radical read-along sign-up!

Okay folks, HUGE favor to ask of you. If you’re planning on joining us for the Radical Read-Along (starting Tuesday, September 7), could you pretty please click on this link and join our Facebook group? (click “like” to join) I’m trying to get a ballpark head count (for a couple different reasons), and this would bless me tremendously if you’d play along.

I’m thinking Facebook might be an even more user-friendly forum than my blog (easier to carry on conversations with each other and receive updates when people have commented on your posts). We’ll see! I will absolutely still be posting my thoughts and everything HERE on Tuesdays (and giving you a chance to chime in and link to your own posts).

If (gasp!) you’re not on Facebook (or don’t feel like joining the FB group for some reason), then please leave a comment below. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME. You can sign in as just about anything. Delighted in Dublin, Cheerful in Chicasha, Kissable in Katy, Baby-Hugging in Bellefontaine, Spunky in Spring, Adorably Pregnant in Muskogee…

You don’t have to leave your city either. Just havin’ some fun.

And if you can’t stand the thought of leaving an unimaginative comment just like everyone else’s (I’m in! Count me in! I’m joining! I’ll do it!), then how about you tell me either a.) why you decided to join the Read-Along or b.) why giraffes are your favorite animal.

This post also marks your next-to-last chance (okay, not really) to accept the blessing of a free copy of Radical. Over 20 precious folks have said “Yes, please!” to a free book so far, and believe me, you’d be in fine company if you join their ranks. Just click here and tell me you’re in. My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say we have an unlimited number of copies to give away.

(If you want to buy your own copy, click here.)

Thanks, friends. Please spread the word to anyone you know who’s Reading Along.

See you Monday!

16 thoughts on “radical read-along sign-up!

  1. valerie (in TX)

    I’m so glad I’m not the only nerd (to quote Stephanie) who’s not on Facebook! Truly, I thought I was the last remaining hold-out in the country. 🙂 I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, right after you announced the read-along. I have been seeing and hearing of this book everywhere, and took this read-along as God’s invitation to read it for myself. I can’t wait. I am PRAYING I am one of those whose life is RADICALLY changed!

    Oh, and my favorite animal are elephants, not giraffes. 🙂 Don’t know why!

  2. Mandy

    I’m in and not on FB. That FB is a slippery slope for me…oh how I love to waste time on FB! So I had to close my account. When God says I can have it back, I will but right now I do not have the discipline. 🙂

    Yay for next Tuesday!! Eight days and counting!!

  3. LS

    thanks marla! i am definitely going to read along. . .the Holy Spirit has been all over me all day. just because life is really bad right now, doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be open to letting the Lord work and speak through Radical. honestly, i am a little scared of what else the Lord may ask of me. thanks for facilitating this opportunity. . .thanks for responding.

  4. Marla Taviano

    LS, there’s no pressure at all to participate (and by participate, I mean chiming in with your thoughts). If you want to just read along in your book and take a peek at what others have written, that is absolutely fine! We don’t even have to know you’re here (unless you want us to). Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. LS


    I am still trying to decide if I want to participate, but I do NOT have facebook. I am going through a really difficult time right now, but I bought the book a month or so back with the intention to read it and still have not. I think this may be a really fun way to read it, but I am hesitant just because of the nature of my circumstances. Thanks!


  6. Stephanie your sister

    I’m also (gasp!) not on FB. Lame, I know. When I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to join, I’ll gladly oblige. But for now I’m one of the remaining few nerds without it.

    Speaking of the Holy Spirit, He’s why I’m doing the read-along. I don’t really have the $ to buy the book and for some reason kept hesitating to let someone buy one for me. So I kept putting it off and putting it off, and then a couple days ago I walked into Daniel’s office and had a thought. I asked him (who always seems to have oodles of good books as every youth pastor should) “do you happen to have the book ‘Radical’ by David Platt?” He glanced down at his desk and said “seriously?” I followed his gaze and, lo and behold, 6 inches in front of me on his desk was the book. Ha! So now it’s here at home and we’re going to share it for the read-along. Can’t wait!!!

  7. Elizabeth

    I am not adorable:) But I am VERY pregnant. I have got to send you a picture.

    Anyway, I have to figure this out since I don’t want my blog on facebook. I’ll just participate through the blog and see what happens.

    p.s. The pancakes are SO good!

  8. Jackie

    Hey Marla! I’m a friend of Ali’s and would love to join your Radical Movement. I don’t have FB but I’ll just play here:) Started reading and Love it thanks:)

  9. Marla Taviano

    Thank you for your concern, Kelly. Ideally, I would like the blog to be the primary discussion spot and FB secondary. I’ll be posting my thoughts here and asking questions, and hopefully people will answer in the comments section and link to their own posts. The FB group will just be a little bonus. How does that sound?

  10. Kelly @ Love Well

    I’m on FB, Marla, and while I have a few blogging friends interlinked with me there, I work hard to keep my FB profile private and mostly for family. It’s my own personal quirk that comes from being married to a super-private man and my own skepticism of what FB will eventually do with my information.

    Do what you think is best, of course, but if the discussion is moved to FB instead of the blog, I won’t be able to participate. And that would make me sad.

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