had enough (can’t wait to have a family of my own so I’ll have more to do!). The only thing I don’t enjoy doing with it is putting it away. But I love the smell of laundry detergent and fabric softener and the way the clothes feel when they come out of the dryer. I even enjoy folding them (as long as I do it as soon as I pull them out of the dryer).

    19 — My mom decorates for Fall, Christmas, and sometimes Winter. It drives me crazy. I decorate for Christmas because it’s what you’re supposed to do, but really, I would probably be ok not doing that. To me, it’s just extra clutter. And I DESPISE clutter. At the most, I’ll have a center piece on my dining room table to go with the season. Now, I LOVE decorating. Just not seasonal/ holiday decorating.

  16. Megaphone

    Okay first I think Jenny L. needs to know that you would probably have a hard time spending a gift card on a $40+ bra and $20+ undies!! At least I think you would. 🙂

    I can relate to you on the callous on my ring finger….and that’s about it. Remind me…why are we friends?

    Oh, and I will be mailing all of my underwear to you after this pregnancy. Are you a Medium or Large? And I take it you are probably not a ‘thong girl’. Don’t worry. I’m not either.

  17. Colleen

    I’m the same with you on #s 3,4,6,8,9,16 and 18…does that make me “peculiar” too? If so, at least you’re with me!!!

  18. Sarah McGalliard

    2. I wear sizes 9/10…that’s not so weird, is it?!

    7 does make you weird…. you don’t like jewelery? your husband is a lucky man… i was just showing my hubby an $18,000 ring the other day (i can dream!)

    8. I too love skim milk.. my husband likes 2%, though… we usually have to buy 2 half gallons..

    9. I TOTALLY AGREE! I have a bowl full of fruit, my husband loves it and eats some every time he snacks but the choc ice cream always lures me in!

    11…this really doesn’t weird me out, sorry guys i say

    13. I am one of those non movie watchers, myself! I can really only sit through them in the theater…and i think it greatly has to do with the popcorn.

    14. you can do my laundry… i’ll clean your bathroom!!! I clean ours once a week – even when i don’t clean anything else.

    19. I LOVE decorating. especially for Autumn. I have a HUGE collection of decorations, more than i have room for in our little apartment.

    A few unique weird things about myself?

    I CANNOT sleep (well) in the bed with other people. it took me FOREVER to get used to sleeping in the same bed as my husband. and… if he tries to cuddle with me while i’m trying to sleep? ohh no. he gets pushed away and i basically insist that he is practically hanging off his side of the bed every night. i can’t stand it.

    i am extremely particular when it comes to loading the dishwasher…i will unload every piece my husband puts in and reload it.

    when i go shopping it is priority not to retrace my steps. i have to map out which stores i am going to in what order to avoid this.

    i can’t think of much else right now… but i know there are millions more!

  19. Jenny L.

    Marla, Marla, Marla!!! What to say? Let’s see, I’m with you on #4 and #7 – except for the scarf thing….you need to check out Bring the Rain’s post from 1/19 – there’s a very helpful video on there from Brandi Wilson…..check it out 🙂 It was most helpful to me (though I’ve only worn a scarf twice since – but hey, twice is something – right?). Also, I bought my scarf for $5 at Walmart – yay! I’m with you on #9 – I always have the best intentions when I buy fruit – but let’s face it, chocolate tastes much better than an apple (this is probably why I already have 3 crowns in my teeth)! I’m 100% with you on #19 – I’m not a holiday decorator at all. I think other peoples homes look really nice decorated – but it just seems overwhelming to find so many matching decorations….ugh! Along the lines of holiday decorating…..I CANNOT stand it when people leave their Christmas decorations up past the middle of January – it drives me crazy!!! Seriously people…’s PAST Valentines day and half the people of my street still have their Christmas lights up. I think there should be Holiday Decoration Police that issue citations!!!! Seriously – one of my neighbors (on the opposite side of the neighborhood as me – otherwise, I may have moved this myself) still has her lawn chairs sitting in her yard along with the giant Halloween Candy Cauldron they used for Trick or Treat night – in the exact same spot as Trick or Treat night – it’s like her common sense vanished on Halloween or something. Maybe I should mail her a letter – or maybe we could organize an Intervention group 🙂 Ok, let’s get to #11 – Marla, I just don’t have words for this one……I vote that we take up a collection and buy you a Victoria Secret gift card!!!! 🙂
    Lastly, let’s face it….NONE of us are normal – not even the “I’m normal” posting person (b/c NORMAL people have names and use them)!!!
    Thanks for the Fun Post 🙂

  20. Amelia

    You crack me up, friend! My brother is right-handed, but does all his sports left-handed. We never figured out why or how. I’m with you on the silence over music thing, but I married my opposite there 🙂 As for #11, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe if they were new in the package, maybe. Sorry, can’t join you there. In FL, scarves without coats are about the only way to wear them. And as for my being odd – well I was knitting a scarf today while I watched my kids play at the mall play area (one eye on my needles, one eye on them). I got some weird looks from other parents. It was awesome!

  21. Indy Kelly

    It’s a pity you don’t like scarves without coats, as I’ve declared 2009 the year of the scarf. I’m wearing one right now…

  22. Conny

    I loved your list….and I can relate to your feeling of being an anomaly, an enigma, if you will…
    AND I love that there is someone else out there that can prefer SILENCE to music!! On my facebook profile, under MUSIC, I wrote, “sometimes SILENCE is the best music.” Not that the sentence makes sense – but it did to me! 🙂 from Call-Me-Cordelia Cornelia 🙂

  23. Trina

    Re: “I am normal”‘s comment. Why do people feel the need to bash others yet can’t do it without posting anonymously? If you have something to say, put your name behind it. Otherwise, it’s very uncool.

  24. Trina

    #1 I bowl and bat right handed, but I write with my left.

    As for #16, is that weird? I do that too, I thought that is how you are supposed to hold a pen…

    #11 really? wow.

  25. I am normal...Thank God

    I am not sure what to say…… Its all a little weird and even just a little disgusting. How in the heck if you have an issue with a hospital…do you give birth….and normal people buy undergarments at a Department store and wash and wear them….its called “having a sense” that there “their” undergarments and not someone elses. Plus it only cost them 6-12 dollars depending on how many pairs they want.

    I pray for all of you and that you learn to ask God to be able to come to terms with your weirdnesssssss….most of it is all in your head….Body hair isnt that bad it grows on YOUR body and head…Its normal to loose it. If its at a restaraunt….order new food and get over it….you’ll likely get a free meal.

  26. sheila p.

    o.k. I am with ya on 1- when little my mom took things out of my left hand and changed them to the right so now I write right handed and eat and all else with the left.
    2- I wear a 10 and 11 depending on how its made, I thought I was one of the only women with a foot this big till reading the comments, thank you Lord. I don’t like fruit. and to Jenny, if your foot does grow to a size 12 never fear, Payless has lots of size 12’s.

  27. Sarah Jane

    I’ve got your back on #16 (although I’m right-handed). I have the callous on my ring finger too. I never seemed to be able to learn to write the same way as everyone else. I also had to learn to correct the way I hold eating utinsils so people wouldn’t look at me weird.
    I’m all for thrift shops (my favorite running clothes are from one), but #11 is stepping over the line for me!

  28. Carrie

    I don’t think the things you shared were that wierd. 🙂 Except #11. Wow. That’s really gross. I don’t think I would EVER wear a bra or undies from a thrift store. Were they still in the package when you bought them???

    As far as #19, when we were first married, I changed the decorations in our living room MONTHLY for the season/holiday. It was ridiculous. This year I forgot to put out any Valentine’s decorations, even though it’s my favorite holiday to decorate for because pink is my favorite color. 🙁

  29. Bailey

    I prefer silence as well… and music is our livliehood and what puts food on the table. Ironic.

    Something weird about me… I have a special coffee mug that I call my “Saturday mug” and I only drink out of it on Saturday mornings because it is “special.” The coffee never tastes as good out of any of our “other” coffee mugs!

  30. Jennifer

    I have no comment for unbleached, second-hand underwear. None at all. 🙂

    I’m the same on #18, except my scent is vanilla. We love the large Yankee Candle jars in French Vanilla. Yum…

  31. Kimberly

    I am with you on #9. If I think about it, fruit sounds yummy and healthy but then the thought of actually putting it in my mouth…not so much!

    Here are my “weird” things:

    I can’t smell. At. all.
    I have a silverware preference, I remember this from childhood, not wanting to eat off of a certain fork, and sure enough, we have some extras now, and I WILL NOT eat off of them.
    I am a sheet snob.
    My arms and hands are “asleep” almost every morning I wake up. No doctor can explain this to me.
    Is that enough WACKO? I am starting to worry about myself.

  32. Gail

    Is it OK to leave 3 comments in a row? DeWayne had a mentor in seminary who told us that the secret to his marriage’s longevity (after a whirlwind courtship and their YOUNG age when marrying) was to learn to see his wife’s weird habits and quirks (read: anomalies) as “endearing.” There is wisdom there.

  33. Gail

    Just kidding. Terri (don’t you miss her????), when we worked together, insisted that the following are more two weirdest habits:

    I like mustard on my french fries. Really I like a mayo-mustard mix, but I skip the mayo to save calories. On french fries. Are you following the ridiculous logic?

    I “bury” my food when I finish the plate. Really I just lay the napkin over the plate, but Terri always said it looked like a burial shroud. Maybe she’s the weird one.

  34. Gail

    I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. You’re just so, so, anamalicious.

    Maybe the weirdest thing about you is how you insist on giving us the pronunciation and definition of words. 😉

    I’m sure that I’m completely normal and have no weirdness to share.

  35. Nichole

    Your list cracks me up. I am an anomaly right with you.
    #3- my ears are crooked too. I have glasses but don’t wear them for this very reason. And one ear sticks out a whole lot further than the other. I fear for it’s life every time I am
    getting a haircut 🙂
    #2- I wear a size 12 shoe. All the time. And sometimes the size 12’s feel a little snug. The second toe on both of my feet is by far longer than all the rest. It looks more like a finger than a toe. I’ve considered cutting it off. Ha!
    P.S. I like you just the way you are!!!

  36. Ashley P

    I too wear a size ten shoe, but I used to wear sized 12 shoes… I have claustrophobic feet – seriously, if my feet or toes feel confined in any way (ie thick socks, someone sitting on my feet/legs, etc), I start to freak out… I used to not be able to have my sheets and blankets tucked in at the foot of the bed, it was that bad! But over the years, my feet have become more comfortable with having things “fit” (as long as they’re not too tight!!

    So, no, you’re not abnormal – you’re just special cuz that’s the way God made you! You’d probably be a pretty boring person if you were just like everybody else… 🙂

  37. Annie Whitehurst

    Well I think what makes you non-anomalous is the fact that everybody has some kind of anomaly! Although I can’t relate to many of yours (except I do have my dad’s weird toes, but on BOTH feet) ha…
    I dont think your “anomalies” are as off the wall as you think, to me anyway, EXCEPT the thrift store bras and panties… oh my word… I am a coodie-a-phobic!!! I have TONS of anomalies— here are a few:
    – I cannot stand to be breathed on… oh my gosh, if someone gets in my personal space and I can feel their breath, I almost loose it! ewwww…
    – I never finish a drink in a can or bottle (you know like a Sprite, coke, or bottled water… Once its past the bottom part of the label, it tastes flat and gross…
    – I dont like eating off paper plates… never have… even after having a house of my own, I’d much rather wash dishes than eat off paper or plastic.
    – speaking of dishes, I LOATH seeing dish detergent bottles by the sink. I think they should be hidden under the sink, isnt that what that cabinet there is for?!?!?!? My mom leaves hers out, along with the Comet cleaner that she scrubs her sink with and it drives me CRAZY! When I was a kid and lived at home, I would put it under the sink and even now, when we are over at my parents’ house, I always put the cleaners under the sink!!!
    Wow, I could go on and on and on…
    SEE, you arent an anomaly!!! (except for that bra and panty part!) Ha…

  38. Deborah

    We are identical twins on number 18! 🙂 Although with gifts & all, I’ve striven to enjoy and incorporate other scents…but nothing, and I mean nothing beats a yummy-scrummy cinnamon candle. 🙂

  39. Jenny

    I wear size 10, sometimes size 11 shoes – and I’m still pregnant with my first! I wonder where I’ll be able to find 12’s if they grow a size after this baby!!!

    #9 – thats me with vegetables. I can buy all these tasty green leafy things and struggle wanting to prepare them. I’m pretty good about forcing myself to have something each night – but I’m sure its not the recommended daily allowance!

    Other weird things? My husband could write a book, I’m sure, he reminds me daily our child has a weird mom! Hm, I like to make up songs – instead of just saying something I’ll sing it! (this doesn’t happen in large groups – mostly just when me and hubby are around). I tell stories in ‘voices’ – change my voice for a different character in the story. Friends from high school know which voice goes with common characters (parents, siblings, etc).

  40. Holly B.

    As I child, I simply loved smelling the pages of books. Now, I just smell new ones. Mmm. As for no. 11 and 12…I have no words. =0)

  41. Ali

    5. I need silence to ‘think’. I turn down the music in the car when I am looking for an address or a street sign. I can’t study or write with background music. It’s just another distraction.
    7. I like high heels and jewelry. I can’t wear either. High heels are too dangerous considering I have a gimp ankle. And I have major skin allergies so I can’t wear most jewelry. There are days when I have to remove my wedding ring, even.
    8. You just reminded me that I have chocolate donut holes in the kitchen. They go great with a glass of skim.
    10. Let’s play.
    17. Let’s play (Scrabble, that is).

    Love knowing more about you, friend!

  42. Stephanie

    -My ears are crooked too (but I have good vision).
    -I hate poetry too.
    -I love silence better than music too.
    -I hate high heels and scarves without a coat too (but I must admit I do love jewelry). 🙂
    -Euchre is also my love language.
    -I also love doing laundry, and I’ve cleaned our bathrooms once since we’ve moved to this house (last May).
    -I don’t mind airports, but hospitals and malls give me the creeps too.
    -Ditto on the cinnamon candle thing. I’m a sucker for all things cinnamon.

    And yes, it really bothers me that you only listed 19 things. Maybe you could edit your post and list a 20th? Or remove one to make it 18? 🙂

    I think your movie one is insane. Always have. I could watch movies all day long. And I have before. I don’t know where it came from. Dad, Bethany and I love movies. And even Mom and Josh do (although less than us others).

    I love you! You’re really not that odd, and the things that are odd about you make you more loveable (at least for me). I should make a list of my weird things. I bet I could come up with 33… or 41… or 57. 😉

    (Just kidding about the list. You know I would never publish a list with that amount of things. That’s beyond my capabilities.)

  43. Carrie-clearance sticker issues

    I’ve got your back on the thrift store — all you haters be quiet! Bleach kills everything!
    I am also left handed (eating and writing) and all other functions I do with my right hand!
    I have an ultra sensitive nose and cannot stomach bad smells. There is a candle burning daily in my house (4 boys and a husband create a lot of foul smell!)
    Here is a big reveal — I love picking on my husbands face for blackheads! I know totally gross but such a stress reliever!
    Finally, I truly have no friends. My husband said it to me yesterday –“I am glad we have each other because neither one of us has any friends!” Now that is weird!

  44. Charity

    I’m with you on #8, 10, 14 and 18. And I am so with Megan on the human hair thing. The worst is when it’s floating in public pools or on pool decks. G-R-O-S-S. My weird thing that drives my husband nuts is I never drain my coffee cup. I leave about a quarter cup of coffee in there and pour more on top. I leave half-finished cups of coffee everywhere in the house.

  45. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Aha! I’m finding more reasons why we’ve connected to easily. Chief amongst them – SIZE 10 SHOES! We big-footed mamas gotta stick together, because you KNOW there is never anything on the clearance rack in our size that anyone in her right mind would want to wear. Also? I was a size 9 before the girls (and I thought THAT was big).

    Cannot stand high heels or wearing much jewelry (just my wedding rings and my diamond studs are daily wear). LOVE purple pens. Moved many, many times in childhood and quite a bit as an adult, too. Crooked ears (truly thought I was the only one on this) and bathroom cleaning aversion . . . check and check.

    Here’s my wacko thing that only my husband and closest friends (and okay, maybe I’ve mentioned this on the blog, can’t remember) know about me: Human hair off of a head completely repulses me. I’ve gotten to the point where I can handle picking it off of myself and my daughter’s clothes, but I cannot clean out my own hairbrush. My husband, BLESS HIS HEART, has to clean it out for me. Hair on the sink, in the drain, or anywhere on or around food . . . it seriously makes me retch. I’ve never met ANYONE who shares this weirdness. I don’t know where or why or how this began.

    How’s that for weird?

  46. Lindsey

    I can realate to two out of the three things listed in #17.

    Definitely have an obsession with purple pens and discounted holiday cards.

    Purple pens…I like being able to spot my ink and papers from far away. AND, lest you forget, purple is the color of Royalty, so whenever I see it, I am reminded that I am a much love child of The King.

    Why in the WORLD would you ever want to buy candy before the discount?!?! If I ever have children, they will be scarred b/c we will have Valentine’s candy for Easter!

  47. Holly V.

    Its obvious you’re a writer….you have a way of describing yourself that had me just chuckling!

    My hubby once said you can buy anything or take anything to the thrift store, but don’t let me ever find out that you bought or took my underwear there! So….when I read your comment I laughed out loud quite heartedly! I’m with Jess….I hope they are the new ones at Goodwill. Otherwise, your friends may have to help you out!!

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  48. Danielle Barger

    I’m totally with you on cinnamon candles. Love them! Especially Yankee candles: Home Sweet Home, Home for the Holidays, & Sparkling Cinnamon.

    What is especially weird to me are certain textures including silver ware or plastic ware (I HATE unloading the silverware from the dishwasher) & cotton balls. They give me the chills!

  49. jessifaithchickinalina

    13 & 14–with you on those!! 🙂
    11–im begging you—just say no to used undies—please tell me they’re the new ones they sell at goodwill PLEASE! if not, tell me your size & ill find you some good ones in my shopping adventures 😉

    im not weird at all. i cant think of a thing. 🙂 (actually mom & matt make fun of me an awful lot for quirky things…)

  50. Joyce

    Well, I can mostly relate to number 18, the cinnamon candle thing. I love cinnamon anything and for some reason this ‘flavor/scent’ is almost non-existent in the UK. Now that’s an anomaly. Visitors coming to see me know to bring me hot tamales and cinnamon altoids. (and twizzlers and ranch dressing mix but that’s another post)

    I could also fill a page with my ‘anomolies’ and I’m pretty sure my husband could add a few too. He calls them ‘my rules’ and is always asking if something is in my rule book : ) I will say that life’s little anomolies do make the world interesting.

    Enjoy your day…Joyce

  51. Jen

    Just saw your comment on my blog. Yes, it’s a small world. I saw that Gabe was one of his friends on Facebook. Too funny. And, by the way, my wacko things wouldn’t fit in this space. Love reading your stuff.

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