the sisterhood of the traveling belt

If you joined us for the Radical Read-Along you might have heard a little story about a belt. You can read the longer, better version here, but in a nutshell, Amy, a Radical Reader-Along, bought a cute little belt at Anthropologie for $28. She was tickled pink over her shiny belt, but as she sat down to write her Radical post for that week, conviction washed over her. With the poor all around her, she had spent money on something she’d probably wear just a handful of times.

And she knew what she had to do. What she wanted to do.

She decided to sell the belt for $28 and give the money to blood:water mission so that 28 Africans could have clean water for a year. Her friend Dani immediately offered to buy it. But it didn’t end there. God gave them an idea to pass this shiny little belt from sister to sister all over the country.

And the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt was born.

You get the belt, you wear the belt, you write in a journal, you give $28 to blood: water mission, you send the belt to the next sister on the list. It’s so simple.

To date, 48 women have signed up to join the blood:water belt sisterhood. If my calculator’s correct, that’s $1344.00 given so that 1344 of God’s children in Africa can have clean water to drink for a year.

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Here’s me in the belt. If you know me at all, you know that wearing a belt is WAY, and I mean WAY, out of my comfort zone. I put it on for the picture and then off it came.

The “Blessed” shirt I’m wearing was a gift from my friend Jackie, owner of Dress Blessed. She donated some beautiful items to help us raise money for Cambodia last summer and then sent me a couple goodies of my very own. Jackie donates part of her proceeds to feeding hungry kiddos. Man, I love these women’s hearts!

And if you want to see the darlingest little preggo ever (who happens to be related to me) sporting the belt, click here.

Looking for a small step you can take to make a difference? Join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt!

And for you guys, I totally apologize. If you’re feeling left out, maybe you should start your own little band of brothers. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Ball Cap? Suspenders? Coffee Mug?

p.s. Please keep praying for Joanne. And for her sweet Audrey and Emma who start back to school today. Thank you!!

20 thoughts on “the sisterhood of the traveling belt

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  2. Nina

    What a GREAT idea! I just signed up. Looking at the stars on the map, I’m thinking some of my next-door neighbors must be in on this, too!

  3. Rachelle

    You look so cute in the belt Marla! I also like your hair-very cute this length. I can’t wait to get the belt, it may be a little while. I’m currently the only one in my part of the world with a little star!

    1. Amy

      Rachelle, you should be getting it very soon!! I would say in about 3 weeks. Next week the Blissdom girls will have it and then it has to go to 2 people in VA and I think it’s you after that!

  4. Jen Hanson

    Okay – Bethany may just be the most darling pregnant lady I’ve ever seen – especially in that outfit! I do not mean to offend anyone, but I think Bethany looks the cutest in that belt out of anyone I’ve seen yet (little Jack is helping too of course). This project is SO COOL!

    Also – yes, you sure can get a WHOOP-WHOOP from me!

  5. valerie (in TX)

    Marla, I can’t believe you posted about this today! It is SO a God thing. 🙂 I was just thinking about the Sisterhood Belt last night as I was standing in the garage crushing soda cans for my (10 yo) daughter who is raising money to “dig a well in Africa”. This has been her heart’s desire for close to two years now, and when we first read about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt on your blog last fall, she was so excited to use part of her saved money to “buy” the belt. Well, one thing led to another and we forgot all about it….until last night when I thought about it again as I crushed soda cans, and now here you are posting all the linkys again! I LOVE it when God does that! Ya think He’s saying “don’t forget this time!”? Thanks so much for the reminder, Marla!

  6. Amy

    Had to come back and tell you we’ve had 3 more ladies join today. So exciting! Thank you again for sharing! That’s almost another 100 people with water this year!!

  7. Amy

    Thank you, Marla! Great post! My husband has indeed thought about doing something similar with a tie. I think it might be a girl thing but who knows!

  8. Ruth

    What an awesome idea!! And Marla, you look adorable in that belt… but I totally understand that it’s out of your comfort zone! Yikes! 🙂

    I also love your t-shirt! If Jackie donates any to you to sell (for Cambodia monies), make sure to post about it! I’d totally buy a t-shirt and help you out at the same time!

    Praying for Joanne lots… and for her little cuties at school today.

  9. Teena

    That is so cool! How wonderful!

    Found you by your tweets about Joanne. We are continuing to pray and also lifting the girls up to the Lord.

    Hugs, Teena

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