and she caves…

Wow–I’ve really missed you guys. I knew y’all (been doin’ the Beth Moore thing on Thursdays) were beautiful and special to me, but I didn’t expect to start aching from missing you. Has it really only been 5 days?? I’m not sure yet if I’m just on here for tonight and then come back again next Friday, or if I’ll be sticking around. I’ve definitely gotten more work done w/o xanga…

The reason I logged on was to ask you to pray for me. I finished the sample chapter for my next book–HUGE praise! Now, I just have to finish the 12 chapter summaries for my proposal (about 1/2 page each). But I’m stuck. I can’t think of a single thing to write. And I’m tired. And Satan is messing with my mind. (Don’t write this book. It’s stupid.) It’s NOT stupid–it’s a book about God, God, God, and the devil just isn’t taking it well. And Nina has been throwing up and having diarrhea all day. The poor little darling looks so skinny to me.

And I found out that I’m doing a tv interview Tuesday night in Indy (my first ever), and I have NOTHING to wear. If you know me personally, you know that I own 2 pairs of jeans, 2 VT t-shirts, a God’s Mac t-shirt, a VT hoody, 2 black long-sleeved tees, and 2 black sweaters. That’s it. Bethany tried to help me find an outfit Monday, but Nina was getting a cold and was miserable. I bought a bag. A new friend cut and highlighted my hair tonight, so that feels good. I have some bangs which never last, because I can’t stand how they feel on my forehead. I’m determined to keep them this time around.

So, if you could just pray that I’ll get my writing done, that it will be done well, that I’ll get sleep, that Nina will get better, and that I’ll be filled with calm and peace during my stay in Indianapolis, I would be sooooo grateful.

I caught up a little on some of your blogs. You are so precious. I truly thank God for you–the ones I’ve known forever, the ones I’ve just met, and the ones I will meet someday.

And I was tickled pink to read that my sisters need me. One of them said it just wasn’t the same with the two of them. They needed all three of us. Yes, I know this is only xanga, and I was only MIA for 5 days, but I was completely touched. I felt like bawling as I thought of how blessed I am. And how God gave me three daughters of my own. My hope and prayer is that they will always love each other as much as my sisters and I do.

Thank you to those who e-mailed me prayer requests–I’m honored to be able to pray for you, and I need the reminder. Love you, guys!

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  1. Nixter77

    Hey lovely Marsy, so good to see you back on Xanga, I miss you when you are gone. I only just read your prayer requests but will most certainly pray for you dear friend…

    You to are so precious and loved by so many, love ya heaps.

    nixie = praying

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’m so glad you gave in and blogged before February! I missed you! I’ll be praying for all the things you mentioned (and that everyone has listed so far) until I hear that it’s all better. I wish I lived close so I could either watch your girls while you went shopping to find a great outfit or come with you and the girls to buy something wonderful. And if you can’t find a shirt you love that’s cheap, just buy a cute, brightly colored necklace (like teal or bright pink or something) and wear it with one of your black shirts. That’ll spice it up and look like a brand new outfit! 🙂 I know you’ll do great and look great. I love you!!!

  3. gtaviano

    I was pleasantly surprised to see a post from you as well. Not hearing from you for 5 days was insane. It’s exciting to secretly post these comments while you are five feet away. Anyways – I thought I’d let you know that I also found great deals on skirts and tops this week at the Gap. I think they had a buy 15 get 2 free deal on their shoes?

  4. rocknnell

    Asking God HIMSELF …to break anything from satan that is trying to stop the movement of JESUS, in your writing the summaries….in the peace that comes from a healthy family….to the inner movement of the HOLY SPIRIT within the outward appearance that humans will see.  I pray that the blood of JESUS CHRIST…. has victory in every area….and that all , all in your life is under the authority of JESUS CHRIST.  YOU are a child of GOD..and HE knows, HE knows….all of your needs….and nothing can stop the will of God…for YOU… Satan is defeated, by the blood of JESUS CHRIST… I pray this to a HOLY GOD….in the Name of JESUS…..and by the blood of the Lamb…AMEN !   Where 2 or more are gathered…. you have more than 2 !

    love ya,  Janelle

  5. dnkneer

    I have missed reading your posts this week 🙂 I hope you have a fun time out here in Indy! If you want to you can email me at and I’ll reply and give you my cell number in case you would need anything while you’re here. (I say this only cuz I was stranded, alone, in Knoxville, TN with a broken down rental car in the ghetto for 2 hrs once on a business trip….ever since I try to get someone’s number wherever I’m travelling if possible…so I thought I’d offer you the same if you want…) Bye!

  6. gsowell

    Forgot to mention earlier. I was at Macy’s last weekend…got 3 skirts for $33. I hate shopping. I had REALLY good luck on the clearance rack, though.

  7. angntug

    Will be praying for you…….if your looking for an outfit, Old Navy, at least last week, had 50% off their sale merchandise….I went crazy buying stuff…….you may want to look there if you get a chance… having my sisters, too! It’s nice having that “sister bond” and someone to talk to during the week…even though both of them are in Columbus, we’re still close, it’s nice. I’m thankful Morgan and Reese have each other, too….stupid devil…..he has no power but to try and discourage us……only when we are doing what God asks us is he trying to make things difficult. We become a threat to him. So be thankful your being “attacked”. You’re doing the right thing!

  8. YoGrandmaYo

         Wow!  Was I ever excited to see you had written something!:)  Just as I had decided to “get with it” and start being more faithful in writing blogs and commenting on others, you stopped.:(  So I was thrilled to read one from you!:)  Bless your heart, honey!  I will “step up” my prayers for you!  You are absolutely right about Satan not wanting you to write this book!  He hates ANYTHING even remotely related to God, and will do ANYTHING in his power to keep us from doing what God has called us to do!  And the REALLY irritating thing is – he knows EXACTLY what to do in each of our lives to make us want to give up!  But…………………”greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT!  He will give you the strength you need, honey, and I’m glad you got on long enough to ask for prayer!  I don’t think we really have ANY idea how powerful prayer really is!  And you better believe that Satan DETESTS it when we pray, and when we ask others to pray for us!  But God has designed prayer to be the way to communicate with our Lord and for others to have an opportunity to intercede for us and help to carry our burdens!  You can count on my prayers, honey, and I’m so thankful, too, for all the friends He’s given you, who will also be lifting you up in prayer!  I hope Nina starts feeling better soon, and that no one else gets it.  I know God called you to write this book, and He WILL be faithful and give you the strength you need, honey!  Hang in there!  Looking forward to spending time with your munchkins while you’re in Indy.:)  Wow, does it ever thrill my heart to see the 3 of you girls loving each other the way you do!  I pray, too, that it will be the same for your girls!  God has given me 2 sisters, too, and there’s just something about that bond that is priceless!  I love you, honey, and God will not fail you!

  9. KmHunsberger

    I have actually missed you this week too! Last night I was driving and wondering how it was possible to feel  like you miss someone so much that you only type to and fro with 🙂

    I wish I lived closer to you…I would gladly give you some shirts or sweaters to wear…but you are WAY smaller than I on the bottom, so my pants would not work. Oh yeah…and you forgot to mention that you have really cute aero pajamas 🙂 I desperately need a cute pair of those. JOn told me two nights ago he HATES my pajamas…and I don’t blame him. They are 10 years old and holey.

    So sorry about Nina. I am in awe that you find the time to write with three kids, let alone one of them being so sick! You are wonder woman! I am so excited to hear what you are writing about…and I am CONFIDENT that God will use it. I absolutely love your newest book and am in awe that you wrote it! I often think about the in-law book and wish that could have gone into print…maybe some day you can just tell me all of your wisdom in that way 🙂

    This is officially a book. Suffice to say…praying for healing for Nina, health for the other two (and you and Gabe), and a burst of writing power for you.

  10. gsowell

    Prayers for you to get the chapter summaries completed, to find the perfect outfit, to be as scintillating on tv as you are in print, to nurse your baby back to health, to find the joy today. Love you!

  11. jbnygaard

    Wow! What a neat surprise! A blog from Marla! 🙂

    I have thought of you often, and will continue to keep you in my prayers. Whenever I have those doubts from Satan in my work, I think that it must be because God has something AWESOME planned for what I am doing. So don’t believe those lies! Love ya!

  12. faithchick

    hi marla. 🙂
    I was JUST thinking about you this morning…first thing when I woke up…you have lots of people in your corner cheering you on….keep on truckin’ 😉

  13. tonialynn59

    Aww, I have missed you!  Praying for little Nina and that she will be better soon.  Not fun at all having sick kids.  Praying about your book as well.  And praying about the tv interview for you!  How exciting!

  14. jennikim

    Praying for you Marla! Please be encouraged, God will continue to use your writing for His glory, as He has done so already!!

    Praying also that your little one feels better soon, it’s NO FUN being sick!

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