am i the only one??

Am I the only one…

…who gets lost in thought while she’s driving and completely misses exits?

…who can go from wildly happy to woefully discouraged and back again in the span of 10 minutes?

…whose husband records hunting shows to watch later?

…who gets very fidgety without something in her hands at all times?

…who is mildly to mediumly obsessed with Scrabble letters?

…who stays up way later than she knows she should?

…who is considering finishing the 6th Harry Potter book tonight even though she has over 400 pages left and it’s almost midnight?

…who has a hard time spending money without feeling guilty?

…who wishes Jesus were here to ask very specific questions to (but realizes He would probably answer in parables/riddles anyway)?

…who loves the word flamboyant? and whimsy? and pilgrimage? and simplify?

…who hates to dress up and feels very uncomfortable in girly-girly clothes?

…who loves Sandi Patti’s Christmas album (but has sadly misplaced it)?

… who wishes the interior walls of her home were plastered with words and photographs?

…who struggles with anger? and self-pity? and pride? and poor time management? and selfishness?

…who could barely walk after one measly 30-day Shred workout?

…who doesn’t like ice cream? or cake?

…who feels very conflicted much of the time?

…who is going through giraffe withdrawal (again)?

…who wishes she had a clearer complexion?

…who can’t believe it’s December 10th already?

…who is surprised to read a post on this blog that’s less than 300 words?

25 thoughts on “am i the only one??

  1. Emily

    “…who hates to dress up and feels very uncomfortable in girly-girly clothes?”

    I’m right there with you. I hate dressing up. I’m not looking forward to being dressed up 3 days in a row this weekend. At least its for Jesus.

    The problem is… you dressed up yesterday and looked SO BEAUTIFUL. So, you have no choice. 😉

  2. gitz

    I’d say I’m only with you on five of those things… well, four since I can’t drive anymore…

    But it sure is fun hearing about the rest from you 🙂

  3. whimzie

    If you find your Sandi Patti, will you see if my Carpenter’s Christmas CD is with it? It’s missing.

    My friend had the cutest Scrabble art in her house last night. It reminded me of you. I always get tickled when things in my outside-my-computer world start reminding me of friends-who-live-inside-my-computer. I like it. I think it’s like in The Veleveteen Rabbit when toys become “real.”

  4. Suzanne

    Would you be willing to sing Another Time, Another Place with me using Athaiah’s karaoke machine next time you’re in town? I need someone to share the duet with and no one seems to know that song well enough to go for it…

  5. Stephanie your sister

    I hate cake and only like really, really good kinds of ice cream. I love the Sandi Patty Christmas album (but don’t own it) and the word simplify. But I don’t get distracted and miss my exits – my hubby does that. 🙂

  6. Sarah Montanye

    I’m doing the 30 day shred with you…..only remotely 🙂 I am soooo sore!!!
    I agree wth lots of those, but no cake and icecream…wow. those are 2 of my favorite foods!! (part of the reason why I need to do the 30 day shred!!)

  7. Britt

    Yep. You sound perfectly normal to me!
    And a quick question – while you miss that exit due to being lost in thought, is one of your children yelling at you from the back, “Mom! Mom! That’s our exit!”, and you are so lost in thought that you manage even to tune their desperate cries out?
    Just wondering…. 🙂

  8. Meredith


    I hate dressing up. If I can’t wear jeans, I’m griping.
    I always feel guilty spending money.
    I don’t like ice cream. I sorta like cake, but I don’t like chocolate.

  9. deanna

    Now we know your diet secret…no cake & no ice cream. 🙂

    I’ve missed an exit or two in my life, but it was because I was lost and didn’t know where I was going. However, I have been known to be driving and then suddenly realize I’m at my destination, but had no memory of getting that. Guess I was deep in thought. Or ASLEEP. Kinda scary. Anyway, thanks for post. It made me smile.

  10. Ali

    The best part of those hunting shows – the commercials. Seriously, watch the commercials. They are hilarious. I laugh and laugh and laugh.

  11. Krysten

    My husband records car shows, which in my opinion are midly more interezting than hunting shows. I’m having problems walking after just playing games on the Wii Fit yesterday.

  12. jess

    -i think we’re very, very emotionally similar. 🙂
    -and i want words all over my walls, too.
    -and would you belive what i did yesterday for the first time in my entire life? i missed an exit. …not just any exit…but my HOME exit.
    -you’re a favorite. 🙂

  13. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I wanted to lay in bed and cry after my first few days of the Shred. And going to the bathroom? TORTURE. (Who knew you use those same thigh muscles for lunging as for sitting?)

    How you can not like cake and ice cream is beyond me. Totally and completely. No tres leches for you.


  14. Holly V.

    Oh, sister…..I’m with you on several of these things!

    And yet several of these items make you so uniquely you! I mean seriously…..giraffe withdrawl? He he!

    Love you. Happy Thursday……

  15. Valerie

    I’m with you on pretty much everything especially the getting fidgety (or emotional in my case) if I don’t have things to occupy my time, when I have idle time I struggle more than usual with our situation than when I have things to do. With it being this time of year, I’m done with school December is probably going to be rough.

    The first couple work outs of the 30 day shred seemed the worst to me, what I did with the first three was do them every other day until my body adjusted more than I started just going Monday-Friday since hubby’s home on the weekends and has a history of staring when I try things like this…and that makes me more uneasy. HTH!!

  16. Kelli

    -Had no idea you don’t like cake or ice cream….

    -I have stayed up a many of wee hours finishing books… I encourage 🙂

    -I couldn’t walk after the Shred… but it gets better..

    -And I am definitely up later than I should be!!

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