and the gift goes on…

I’m trying to make a free snapfish photo book for one of my favorite sisters-in-law, but the pictures are taking eons to upload. I’m sure it has something to do with the other 4 million people making photo books all at the same time. I’ll be up for awhile.

I loved your Love Languages comments today–thanks! And Holly, I’d love to borrow the Kids’ one from you. I actually had it and sold it in one of my “Must Earn Money for Zoo Trips” fits. I tried to read it a couple times and couldn’t get into it. Maybe my kids weren’t old enough. I’ll give it another shot.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to the Love Talk with the girls this evening. All their homework is due on Thursdays, and it kind of consumed us tonight. Ugh. I’m not a fan of homework. Or school in general. Do we really need it?

I had to laugh at Amanda’s comment that she even knows her cat’s and dog’s love languages. Now, that’s a little loopy (but an intriguing concept to explore). Speaking of Amanda, she wrote a really cool post the other day about holding loosely to things of this world. You should read it.

We’re off to Nashville and Knoxville this weekend to visit some ZOOS. We’re super excited! Friday night we’re staying with the Fabulous Gail. I can’t wait! Then Saturday night, we’re staying in a hotel in Knoxville. I got a super good deal on a room, and we’re going to surprise the girls who LOVE indoor swimming pools. The weather is supposed to be 50ish, which is perfect zoo weather.

Gabe said his interview with Travis Cottrell was really cool. He said he likes Travis a lot and that he’s really funny. AND that they talked about Sandi Patti. AND that Travis started singing, “The Gift Goes On” at one point. I can’t wait to hear it. Speaking of Sandi Patti, did you know that her last name is really Patty? But that someone made a mistake on an album cover once, and Patti stuck?

And since I’ve been staring at my screen now for a good three minutes, I’m going to call it a night. Have a good one!

11 thoughts on “and the gift goes on…

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    That’s funny about Sandi Patti (y). Maybe someone made a mistake on Beth Adelsburger’s first cd and accidentally wrote Bethany Dillon…..just kidding. 🙂

    Have fun this weekend! Yay for zoos and indoor pools!

  2. jbnygaard

    I’ve got some photo books to make, and am not looking forward to making them. Oh the time.

    Can you believe I actually own a copy of Love Languages for Kids (or whatever it’s called). I’ve never read it…but I own it. Maybe I should pick it up sometime. Just a thought. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. kkakwright

    I almost wrote that I wish I would be in town Friday night so I could see you (and Gail).  But then I remembered…..that’s simply not true.  I’m elated to go out of town! 🙂  I am sorry I’m missing you though. 

  4. luvmynoah

    That interview sounds like it’s going to be awesome!  Have fun uploading.  I’m going to have to check Snapfish out more…I’ve not done so yet.

    Have a fun time Zooin’.

  5. faithchick

    well, we’d make a good team then!  I uploaded all of my pictures.  only, i never redeemed the coupon by friday.  so, when i tried to work on it saturday for the original sunday deadline; i realized that i couldn’t even do it.  blah.

    you wanna make a book with my pictures for your sis-in-law.  just rename my kids.   we can photoshop in a blonde wig for e2.

  6. jessyomama

    I had a love talk with Anna yesterday. You know the weird thing? Her love languages are tied between Josh’s – words of affirmation – and mine – quality time.

    I think that’s the coolest!

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