save the date! 9.07.10!

One week from today!! RADICAL READ-ALONG!! Seriously, I can barely contain my excitement!

I even dreamed a couple nights ago that Francis Chan was reading Radical with us. Gabe says I am CLEARLY reading too much.

He may have a point. I’m re-reading Crazy Love (2nd time) and Radical (3rd time) simultaneously. Plus I just finished Interrupted (which I plan to re-read, this time w/pen in hand). And Francis Chan’s other book, Forgotten God (and I’m sorry, but I just can’t link another thing).

Speaking of Chan, I tweeted about my dream yesterday morning, and this is what my friend Keri said (she just moved to Singapore with her family):

I hear that Jackie Chan just bought an apt near us so you never know!! Maybe he WILL do the book study and he and I can meet up to discuss the book! I can’t wait!

Me: That would be sweet! But my dream was about FRANCIS Chan (the author of Crazy Love)! 😉

Keri: OH!!!! Now I am laughing…….that’s hysterical!! That’s what I get for not double checking your post before responding! Hahaha….still going to hope for a Radical run-in with Jackie Chan. That totally just made my night……..I obviously need to go to bed!

Me: Well, if you DO happen to get Jackie on board the Radical ship, then I KNOW I’m a prophetess. This won’t be the first time I had a dream that directly related to something that happened later. 😉

CRAZY things are about to happen, folks!!

I have so many things I want to ask you when we do our Introductions Post next week. I’m afraid it will be too much to cram in, so how about I ask you a question right now?

Where did you first hear about Radical and/or what made you decide to join the Read-Along?

32 thoughts on “save the date! 9.07.10!

  1. Keri

    So funny that I just saw this post today. Word on the street is that one of Jacki Chan’s kids goes to the same school the boys are going to AND I went to a farmer’s market yesterday where there’s a fishmonger that works as a stand in for Jackie Chan and looks JUST like him! I’m trying…….getting closer all the time to roping him in to some Radicalness!

    I have heard rumblings about David Platt and this book for some time, but it was your initiation of the read along that is motivating me to get it read. I can’t wait!!

  2. Nancy

    The first time I heard about it was on BooMama’s blog. Then I found out about the read along when you guested on Missy’s blog. The reason I want to do this is because I have a hard time finishing a book on my own and need all the encouragement I can get! I’ve heard it’s an awesome book and I’m excited and a little nervous about what God has in store for me…

  3. Mandy

    WEll, I heard about it first on Missy’s blog. I even emailed her to ask her the name of it b/c I couldn’t get what she said about it out of my head. Then I read your post on Missy’s blog and knew God was wanting me to read this book. I ordered it right away. Now I’m just waiting for nest week!

  4. Danielle

    Obviously you are a digital missionary! I can’t believe how many people, including myself, have heard about this through your blog! I started reading the first chapter, haven’t finished it yet because I had to stop at almost every sentence to ask for forgiveness. OUCH! In a good way of course. Can’t wait to have my heart wrecked more by God.

  5. Kelly S

    Heard about it from this blog… and honestly, still haven’t heard about it from any other sources (aside from seeing it on a display at Family Christian when I went to pick it up)… makes me wonder why everyone else I know hasn’t gotten with the program yet! Haha.

    I decided to do it because…

    1) I am constantly wishing I had more opportunities to engage in good conversation with others about serving God’s kingdom, so I couldn’t pass this up and

    2) I feel like God is using several different books to converge upon me (is that grammatically correct?) and make a difference in my life. I am sometimes hesitant to talk about books being “life-changing” or basing too much on books, and not on the Bible itself, but I really believe that His hand is at work in stirring up some hearts through the writings of people like David Platt and Francis Chan and Reggie McNeal (the 3 I am reading right now!)

  6. Jaclyn K

    I heard about it through your lovely blog. I decided to join when I saw my sweet friend Ali was over the moon for this book study. I felt after I read your blog, God layed it on my heart to get this book and get busy reading! It is definately making me question a lot of things and I am eager to discuss and pursue him together. Thanks for your excitement…can’t wait.

  7. Sharon

    I first heard about Radical from you dear friend … and did not think that I wanted to try to cram it in with my homework… but the more I read about your excitement and others who wanted to read it together… well, I couldn’t help but look it up and when I read the first chapter online… well, that was all she wrote! I signed up.

  8. Catalina Booth

    I first heard about the Radical Read Along from your guest post on It’s Almost Naptime.

    God’s been stirring for a long time…I obeyed at the first whisper to leave a mega church but I didn’t go far (to another mega church down the street) and now God is whipsering again so I am praying Radical will give my husband I direction (my husband agreed to read the extra copy I ended up with).

  9. Sharon Meekins

    I heard about it on your blog. My co-worker comes back to Haiti today! YAY! I can’t wait to start reading it.

  10. Rhonda

    I heard about it on your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to share this exciting adventure. I can’t wait to get started. Both my daughters and my two sisters are now joining in!

  11. Jen your cousin

    I first heard about it when someone (you or Gabe I think) posted the Radical video a few many months ago. I got chills. I thought “I should read that,” but then forgot about it.
    So, when you planned this read-along I knew I had no excuse for not joining – God had already begun a work in my heart in this area and if He wanted to do some MAJOR construction, I wasn’t going to fight Him anymore. So DEEP BREATHE… I’m ready but not ready…. here we go!

  12. Rachelle

    maybe it’s melodramatic…but then it goes with the theme of this post… 🙂 eh? I got chills reading these comments! I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of this, I found out about it right here on your blog. I will admit to feeling a little like standing in line to ride the BIG roller coaster; you know that feeling of excitement alongside trembling fear. Anyway-I’m in for the ride!

  13. Laura

    Hi Marla,
    I started following your blog a few months after Tonia Thane gave me 2 of your books for my wedding shower. I’m a google reader junkie but not a blog commenter, so I assumed I wouldn’t participate in the read-along. However, I was in the bookstore the other day, spotted Radical on the shelf and decided to go for it! Thanks for encouraging us all to join in :).

  14. Mary

    You know…Seth just ordered a textbook online for his MBA classes and it was shipped by a Pamela Chan in California! Coincidence?? 🙂 Maybe it’s his wife. I’ll send a note just to check and see if they have read Radical – ha!

  15. Teresa Henry

    It is all your fault! haha! I heard about the book through your blog. Prior to you leaving for Cambodia God began a work in my heart to let go of material things (not that I have anything of too much worth) and to really keep my eyes and pursuit on Him alone. I really felt a stirring that God was asking for the next level from me…a higher level of surrender than I have given before. He must believe that I am ready for it! When you wrote about the book and your experiences in Cambodia, I just knew that God was calling me to read along with this group of amazing women. I still have no idea how I am going to do it while taking the 2 classes that I am taking. But I know that God will show me. Last night I was in a pool of tears over trying to do “life”…and this morning as I wade out of the pool my toes seem to be staying there for a while….so I am praying that as the day goes on I will continue to seek God to show me how in the world I am going to do the things I have in front of me! Total dependence!!!! Thank you Marla for your heart to share your “Radical” heart!

  16. Bethany

    I don’t know if I heard about it from you or on another blog….regardless, I am glad to be joining this group to go through it together!
    I picked up my book yesterday at our local Barnes and Noble. Do you know how hard it was for me NOT to start reading it??!! I definately could have it read in its entirety by the 7th but I am holding back! Can’t wait to get started.

  17. Addie

    I first heard about it from Katie at, but then I kept hearing about it, and since Birmingham is only 2 hours away, I thought it would be a cool read…. it was very good, so Im looking forward to joining in on the read along as much as I can.

    Oh, and if you havent read it already, you need to read The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne, it totally set me up to read Crazy Love and Radical… love it!

  18. Missy June

    I first heard about Radical from my father, who hands it out to pastors wherever he speaks. I’m joining in for connection and to share how it affects me personally.

  19. valerie (in TX)

    I first heard about Radical on someone else’s blog several months ago, and thought it sounded interesting. Since then it seems like I’m hearing of it everywhere, over and over. I posted on my blog that I’m taking all of these “repeated hearings-of-it” as an indication that I’m supposed to be reading it. I am desperate for God to change my heart and make me RADICAL for Him – in deed, not just in word – and I’m praying this book will be the beginning.

  20. Jackie

    Purchased Radical based on your comments. Read the first few chapters yesterday. I barely slept last night as I honestly wrestled with 1) Do I REALLY believe Jesus is worth radical abandonment? 2) Am I REALLY willing to respond? I got up at 4:00 a.m. with a clear answer of “yes” to both.

    Moments after journaling this morning, I rec’d your message and had to laugh at your comments about getting Jackie on board the Radical ship. I know, it is another mistaken identity, but this Jackie is on board nonetheless. Looking forward to it!

  21. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Wait. ARE WE THE SAME PERSON? I know I’ve mentioned I’m reading Crazy Love right now and of course Radical, but did you know that I am teaching the Interrupted study to my Sunday School class starting NEXT SUNDAY? Dude. WHAT?

  22. Bethany your sis

    I think I first heard about it from Daniel (our BIL) because he was reading it. Or it might have been you if you guys read it at the same time.

    I’m in because you’ve been talking about it so much 😉 and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Crazy Love!

  23. Tracie

    The book found me at the bookstore on a Sunday, same day as sermon on loving the poor. I had never heard of the book before. The next morning I wasn’t even thinking about it but was reading blogs and found yours for the first time and there you were talking about the book that just found me. I knew it was a spirit led moment and I had to read along. Although I couldn’t wait and already started speeding thru with intention of starting next week again and reading more slowly and thoroughly and anxious to see discussion. I’ve been telling everyone about Radical and your read along.

  24. Claudia Porpiglia

    Heard about Radical through you…decided to join this adventure because God is working in me and I believe this is the next step He wants me to pursue.

  25. Marla Fletcher

    Heard about Radical through you!!! Looking for something to rock my world again after Crazy Love did a doozy!!! Need to make changes….this is gonna be a big one!

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