a skipping record

EDIT: (2:03 pm) Wally, the Dryer Guy, came. I was kind. Fixed the dryer. Gave me a discount. One load down, forty to go. Turns out Wally had to go to the ER Friday night with acid reflux. It was eating his stomach lining. “They should have sent someone else in my place,” he said. I agreed. But all is well. My house is quiet. I’m typing up comprehension questions for Tuck Everlasting. Life is good.

My blogs all sound the same lately, don’t they? Here’s my life at the moment. (stop me if you’ve heard it before…)

My dryer is still in pieces. Trying to be proactive, I washed a load of towels, draped them over our deck railing to dry yesterday around 5:00. Still wet when I went to bed. Left them out there. It rained. We’re using beach towels. Next is dish towels. Wait–those are all dirty.

Called the appliance repair company a zillion times yesterday. Gave me the run-around every time. (or just let the answering machine pick up) Is it just me, or is it really bad business to tear someone’s dryer apart on a Friday, promise to be back first thing Saturday morning, and still not show up by Tuesday morning? I just called again. The guy who answered said he “just got off the phone with the repairman, and he’ll be by shortly.” I’m not holding my breath. I am confined to my house indefinitely, just so I don’t miss the dryer guy who may never show.

I’m trying to have a good attitude about this. And find a good place to air dry soccer uniforms for tonight’s game.

Some very special xanga friends were a huge encouragement to me last night. You know who you are. Thank you, ladies. Gabe had a meeting all evening, Livi went to play with a friend, and Ava and I weathered a huge storm together. The screaming and fighting and sobbing ended with her falling asleep and me lying prostrate on my bedroom floor, crying out to God. The rest of the night (she slept from 5-7 maybe) was wonderful. She was lovey and huggy. Today started out great. Had a relatively small episode this morning. Her tantrum was markedly shorter. I didn’t cry. We’re getting there.

Man, don’t I have anything new to share? I had a good meeting with LaRae, the editor from Harvest House, yesterday. We discussed some cool future possibilities.

My old third-graders (now in 10th grade, I think) actually want to be friends with me on facebook. The boys even. I feel so loved.

Nina just found a copy of Blushing Bride, brought it to me, and said, “read!” Thanks, but no. Where’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear?

Lots on my heart that I don’t have time to share at the moment. Good stuff. God stuff. I loved Gail’s account of her trip to a very cool conference last weekend. She voiced so many of my thoughts.

May your Tuesday be full of joy!

26 thoughts on “a skipping record

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    So glad you dryer is fixed!!!  Amazing how an appliance that involves work can bring us so much joy!  🙂

    Hang in there with the Ava battles…I have dealt with many children with meltdown/tantrum issues and they do pass if you remain firm in your resolve to not make too much of them.  I know it is not fun and can be just plain heartbreaking.

  2. dnkneer

    hey! sounds like you’ve been having some laundry adventures lately. i know it costs *some* money but whenever our washer / dryer are broken down i go to the laundry mat. did that for an entire month last summer because dave wanted to fix the washer himself. he thought it would be an educational experience for him.  hhhhh…. anyways, it’s kind of fun to meet people at the laundry mat and i like how i can do an unlimited # of loads all at once…of course, i’m sure it’s different with 3 kids….

  3. terriwright

    Awesome. You know, I once promised God that if he ever gave me a dryer and an automatic washer(instead of a wringer washer) I’d never complain about doing the wash again.  I broke that promise. We get so spoiled so quickly and so easily.

    I too love “Tuck Everlasting”….great book. Dangerous to say repeatedly in Middle School classes….sometimes your tongue gets tied and disaster results…happened to a friend, NOT to me, thankfully.

    The conference was unbelievably blessing. I do truly feel anointed and USING my anointing right now!

  4. jbnygaard

    Your repair men have names that make me laugh. Easy and Wally. Just thought I’d point that out.

    Veru glad your machine is up and working! Would you ever be interested in a Free dryer if I ever came across one? Just curious.

    I need to read Gail’s blog, I think I’ll head there now…

  5. kellyleelizabeth

    Yay!!! I kept coming back looking for an “EDIT,” and now there IS one! Hooray for Wally, boo for acid reflux and no back-up repairmen (the Maytag guys are always available– call them next time).

  6. tonialynn59

    Sorry to hear that repairman hasn’t come yet although maybe he is there now and we just haven’t heard!  (I can dream can’t I?)  So sorry to hear about your evening last night!  Being a mom isn’t always a fun job is it?  I’m praying for you.  I have no words of advice!

  7. rachmckinney

    praying so often for you right now, friend! i really hope your drier gets fixed today. that alone can be discouraging. not to mention all the other million things going on. praying for you! wish i could hug you in person.

  8. Abs7

    Is there any way that you and the girls can take a trip to a laundry mat to dry some things??? Sorry about your dryer problems- if you lived closer I would let you come use my dryer.

  9. gsowell

    ^Coals of kindness. Easy to say. Hard to do when you’re steamed! Praying for that!^

    Hang the soccer uniforms up in front of a fan. You can do that in a place where the repairman will be sure to see them. Actually, I recommend hanging loads and loads of laundry from every possible nook and cranny in your house, then say NOTHING about them when he comes, do the heaping thing instead.

    Glad that Ava and you are moving in the right direction…prayers for that, too.

  10. faithchick

    “Lots on my heart that I don’t have time to share at the moment. Good stuff. God stuff.”me, too!!

    I hope Repairman comes today (shoot, i just pictured a man in a cape with a big R on his chest-and he’s no Superman, more of an Al Bundy. blech.).  I say when he shows up, if he’s the same guy, make sure you heap burning coals of kindness on his head!  That’ll learn him.

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