will you pray with me?

I feel super-strongly that this Radical Read-Along has got to be covered in prayer. Because there a couple few things I know.

1. We humans (me in particular) face the constant temptation to do things in our own power, rather than rely on the power of the Holy Spirit in us to accomplish great things. The good news? I am so administratively- and organizationally-challenged that there’s no “look what Marla pulled off” even in question. If things “work,” it was all God.

2. Which brings me to my second thing I know. We humans (me in particular) are quick to seek glory for ourselves and attribute it to other humans when IT ALL BELONGS TO GOD.

3. We humans (me in particular) are scared to try things that will make us uncomfortable or have any potential for failure.

4. We humans (me in particular) are loath to humble ourselves and admit when we need help of any kind.

5. We’re scared that bad things happen to those who follow hard after Jesus.

In light of all those things I know, here are some prayer requests I’d love you to pray through (and please! add more of your own!)

1. Please pray that we will seek God at every turn as we read this book together and that we will rely fully on his power and not our own strength.

2. Please pray that we will give God, and only God, all the glory for everything he accomplishes as we read, study, write and grow.

3. Please pray that anyone who is scared to read the book or comment on it publicly will find courage and strength in the Lord.

4. Please pray that anyone who wants to read the book but can’t afford it right now will contact me or this sweet, hilarious friend of mine.

5. Please pray that we will put on the full armor of God and not fear the spiritual attacks that might very well come when we’re doing something that draws us closer to Christ.

Thank you, friends! He hears our prayers!

7 thoughts on “will you pray with me?

  1. Catalina Booth

    I just got my copy…tore into the package like it was a piece of chocolate. I have read three pages and my haw has already dropped! I want to get a babysitter tonight and sit and read from cover to cover. Three pages in and I’m already ready to blog. This journey began over three years ago when the Lord called me away from my mega church home…and now at another mega church (whos pastor is quoted in the response page in Radical) hearing God’s whsiper that things need to change! GOOSE BUMPS LADIES ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  2. Jen your cousin

    I can not even begin to describe to you the dark, hideous, deep spiritual/mental/emotional attack I experienced on Monday night… the day AFTER the book arrived and the day BEFORE I started fasting in preparation for the read-along. Um hello?? Someone does NOT want me to make this change. (And this is coming from a person (me) who is pretty skeptical when people talk about spiritual attacks.) It. Was. Intense. And all sorts of awful. Having dealt with depression a good chunk of my life, I can honestly say that those were some of the darkest hours I’ve ever experienced.

    All that to say – YES!!! to this post.

  3. Renee

    I will definitely be in prayer, I also can’t wait to get started. I have heard it is something along the lines of Crazy Love, which I loved! Just received my book and will start reading today.

  4. joyce

    I’m in…don’t think I’ve commented yet but I’m in. I’ll be praying too…I’m nervous but its an excited nervous as opposed to a scared nervous.

  5. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I was TICKLED PINK to see that Sophie had also offered to purchase the book for anyone who cannot afford it right now.

    And YESSSSSSSSSS. Sister, this MUST be covered in prayer. Absolutely. And you know what? We need to cover in prayer the path that we take AFTER we finish the book. What will we do with this? Will we continue to pursue living as radicals in a year from now? Five years? Ten years? This culture is so enticing, so seductive. The enemy will be waiting to woo us back to our pre-eyes-opened days.

    I love you. Thank you for hosting this. I am also so organizationally-challenged that I am secretly relieved that you took up the hosting part of this effort. And because you exercised such great faith in doing so, YOU sweet sister will be need to be covered in prayer as well.

    Have I mentioned that I love you? XOXOXO

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