a few thousand words’ worth

HAPPY 36th ANNIVERSARY to my fabulous mom and dad!! I love you two! (Go wish my mama a happy anniversary if you would, please!)

By the time I get this written and the pictures all situated, it’s going to be after midnight. And today (Tuesday) is a busy day. Soooo…how about some photos in lieu of a real post? Cool?

Meeting my cousin Camy and her kiddos at the Metro Gardens at 10am for fun in the sun and a picnic lunch. Livi has Meet the Teacher from 2-3 and Ava from 3-4. I can’t believe they start school tomorrow (Wednesday). And that the rest of the world has already started. Where has the summer gone??

Getting together with my family Saturday. We haven’t seen them in quite awhile. I miss them! I wish Stephi and Daniel could come. I double-miss them!

We’re making plans to meet Kelly/Kiki at the Indianapolis Zoo on Monday. Anyone in the area is welcome to join the party. Sent my standard beggar’s e-mail to the fine folks in their PR department tonight. We’ll see how that goes down. We can’t wait to see DOLPHINS!!

Aren’t the baby elephant and baby orangutan just to die for?? Have a great Tuesday, all! (Check out other zoo photos here.)

Marla and Livi on camel

Baby orangutan

Nina, Kylie and Bob

Mama and baby elephant

The Erie Express

Marla and Nina

39 thoughts on “a few thousand words’ worth

  1. Nixter77

    @mtaviano – 

    I am sure there are 100s of zoos in the US but I was just hoping there wasn’t so you had to seek zoo’s in far off lands. Like the furthest land you could possibly go other than NZ and you want to go there anyway!

  2. jbnygaard

    mental note: Don’t bring my boys to xangafest so they don’t get attached to sleeping masks. How did this “fad” even start??? I know Josie had something to do with it….but I’m still curious.

  3. jbnygaard

    Oooo! Ft.Wayne zoo is really nice. It’s set up for younger kids, so things seems closer up.

    How old was that baby elephant? ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE!

    Seriously? 52 zoos in 52 weeks? Didn’t you just 4 in one?

  4. Nixter77

    There can’t be 52 zoos in American – which means you will HAVE to come here 😉

    Love the pics – love you camera it takes amazing shots! Love the sleep mask – I want one to go with my earplugs.

    Looks like a whole lotta fun this zoo hopping!

    Love ya!

  5. mrsnorthern8605

    That baby elephant just makes my heart happy. Dolphins and elephants are my two favorite animals and it’s hard to believe that the baby elephant is that little…or well it probably looks that way because full grown elephants are huge. I so wish I could go with you to the Indy Zoo, I love that place and I haven’t been there in years. I guess I will just have to wait for pictures! If you ever do want to go to the one in Ft. Wayne Indiana, I am so there with you!

  6. mtaviano

    @faithchick – Gabe says he just has it on auto with auto focus. And in the menu on the camera, have the AF area mode set to “closest subject.” When you go to take the picture, press the shutter button halfway down to have the camera focus on the closest object. He says the blurring has to do with how far away the other objects are from your focus object. Does that make any sense??

  7. Oly16

    I love your zoo pictures!  Looks like you guys had so much fun!  I think I missed something though.  Are you trying to visit every zoo in america, or you just really love animals???  Such a cool adventure!

  8. faithchick

    @gsowell – it’s only a dollar, so i think i can swing it.  and i’m not 100% sure about xangafest, but I did see the posts about it.  OH!! i just realized.  it’s the first day of hunting seaons, so i’m 95% sure I will be there.

  9. faithchick

    @gsowell – i saw some at target the other day.  want me to get one for you?  it’s a good excuse to go!

    marla, i could read the thick manual that came with my camera, but instead; i’d rather mooch off the taviano’s brains.  Do tell how you so consistently get the blurry back ground effect.  I can only get it to happen accidentally.  And it’s my favorite part about photography.  I know it’s possible to do w/ manual settings & aperature/shutter setting blah, blah; but is there an automatic setting that you use?


  10. gsowell

    ^Thank you, Holly.^ I was about to ask if Nina had on a sleep mask. What is she? Josie? Incredible pictures.

    Happy school starting! Nothing like the routine to just slap you in the face. or wait. Maybe that’s just me. It’s also why I am commenting at 6:08 AM!

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