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So, Terri leaves a comment, “Ahem…it’s Friday.” Excuse me. Give me a break here, wouldya? Actually, I do need a break. So, I’ll take one–and spend it blogging.

Ava, Nina, and I went to visit with some old friends this morning. Cami lives on the other side of town, so it took about 35-40 minutes to get there. And since Ava has to be on the bus at 12:30, our visit was much too brief. My friend Courtney’s b-day was yesterday, so we celebrated with Chipotle. Lots of scrumpsh chips, fresh salsa and guac! (and I just now realized I had to leave before dessert!!) Amanda was also there. As were Melea, Andrew, Nina (Ny-na–2 months old and to die for!), Lexi, Lainey, and Chloe. It was so much fun to catch up.

I decided to take Ava to school myself and stay a little longer. She was four minutes late–oops!–but I got to walk her to class and chat with her teacher for a minute, so that was cool.

Her teacher, by the way, thinks she looks exactly like Gabe. And that Livi looks just like me. (I think I blogged about this before.) It’s so fun to analyze all the traits our children inherit–and they’re always changing!

So, I’m messaging my sister-in-law, Jess, about some clothes of Anna’s (her daughter) that’s she’s going to loan to Nina. Then she tells me about Aleena (a friend’s daughter) who is also going to get some of Anna’s clothes. Then I offer Anna some of Ava’s old clothes. And after the fourth or fifth message, I was starting to forget which children were mine and who I was talking about! Ava, Anna, Nina, Aleena! Whew! Anyway.

So, next week, the Publishing Committee is taking a look at Blushing and voting whether or not they want to resurrect it with a new cover and title. If they don’t, I’ll take it somewhere else. They asked me for some possible new titles. I know you guys gave me some awhile back, but if anyone has one burning a hole in her brain, please share! And I would loooooove a short title, if that’s even possible. Thanks!

The girls get home from school in 15 minutes, and we’re heading to Gabe’s grandpa’s house (90 minutes away). His aunt and uncle from South Dakota are in town, and we’re having a pizza bash, I believe. Tomorrow is Livi’s soccer tournament. Then Gabe and his parents are going to a Professional Bull-Riding competition here in town tomorrow night. Then Sunday, it’s back to Lima for my niece, Morgan’s, 6th birthday party.

Next weekend, we’ll be spending time with my famiily. We both have really cool families.

The writing is going well. I have waaaay too much on my plate, but God is ever-present with extra helpings of grace.

Two answered prayers this week for two of my xanga friends. God is so good. One of them had nothing to do with me–just the praying! But the other, I was blessed to have a hand in. Thanks, God!

One more thing. So, I have this desk chair I inherited from Gabe’s grandpa. It suits me just fine, but every once in awhile, it acts up on me. It’s heavy–the frame is metal. I was pushing back from my desk last night and caught the back of my heel on the metal part above one of the wheels. Excruciating pain. I look down–no blood. Gabe is playing an arcade game on his computer. I am jumping around the office, moaning. He asks if I need help. Says he’ll look at it as soon as he beats some kid’s high score. I lean up against his desk, resting on my elbows, and watch him finish the game.

He finishes, looks down at my foot, blood dripping all over the carpet. Oops. That’ll teach him to put me on hold. He graciously offered to clean it up. (I only shared all this because he’s lying on his back on the office floor and asking me what I’m going to write about him this time. That’s it!)

Have a great weekend, my little Fun Bunch!

7 thoughts on “a little bit of everything

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Tina looked exactly like dad as a baby and Paul Richard looked like my side of the family…Today, everyone says Tina looks like me and Paul Richard is definitely his dad!  I love to see how God designs us!

  2. terriwright

    You have officially worn me out with your schedule!! Thank you for posting, however.

    So often I hurt myself and have nothing to show for it: no blood, no bruise, ergo no sympathy….so yea for bleeding!!!!!!

  3. OkinawaAna

    We have an Anna, Ana, Hannah, and Annie at our church… and they’re all under the age of three!  Believe it or not, though, the Japanese members get it right more often than the Americans.  I was just reminded of that when I read about the name mix-ups you were encountering!  (And what a photogenic family you all are in the picture at the top of your page!)

  4. YoYoYoder

    I tried calling you on your cell last night, but then I realized you were in Lima with family. I have some fun news to share that is a non-profit version of my “Cupcakes” dream.

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