radical read-along! (intro week)

Welcome to the RADICAL READ-ALONG!!

Is it really here?! Really?? Truly??

Yes! Yes it is! The Radical Read-Along is HERE! Today! Right now! Hooray!!

(I would love to assure you that I’ll calm down as the weeks go by, but I can’t really make that kind of promise.)

We’re not going to do Mr. Linky today (where you can enter a link to your own blog post for all of us to click on). We’ll start that next week with Chapter 1.

I’ve been praying a lot about this awesome opportunity (and I know so many of you have been too–thank you!), and I’d like to take a second to pray for us one more time before we get started.

Lord, thank you. I’m blown away that we have the privilege and opportunity to use technology like this. That we get to come together from all corners of the globe and read the same book and share what we’ve learned and learn from others. Thank you for David Platt. Thank you for inspiring him to write this book that points us right back to Jesus Christ–what he said, what he did, what his earthly ministry looked like, how he wants us to live. Help us to remember that we humans are imperfect, but your Word is perfect and true. Show us what you want from us, fill us with your Spirit, and give us courage to go against the flow and truly surrender everything to you. We love you. We need you. Help us to make this all about you and your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Here are some things we’d like to know about YOU today!

1. Your name. (full name, first name, nickname, pseudonym, whatever)

2. Where you are. (city/state, just state, country, general location, exact GPS coordinates, whatever)

3. A one-sentence bio. (again, as little or as much as you’d like to share)

4. How you knew God wanted you to read this book and/or what you’re hoping will happen as a result of reading it.

5. Any fears, concerns, or other emotions you’re feeling about the next 10 weeks.

Some of you are already feeling completely overwhelmed with these 5 “questions.” Don’t be. If you want to say, “Hi, I’m Emily from Columbus, OH and I like to take pictures and Marla twisted my arm to get me to read this book,” and be done with it, that’s perfectly cool.

If you want to write paragraphs and paragraphs, also cool. (Although if you want people to actually read what you write, I’d keep it on the short-and-sweet side. Like I have room to talk.)

And don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for some fun tidbits throughout the day.

**Your Assignment for Tuesday, September 14: Read Chapter 1.** (if you want to write a blog post for the chapter–totally optional–post it on 9/14, then come here to leave a link for it)

Take it away, friends! I can’t wait to meet you!!

250 thoughts on “radical read-along! (intro week)

  1. Jennifer

    Hi, I’m Jen from central Indiana. I’ve been married for 16 years and have 3 beautiful children, ages 14, 12, and 7. My husband owns his own business and I work for him part time so I’m able to take the kids to school and pick them up from school. I spend hours in the car each day running kids somewhere!!
    My husband and I are currently taking a Discipleship training class at church and this book is repeating some of what we’ve already discussed. I think this is going to be a bumpy ride, but I’m looking forward to stretching and growing with all of you.

  2. Deidre

    I’m Deidre from North Carolina. I have 2 daughters. My husband and I work with the youth at our church, I teach a high school girls’ Sunday School class and I lead an adult’s women’s bible study. Two years ago, I read “The Hole in Our Gospel” on a whim and God began to speak to me about my selfishness. I read “Crazy Love” not long after and was completely ashamed of myself. “Radical” has been sitting on my nightstand for months and I am quite certain God is pursuing me in this area. I needed a push to read it and then I found out you were doing this read-along. Okay, God!

    Sorry, I’m just now signing in. Hope it’s not too late πŸ™‚

  3. Bekah Sagar

    I’m Bekah from Newark, OH and I just started homeschooling my 5.5-year-old girl for kindiegarten, and I also have a 3-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl. I have always been passionate about not “giving in” to “the way everyone does things” in our culture, but it is hard to actually find a different way to do them! (where it’s helpful–I don’t have to find a different way to eat a taco if it is working OK. Although it’s good to get a little messy eating a taco anyway). Anyway. Any fears would have to do with 1) not having the book yet and 2) not being able to keep up with the pace since I am doing a lot of reading (at kindergarten-level–I still get tired though). That’s it for now!

  4. Leigh

    Hi, my name is Leigh. I moved to Nashville, TN a little over 4 months ago from the Chicago suburbs- it was a step of faith and God completely showed up. I was offered my dream job (social worker at a children’s hospital) 4 days before I moved and I live 5 blocks away from my best friend. I couldn’t have come even close to imagining this! I don’t want to be lulled into thinking my actions a few months back are enough sanctification “for now.” I want to keep building my dependence on God and keep stripping down who I am until I am more like Jesus. I heard about this Read Along awhile back from SortaCrunchy’s blog but after reading her response, as well as some others yesterday, I’m now convinced that I need to read it myself. It’s a little scary to think about what living radically might require of me but, as I learned in my move to Nashville, it’s an exciting adventure too!

  5. Cheryl Halver

    I’m Cheryl from Greensboro, NC. I am a music director in a church and have a small custom handbag business. I started reading Radical a few months ago but have to put it down occasionally, so much to think about. I am excited to be a part of this read-along to hear insights from others! I found you through a Tuesdays Unwrapped link on Chatting at the Sky (an acquaintance of mine). I’ll go read Chapter 1 again now!

  6. Cathy

    Hi, I’m Cathy and I’m from Conroe, Texas. I can’t write a one-sentence bio without it being a horrendously long run-on sentence so I will just say that I love Jesus and leave it at that. This book was one of the first books that I bought for my new Kindle, which arrived Saturday, so I’m a little late to the party. I got the idea to join the read-along from another blog I read. I can’t wait to see how God is going to change my life through this book. I know He’s got something in store for me and I’ve been waiting and praying and waiting and praying some more. Maybe, just maybe, He will use this book to show me what that something is!

  7. Elizabeth

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am from Lawton, OK. This is totally spur of the moment that I am deciding to read this book and be involved in this, but I believe I need to be reading it. I need radical change in my life. I’m hoping that this will challenge me where I have been very apathetic. I’m excited!!

    1. Cathy

      Hi Elizabeth! I was born in Lawton and still have some family there. So cool to see someone else on this journey from there. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Cindy Kaye

    I am looking forward to reading this book and joining all of you. Need this and it is what I am looking for. I just have to figure ot how to navigate these websites and blogs.

  9. Cory Zurcher aka bigwalnutfly

    Cory aka bigwalnutfly from western Indiana. I am looking forward to this read. God has lead my family and I on a great journey this year. I had a “stroke like event, my dad passed away and my greandfather is in hospice all in 4 months. God continues to bless I am nearly a 100%, have a great job to support my family and my wife and I are excited to see what God has in store next. Time to be Radical!

  10. Jodes

    I know I’m way late getting here, but i just heard about this a few minutes ago!

    I’m jody (jodes) from NW Indiana. I’ve been married for just over 4 years and my husband and i have decided to being our family via adoption. We’re in the process of adopting a little boy (possibly siblings!) from Ethiopia. It is by far, the BIGGEST Leap of FAITH we have ever taken.

    i heard about this book from a few other adoptive families and I want God to continue stretching me and to continue breaking my heart for what breaks His.

  11. Leica McGill

    Hi Marla!
    I am Leica McGill, from West Liberty, Ohio. I am joining you all reading Radical..I was intrigued by Marla’s post about the book. Also watched the Author’s video. Liking it so far!

  12. Dabney Fletcher

    1. Hi- Im Dabney Fletcher

    2. I live in San Antonio Texas

    3. I married my high school sweet heart and recently relocated to our home town so that he could continue to pursue his career in Internal Medicine. I work as a Development Manager for Teach For America and love being able to make a difference in children’s lives everyday!

    4. A really good friend of mine mentioned this book and all that she had heard about it. I am at a place in my life where I am looking for direction from God as to what HE wants me to do… and I think that means its going to be something radical!

    5. I hope to keep up with the weekly readings and I hope that I can continue to open my heart to hear what God is telling me about being radical for him!

    Sorry I am so late to the game! I am so excited about this!

  13. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}

    umm, i left a comment the day you posted it, and i think it got eaten. so, again!

    i am suzannah from pennsylvania–a former urban dwelling youth pastor turned country-living mama of two.

    radical has been sitting atop my fridge (yeah, i don’t know why either) since spring, and this buzz is just what i needed to start reading. i’m a reader but have a hard time following through with non-fiction.

    i’m looking forward to being challenged and changed. my only reservation is with the word radical. radical as root, yes. radical as extreme, no: obedience is obedience.

  14. mary cay

    1. mary cay
    2. dublin, ohio
    3. Hi, I’m mary cay living a pretty vanilla life in suburbia. In the midst of all that vanilla, I strive to see God.
    4. I’m almost afraid of what God will ask of me. I’ve made some pretty big changes these past few months. While I say I’m afraid, I know that God offers me nothing but goodness.
    5. I hope to keep up with everyone! (Oops, I’m not off to a good start . . . ) πŸ˜‰

  15. Lindsey Forshey

    Hi! I’m Lindsey from Montgomery, Alabama. Sorry I am late. I am just about behind on everything these days though! I have two children a seven year old and a three year old next month!! I am super excited about this read along! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me with you guys!

  16. Kathi

    Hi there! My internet has been down and will be down again real soon since we are moving this week, but I just wanted to stop in and say hello. My name is Kathi and I live in Central Oregon. My husband and I have five kiddos (three girls: Ages 10,8,1 and two boys: Ages 4 and 3) whom we homeschool.

    I am a former YWAMer and Urban Young Life-er who was ‘ruined for the ordinary’ (as they like to say in Youth With a Mission) until I married and had children. I now wrestle with what it means to live an extraordinary life in the ordinary moments that God has given me.

    I am excited about the read-along because I have a heart for discipleship and recognize that my closest disciples are the ones that I tuck in bed at night and chase out of the fridge during the day. My prayer is that God will give our family vision during this time and that when my days are over others will be able to say that I lived my life as if I believed Jesus was who he said He was.

  17. Amber

    Hey! I’m Amber, and you get to add another country to your list of readers, cuz I’m currently in Japan. Can’t wait for the read-along as I have been skimming what others have said about the book and I have a feeling it describes what I have been feeling for a while now, that I need to change, prioritize, and live for Christ in all areas of my life. We have recently adopted and I have a heart for orphans and want to be able to give more money/time/resources to this cause. Hoping this book convicts me to change!

  18. Ty

    Late should be my middle name…

    I’m Ty, if you’ve not guess that already! πŸ™‚ I’m from the (currently) very hot state of South Carolina. But, I suppose I should get used to that, since God is sending me to New Orleans, LA in January to begin studies at Bible College!

    I’ve been considering reading Radical for a while now after several groups and individuals at church began to rave about it. When I saw this read-along, I just HAD to jump in. This should be an amazing journey…

  19. Jordan Wiseman

    I’m Jordan from Lima, OH, and I own Creative Penguin Media (we do web design and such) and I’m also the Multimedia Intern at Lima Community Church. I’m excited/nervous at the game time for the read-along!

    P.S. – Sorry I’m late! πŸ™‚

  20. Erin

    My name is Erin and I live in Cypress, TX. I’m a SAHM to two littles I love to bits, love my husband even more and my God ever better. I was in a bible study this summer when I first heard of Radical. I was intrigued so I picked it up just today. Totally stumbled on your book club through Twitter tonight. I don’t believe in coinsidences so I thought why not sign-up?! Thanks for letting me crash your bloggy book club!

  21. O Mom

    I am so completely late, but here I am…
    Oline from Washington State. Ignored a bunch of amazing posts about this book for awhile, blamed it mostly on money issues and then Marla mentioned she had some free copies from some amazingly generous women, so I had no excuses left. Feeling like I’m going to read this and nothing in my life will change, and that scares me…….

  22. GinnyLou

    1. Ginny
    2. Ooltewah, TN (suburb of Chattanooga)
    3. I’m a newly minted homemaker (former pharmacist career gal) with a 3-year-old Little Man and 6-month-old Little Lady.
    4. Came across this book mentioned in several blogs and read the preview offered on Amazon. Then couldn’t stop reading it, even with the parts Amazon left out. Wound up going to bed after midnight and, of course, was up with baby throughout the same night. Figured I might as well finish what I started!!
    5. Like a couple of commenters before me, I’m concerned that Hubby and I may not be on the same page. And of course, the unknown that God may call me to is always a bit unnerving!

  23. Kristy

    I’m Kristy. I live in Houston, TX with my husband and 4 kids. My oldest just started kindergarten and my youngest is one month. 3 boys and a girl. We don’t know if we’re done. (Just throwing that out there as people seem to need to know!)

    I kept reading your posts about this book and I’m not doing a Bible study at church this semester (newborn) so I thought I would do this and I made my friend do it too. At least I think she’s doing it.

    I’m afraid that I’m going to read this book and want to change but my husband isn’t reading it and we won’t be on the same page. I already read the first chapter and it was all up in my business and therefore I had to make it up in his business too. You know what I mean? But, really, I’m excited. I want to grow and change and follow hard after Jesus.

  24. Kelli

    1. Kelli
    2. TEXAS
    3. I am a SAHM to two (one in womb) and I am so happy with my “job”! πŸ™‚
    4. I honestly just wanted to read a book in book club. Marla is someone I trust and since she recommended it, I was in. Then I started to see all the comments about people being nervous. And I got nervous (all without EVER reading the blurb about the book). So I decided to go with my first God gut pull and read it, without reading the blurbs. Then I am in it without preconceived fears! πŸ™‚

  25. Amanda

    I’m Amanda from Columbia SC. I’m a ministry assistant at my church and this book just keeps popping up everywhere-seems like the new “must read.”
    I was getting ready to read this book when I found your blog–seems like it was time to read & share!

  26. Elyse

    1. Elyse

    2. The Woodlands TX

    3. Mid 50’s, a brand new grandma for the 2nd time as of 12:23p today!

    4. Read about the read-along on Angie’s blog, hopped over to Marla’s blog, and then looked up the book. Fits in with what the church we have just started going to has as their vision.

    5. Want to be on the same page as my husband, not ahead, not behind, know that I need to wait upon the Lord..

  27. Ellen G

    Ok. Hello Everyone! So I’m trying to come out of my lurker shell….

    1. Ellen
    2. Way down south in Alabama. Birmingham to be exact.
    3. I’m a wife, a mom to a wonderful 3.5 year old girl, and a part-time accountant. I’m trying to figure out my life and my walk with God.
    4. I had read another book that pointed me in this general direction, teaching at church is currently pointing me in this direction. I saw your guest post on Missy’s blog, and thought this book was the perfect fit for what I’m trying to learn about God right now. Then the book went on sale at LifeWay and it was a done deal.
    5. I’m afraid. Afraid that this will be too hard, afraid that my life will never be the same, afraid that I won’t take it seriously and my life will be the same. Afraid that I’ll “miss it” somehow.

    Otherwise, I can’t wait!

  28. Devin Hanson

    Name: Devin Hanson aka:Devo

    Where am I? Well, I’m in this little tiny city called Phoenix, Arizona. Have you heard of it? Oh, right… 1.6million people and the 5th largest city in the US.

    Bio: I am an imperfect being and a professional photographer passionately trying to make a stand for the bible while living a lifestyle that contradicts the apathetic and enabling views that are far to common in the American church.

    Why God wants me to read this book: Because I live in America. A society that has manipulated truth in order to allow possessions, savings, retirement, food, media, and much more to become more important than devotion to God and Christ at all costs.

    Fears/Concerns: That many people (including myself) might read this book and think, “Wow, that’s so true I can’t stand when people do that.” and not realize that we are those people, we are the church, and we are the ones that need to change. I fear that many people will read this book, discuss it like crazy, talk about how “life changing” it is, and then once all the hype is gone, walk away and not change their lives.

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  30. Julie

    I’m Julie – from Newark, OH – I have 4 kids (10mos-9) and homeschool the oldest 3. I also work from home the last 5 years. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to read Radical, so preoccupied with orphans, or so pestered by my “stuff” – except that God is working some things out in me (and my family, sorry guys, ready or not, here it comes). I just know that all that I am is meant for His glory and I think I’m missing some of it. Eager to dig in and be transformed with you all. Praying for discipline and daily Holy Spirit help to get alone with God and then with this book.

  31. Amanda

    I’m Amanda and I live in Prescott, Arkansas-southwest corner of the state. Currently, I’m a stay at home wife and new mommy to an almost nine month old beautiful, baby girl-I LOVE my job!

    God has placed missions on my heart for quite some time. Still not exactly sure what His plans are, but quietly listening, studying and praying.

    I read wonderful reviews of this book on other blogs that I read and knew I had to get it for myself.

    I’m excited to share and read what others think. I’m not sure if there are many “radical” Christians in the church I attend. Sometimes, I feel so alone during a worship service.

  32. Becca

    Hi, my name is Becca and I am a wife and a home schooling mom of 4 kids ages 9 months-7 years and we are patiently (well not really too patiently) waiting to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. I also work very part time as a teacher of the deaf. This is my second time reading the book and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in so many lives. I read this book right after we made the decision to adopt (while we had a one month old) and God used it, along with many other things, to confirm that this was his plan for our lives.
    I am ready to dive back into it and live a radical life!

  33. Missy

    1. My name is Missy

    2. I live in Hartville, Ohio

    3. I have been married for 12 years to my hubby Ryan. I am a stay-at-home mommy to two wonderful boys (8 and 5). Marla and I have been friends since college (where we were both studying education) and, where we swore that God had allowed us to date room- mates so we could become the best of friends.

    I am very nervous to start this “journey”. I have a very hard time finishing things and struggle with focus. That being said….God has been doing a major work in my life over the last year…bringing me to a point of complete brokenness and then reaching out to show me that He is really all that should matter. I have been trying, bit by bit, to rid my life of all the “stuff” and keep my focus on Christ alone.
    I am praying for God’s complete direction in my life. I am also praying for His daily urgings to keep me focused on reading and focused on absorbing what I read.

    God bless you Marla for your constant inspiration:)

    1. Claudia Porpiglia

      Missy, I am praying that God will help you with focus as you walk this leg of your journey. I am asking Him to allow your heart and mind to be open to what He has specifically for you. You can and will do this and I know God will richly bless you as you do!

    2. Krysty

      Hey there Miss! I wondered if you were joining in! So happy we have a Marla-connection…excited to hear what God does in your heart too! Love ya!

  34. Krysten

    1. My name is Krysten Traylor.
    2. I live in Westport, Kentucky, just north of Louisville.
    3. I currently work at a daycare and I subsitute teach.
    3.I live with my husband of two years in a great apartment close to both of our families.
    I’m excited to read this book with other Christians.

  35. Kristie

    Kristie, also from Katy, TX…I live down the street from Jaime! πŸ™‚

    I am blessed to spend my days with my 21 month old adorable little boy, while my husband of 9 1/2 years provides for us.

    Marla’s pleads for readers for Radical lured me in. I’ve read the first chapter, almost entirely out loud to my husband, because I’m fearful that he will think I’m crazy if he’s not “radical” with me. I’m also fearful of how God is going to use this in our lives. We are so comfortable with how we live right now….

  36. Deana

    My name is Deana (pronounced like Dean-ah) (some of my friends (you know who you are) give me a hard time b/c I always mention that. But the truth is..I’m just tired of being called De-anna! That’s not my name πŸ™‚

    I live in NC. Married 15 yrs. Have a 13 yr old and 7 yr old b/g twins. I manage rental property and volunteer quite a bit.

    My pastor was reading this book called Radical and kept mentioning things from the book. We even had “quotes” posted on our markee at the church from the book. I didn’t decide to read it then though (yes I was curious, but hey…I’m busy, and I got enough books I NEED to read) Guess God didn’t like that answer so every time I turned around this book called Radical is in my face! I would glance over something and there is that word again RADICAL. Someone sent me an email that mentioned David Platt. Then I stumble upon this blog called (it’s almost naptime) and wouldn’t you know it…she has a friend that wants to do a read along with the book Radical!

    Sooooo…I finally got it Lord, and bought the book that day. Looking forward to this experience, but fearful of how God is going to work. Not b/c I doubt that wonderful and miraculous things are going to happen…..I just know that sometimes to get to a good spot, you gotta drudge down in the mud sometimes. (I’m thinking I may get a close and personal look at the mud within!)

    1. Leigh

      As someone whose name is often mispronounced and misspelled, I completely feel your pain!

      (It’s “Lee,” not “Leah” or “Lay.” And it’s definitely not, as one telemarketer once said, “Legit.”)

  37. Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

    I’m Dawn in western Canada, and I’m a homeschooling mommy to four awesome blessings – ages 8, 5, 3, and 8 months. I am an accountant by training and will be returning to part-time/mostly from home work in January.

    I saw this book mentioned on a blog that I read (can’t remember which one now, of course, lol) and it grabbed me. I’ve never been into ‘fluffy’ Christian living books, and this one sure sounds like it’s going to be as real as real gets!!

    Like others, I’m a little ‘afraid’ that I will have to make some changes as a result of reading this book that I won’t be totally comfortable with. πŸ˜‰

  38. gini

    I’m Gini and I live in Oxford, MS (we just recently moved here)

    I am a special education teacher– I teach kids with Autism and intellectual disabilities!

    My husband loved every part of the book and told me a lot about it. I cannot wait to read it… though I know it will be quite challenging! I am ready for God to move in my heart and convict me!

  39. Kelly Lee

    1. Kelly
    2. South Florida
    3. I am a radio DJ/baseball blogger/church communications director/Marla’s cousin
    4. I read the first few pages on Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature, and got hooked immediately. Some of the things he said, especially about how we approach church growth, or simply how we “do” church, are things I’ve been thinking about/struggling with recently as a church employee. I wanted to keep reading.
    5. Lots.

  40. Christy @ pureMotherhood

    1. Christy Yoder
    2. Indianapolis, IN
    3. I’m a SAHM to 2 adorable little boys (born Oct ’07 & Sep ’09) and wife to an amazing husband.
    4. I don’t know for sure that God wants me reading this book but I’m pretty sure He’s ok with it. LOL. I’ve often thought about the theme of this book and I’m glad someone’s actually written on the topic of authentic Christian living. I’m hoping God will use this book to encourage me to transform my life and be used fully for His purposes and His glory.
    5. A little afraid I might have to be Radical. Every time I start to write something that I’m afraid of I think, well, I guess I’m not really afraid of that b/c I KNOW that God is in control and He won’t ask anything of me that is impossible.

  41. Faith Cruz


    Slidell, LA

    Homeschooling mom – four kids – ages 1,4,6,10

    Excuses: too busy, not enough money

    So – someone offered me the book (I didn’t even have to request one). Several different people – in town, on email, in blogs have suggested that I read the book. It has crossed my path so often in the last few weeks, I’m sure God is putting it there.

    My biggest concern is that I won’t be willing/ready to change. I want to be willing.

  42. Genie Blazi

    Hey y’all! My name is Genie Blazi and I live in Whitesburg, GA…it’s a tiny little town, but I love it. I am a stay at home mom to my four incredible kids(9,7,4,2) and wife to my awesome husband who is a youth pastor. We have served at our church for over 10 years. I just knew I was supposed to read this book…I just finished teaching “Crazy Love” to our teenagers this past spring, and it rocked my world. My husband and I began to see things in a whole new light and wanted our Chrisitain lives to make a difference…we wanted to step out of the box. We heard about Radical…even gave it to our seniors as a graduation gift…and so I decided to start reading it too. I ran across the website through someone on twitter and was so excited to be able to join up with some other christians who want to live radical lives. My fears….right now I don’t have any, I am excited about what God is doing in my life…I am willing to sell it all if that’s what HE wants. I know that my God calls for complete obedience and that is what I want to do…just obey, so if that means going overseas…moving…writing…whatever it is, I pray that I will respond in the way that would honor HIM. SO excited to be a part of this!

  43. Shirley

    Hi. I am Shirley. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and now live in Vassar, Michigan. I’m a 39 year old working mother of 5 children – 4 teenagers and a 5 year old. I’ve been going through numerous struggles in my life and most recently several of which greatly tested my faith. I have been searching for peace and knowing that my faith in Christ was being challenged, I’ve decided I am re-dedicating my life to my Savior. This book was recommended to me by my sister-in-law’s friend. I ordered it, received it, started reading it and can’t put it down. Quite honestly, I am ashamed of myself! While I was “raised” a Christian, I am learning what it is to BE a Christian. I pray that the Holy Spirit will work through me to that end as we share the book.

  44. Paige

    Hi, I’m Paige, from Atlanta but currently living in Tanzania. We just received our copy of the book and my husband is reading it first….says it’s so good he’ll probably be done with it in 2 days!
    We’re praying about our future….that’s about all the detail I can give at this point

  45. Elisabeth

    1.Hi, my name is Elisabeth.
    2. I am born and raised in Columbus, Ohio (Go Bucks!).
    3. I’m a stay-at-home mom to 4 very-active kiddos, ages 3-13. I am passionate about being a great mom, and know I’m called to bring hope and encouragement to other moms and their children.
    4. I read Crazy Love a few months back, on a recommendation, and it’s been churning in me ever since. When I heard about the read-along, I was interested, but not necessarily committed. I was at Lifeway one day, and lo and behold, Radical was on sale, so I bought it. The thing is, from page 1, I was hooked… am hooked. I can’t stop thinking about every idea… I believe it is God’s living Word, and it is challenging EVERYTHING. I can’t wait to discuss.
    5. Being challenged in this way is exhilarating, yet also unnerving at the same. We all want to break free from the confines of life as we know it… but at what cost? Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. But I believe it is worth it. Super excited! I want to be changed permanently!

  46. Dorian

    1. I am Dorian
    2. Worthington, OH
    3. 46, md 17 yrs, stay-at-home mom of Shane(15), Aidan(13), Marji(7) & Moira(4). Trained in music and math. Former actuary and teacher. Honduran missionary. Love Jesus.
    4. I have done many very good fill-in-the-blank bible studies over the last 15 years, but have a sense God is calling me to study in a different way. Trying this. I really don’t read anything other than the Bible so this is different for me.
    5. My trepidition, if any, would be the reading as I struggle with a bit of dyslexia, but I am very excited.

    Thanks for including me!

  47. Laura

    1. Laura

    2. Western NY

    3. I am a 30 years old, married for 9 years, mom of Natalie (8) and Owen (7), newly working (after being a sahm until O went to school) paralegal.

    4. I wanted to read it. I didn’t want to read it. I ignored the blog. I kept reading the blog. Yes, no, yes, no. It showed up in my mailbox. (God said…READ IT!!!)

    5. As a never has been but always wanted to be strong Christian with a non-believing husband, this freaks me out! Goodbye comfort zone! My biggest fear is getting freaked out about God making things clear in my life and being tempted to quit rather than put one foot in front of the other.

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  49. Shay

    Hi, I am Shay. I am a 34yo single mom of 5 living in Lincoln, NE. I have also lived in Colorado and was originally from California.

    My friend Deana told our yahoo group about this book and I didn’t think twice. There is no exact point that I knew I needed to read it, I just knew!

    I am excited to see what God wants me to learn through this process. I feel so blessed to join with you all as we go through the book! Thanks!

  50. Jana

    I’m Jana from TX. I heard about this book on Thursday and bought it a few minutes later then read it yesterday. I am a mom to two small boys, a wife, and work outside the home. I feel like at the ripe old age of 34, I have lived the American Dream and am ready to not be so self absorbed anymore. To whom much is given, much is expected. It’s time to put that into practice.

  51. Liz

    Hi I’m Liz. I’m from Kettering, OH and I am married and have 2 boys (9 and almost 6) – and my 6 year old has a crush on Marla’s daughter Nina. They have met a couple of times and talk about each other constantly! πŸ™‚

    Marla and I know each other from Cedarville. We had Earth and Space Science together and instantly hit it off… because we both liked to goof around in class!

    I work in Children’s Ministry at our church in Beavercreek, OH. I am a cronic “put too many things in one day” person – all the more understood when you know that I’m writing on here at 11:45pm! πŸ™‚

    I am reading the book because Marla said that I would – and I fear that I won’t be able to finish the book… because that’s what I do! I’m not a huge book reader… but I’ll HOLD ON and enjoy the ride!

    I want to read this book — because I am a HUGE international travel person and love missions and can’t wait to see what this book will open up for me in my way of thinking.

  52. Kelly @ Love Well


    Twin Cities, Minnesota. It was rainy and 50 here today. Winter starts tomorrow. Come visit!

    My blog profile says: “Wife. Mother x 4. Writer. Thinker. Story-teller. Joyful. 60% Sanguine. 40% Melancholic. Evenly split between my Midwestern roots and my Californian spirit. Above all, I seek to laugh often, live purposefully and know God with my whole heart.” That covers the essentials.

    I’ve wanted to read “Radical” for months now, but something held me back. I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t so I could read it for the first time along with this group of believers. It fits my journey right now. More about that later, I’m sure.

    Fear? I like what Gabe said. It’s always a scary thing when God shows up. I tremble before what He’s going to do. And I fear that I won’t be a wise steward.

  53. Heather

    I’m Heather, a homeschooling mom to an eighth grade boy and my husband and I live/work with men with developmental disabilities and behavior disorders in Kansas. I had heard about the book and then last weekend at Family Camp the speaker mentioned the book and then a friend told me about this blog so I thought, “why not?”

  54. Sarah

    Hi all! I’m Sarah and I live in Hilliard, Ohio with my wonderful hubby of 8 years and our 3 awesome little guys(2,4,6)
    I am so excited to be reading this book and even more excited to see what God has in store for me and all of you!

  55. Rikki

    My name is Rikki and I live in Dublin, Ohio. I don’t know that one sentence would suffice for a bio; so I will tell you that I am a wife and I am a mom. I will also say that I am not the sum of those two things, although some days it feels like I could be. I don’t know that I put a lot of thought into whether or not God wanted me to read the book, I put more thought into whether I could make a time commitment (actually do what I say). I think I was looking to delve into something as a group, that was of or pertaining to God. I think God would be pro-that, but that’s my opinion.
    I didn’t have any concerns or fears, until I started chapter one…but I guess we can leave that for later.

  56. LaRonda

    I’m LaRonda, I live in Ohio and have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.

    I am excited, but also scared about reading this book. God has been teaching me so much in the past 2 years and I believe He wants to teach me more through this book.

  57. Susan DiMickele

    Hi all, my name is Susan DiMickele and I live in Columbus, Ohio (Upper Arlington). And I don’t know any of these Columbus folks in this book club (yet)!

    I’m a wife, mother of 3 kids (9, 7, & 4), full-time lawyer, and recent first-time author.

    I saw Marla’s posts on Twitter about the book club and I decided to jump in. I tent to jump into things before I know what they are about! But I think God wanted me in on this one.

    Here’s why. I’ve been feeling incredibly selfish these last few years, and I have this awful feeling in my stomach that my children are going to grow up to be self-absorbed consumptions addicts if we all don’t change our course.

    Blessings to all of you! Just love your comments.

  58. Karen

    1. Karen

    2. Sacramento, CA

    3. Wife, mom, church leader, avid reader and tea drinker and wannabe blogger

    4. My husband read it a couple months ago and raved about it. It’s been on my “to read” list and after seeing Marla’s posts on Twitter, I figured this was a good time to read it. I like the idea of going through the book with a group.

    5. We’ve gone through a rather traumatic year as a family and I’ve been feeling that God is up to something and wants to stretch me. My fear is that I will hear Him clearly and won’t obey Him.

  59. Krysty

    Hello! I’m Krysty and my husband and I are transplants to Ohio from Iowa. Lived here a long time, Been married 11 years, have 3 boys and love raising them. I stay at home and love it.
    I knew I was supposed to read along b/c God has been doing some shaking-up or shaking-out of things in our lives recently. We grew up in Christian circles and like several of the ladies who posted at the beginning, we followed a great check list. It’s easy to get too content and comfy. I feel God is calling us to look at what genuine faith is and how He wants to use us in part of His story at this time in our lives. His scope is so much bigger than ours and I just want to start looking through His.
    My biggest fear…like many others is that I won’t truly soak in all that He has for me to see in this. We need to pray that any doubts/discouragement/lack of motivation to read will be squelched by the power of the Holy Spirit during this time. I know God has great things for us!

  60. Hannah

    1.) Hannah Andrews
    2.) Houston, TX
    3.) homeschooling mom of four. 2nd grader, kindergardener, toddler and infant. Been married to their wonderful daddy for 9 years.
    4.) I love to read! I don’t think I’ve read a book that I haven’t liked. So in my search for my next read I saw Radical. A few days after learning about Radical my husband recieved the book for his birthday. Then the next week I find out that this is the next book that we are studing in a small group that we are in. I think the timing is perfect. I just finnished reading Crazy Love (Francis Chan) And I’m just seeking anything that is about really fallowing Christ.
    5.) I’m super pummped! I can’t wait to see how God is going to effect my life, my husbands life, my family and the families in our small group. I’m ready to say yes to whatever He asks of me. The devil does remind me of things that I should be afraid of whenever I say or think that though. I pray that his voice would be silenced by the holy spirit.

  61. Becca

    I am Becca from Bluffton, OH. I am a SAHM to four (13, 7, 6 and 6). I also help people become fit & healthy and build their own fitness business. Happily married to my awesome husband.

    I knew God wanted me to read this book when Marla mentioned something about reading it even if you are fearful as to what God will tell you to do. That is my issue. I don’t want God to tell me to go to some third world country and spread the Gospel. I like running water and Purell. I’ll sign up for a beach ministry, though!

    My fears? See above.

  62. Denise

    Woosh! Lots of comments how exciting!
    I am Denise, Aka Sorka, or in some circles the eHermitess online.
    I am a recently former stay at home homeschooling mom. I plan to be a full time working homeschooling mom after my job training is over and I am on the evening shift! Double Woosh!
    I have developed a great respect for Marla while reading her blog and feel that I want to get that spark and real deep joy and commitment after a very tough year at our church that is continuing. I felt led that this book would be part of that.
    My fear.. hopes..? I am open to all possibilities.

  63. Amanda Pride

    1. Amanda Pride
    2. Columbus,OH
    3. Wife/mom to Jillian, Jada, and our 8 week old son Jace. Middle School Bible teacher.
    4. Hung out at the pool with Marla most of the summer. πŸ™‚ She mentioned this book she was reading and it led to several great discussions.

    I am wanting to rely on the Holy Spirit more and more. Obviously, for this to happen I need to “die” to myself….not something I’m good at but looking forward to God doing it in me!

  64. Stephanie A.

    Hi, I am Stephanie and I live in Westport, KY. I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful guy and have two teenage boys who are 13 and 14. I am a part-time audiologist who has gone back to school to be a teacher. I am excited to participate in the read along with with my two sisters and two of my nieces. My fear is that I will read it and not apply it to my life, or that I will be led by God to “radically” change and my husband won’t have the same feelings.

  65. Claire Byrd

    1. Hi, I’m Claire!

    2. Denver, CO

    3. Stay at home mom/wife/babysitter/full time student/youth volunteer/happy girl πŸ™‚

    4. I’ve had this book on my “TO READ” list for a while – seems as good a time as any!

    5. Excited! Our lives have been turned upside down by recently moving to downtown Denver to serve at an inner-city church with teenagers. Sometimes I feel myself clinging to my comfort zone instead of fully letting go and embracing this path God’s led us on. It’s time.

  66. Alicia Parente

    Hi, I’m Alicia Parente.
    I live in Dublin Ohio and go to church with Marla.
    I am reading Radical because the read-along sounded like a great idea and my friend Lisa asked me to : )
    I know nothing about the book and am exited to get started!

  67. Lisa

    Hi, I am Lisa, I live in Dublin with my husband. We have two children (19,16). I saw Marla’s post on facebook about the Radical Read along and just finished Crazy Love and feel like God is up to something. I pray that my heart is open to hear him. I pray that my husband will have the desire to read along in God’s timing.

  68. Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted

    I’m Shelli and I live in a little town in southeast Michigan. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Eric, for 17 years and have a son (13) and daughter (10).

    My husband and I read Radical in May and we began the Radical Experiment June 1. Our lives have already been turned inside out. One thing we haven’t been able to do is join a multiplying community (this will make sense when you get to the end of the book), and I’ve really missed that. I was thrilled to learn that Marla was hosting this group so that I’d have the opportunity to read the book again with others. I expect to grow even more during the next ten weeks!

  69. Jaclyn K

    1. Hi! I’m Jaclyn
    2. I live in Warren, Ohio.
    3. I am an eleventh grade English teacher in an urban district, and the mom to Ava and Halle whom I adore. I’m married to the best football coach ever and I feel so blessed to be in this journey with him and Jesus
    4. I decided to read this book when I read Marla’s blog and sent a group text to all my friends because I was so excited. I just feel God is awesome and I can’t wait to pursue him together.
    5. I must admit after chapter one I was a little uncomfortable but if I never try to think out of the box I’ll just stay the same. And to quote my dear friend Meg”boxes are meant to be blown apart.”
    P.S. Melanie we sure are friends:)

  70. Mallory

    1. Hi! I’m Mallory.

    2. I call Westport, KY my home (Rhonda’s daughter), but I spend most of my time at college during the school year.

    3. I’m a college senior majoring in education but ultimately feel called to be a missionary in Australia. I don’t know when I’ll get to go or what exactly I’ll be doing, but I’m confident that this is what God wants for my life and I’m so excited!

    4. I typically read Marla’s blog daily, and thought the Read-Along sounded like it would be good for me, but I had just spent a lot of money on textbooks and knew this semester was going to be crazy so I was hesitant. Then through an unrelated email response, Marla told me about the scholarship books (thanks again, M!) and I knew I was supposed to join. Through joining, God has also made it possible for me to lead a small group on campus this year! I know I am too comfortable living the life that I’m living now, and I want to be uncomfortable and more Christ-like in everything I do. And I’m sure this is going to be an amazing part of my preparation for life on the mission field.

    5. This is what I want, but it’s scary at the same time. I pray that I’ll have the courage to live out what I learn from the book and from all of you!!

    Thanks Marla!!!

  71. Jackie

    Hi, I’m Jackie (not Chan) Fairleigh, Chicago, IL. A crazy, yet clearly divine appointment connected me with Marla back in March. I know God introduced us for His purpose which is still unfolding.

    Originally I planned to read along but not post (perhaps intimidated) however I have been getting a 2X4 to my heart to embrace the journey, to step out and to join in.

    Just returned moments ago from a funeral in Columbus and I don’t know where my friend will spend eternity. I never want to wonder again if I could/should have been bolder in sharing Jesus.

    Marla, thanks for challenging us to be the men/women God wants us to be even if it is really uncomfortable right now.

  72. Joanne

    1. Joanne

    2. St. Petersburg, Florida

    3. I am mom to two college kids, ages 22 and 19 and a high school senior who will be 18 next week. I am single and work from my home as a private investigator.

    4. My son came home from working at a Christian camp all summer and told me what a great book “Radical” was. I think it’s the first time he ever recommended a book to me as he’s not a reader. I couldn’t wait to start it and let me tell you – it rocked my little world. I am open to whatever God wants me to do to get “radical” for him – at least I think I’m open to it. I do feel Him moving me into somthing new and I’m excited to see what happens…

  73. Jen B

    I have some of my replies to commenters at the end. No pressure, Gabe, but I think we both know something needs to be done. But no pressure.

    1. Jennifer

    2. Columbusish, OH

    3. Work full time. Part time MBA student. Would like to travel, so I am taking all of your posts as invitations to come visit. I will see you soon. Please change the sheets.

    4. Honestly? I want to do everything that Marla wants me to do. I KNOW that’s wrong!! Sheesh. Thought we were being honest. But I am hoping God will use it for His glorification. I really really really do hope that.

    5. That I won’t hear anything. I won’t be called to do anything — b/c I can’t figure out how to hear Him.

    To the replies:
    Courtney: Did you coin the word “discontentaholic”? Because I think I’ll be paying you royalties on that for the rest of my life. Because ME TOO.

    Joyce: The coolest part about you living in the UK for 6 years? You can legitimately say “at university” without an article.

    Marilyn: I’m 25 going on crazy cat lady!! Maybe we can board them at each others houses when we go on kid-scaring missions under the cloak of darkness.

    Nicole Taulman: how freaking brave are you for reading a book you know is going to tick you off and yet you’re still praying for God’s will??

    Missy June: You’re just so crazy lovely πŸ™‚

    Becca: I imagine that everyone in Atlanta goes to the Coca-Cola museum once a year. Please don’t let me down.

    RebeccaF.: ENCOURAGEMENT!! (That’s what I would like to give to you. I know that usually it comes in more useful ways, but take it for what it’s worth. πŸ™‚ )

    Arminda: I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but with a name like that how could you turn out to be anything BUT a “…part-time photographer, vegetarian, Jesus lovin’ hippie”? It’s a GREAT name!!

    MLE: If you don’t sound crazy, I’ll know it’s not actually you typing.

    Melissa Irwin: You’re great. What woman starts out an introduction with her age?! Awesome ones. That’s who.

    If you made it through all of that, you’re a better person than I. Promise the rest of my comments will be like 2 words to make up for this one.

  74. Melanie

    1. Melanie Shipman

    2. Greene, OH

    3. I am married to the premier walleye fisherman of Ohio, mommy to 3 kids and I am also a teacher.

    4. A friend (I can call you that now, right Jackie?) asked me to join along in the read along.

    5. My biggest fear is my husband not being on the same page as me and also what if God asks me to do something hard and I’ll be all talk, but not actually walk it out.


  75. Carrie

    1. Carrie
    2. Laveen, AZ
    3. I am a teacher, although currently out of the classroom working as a teacher coach, testing coordinator, and intervention coordinator.
    4. I ran across your blog and this book study via BooMama’s blog. I just finished reading Crazy Love and have been wanting to read this book. I am excited for the opportunity to be apart of this read along.
    5. I am going through a rough spot in my life, but also experiencing God growing and changing me. I want to take my faith to the next level, especially after reading Crazy Love and feeling so convicted. I am looking forward to how God will speak to me through this book.

  76. Rebecca

    1. Rebecca Tyndall

    2. Vancleave, MS

    3. Currently unemployed stay-at-home mom–which I’m loving right now! πŸ™‚

    4. Because I think He wants me out of my safety zone.

    5. That I won’t do the radical and I’ll settle for the comfortable and ordinary safe zone. πŸ™

    Prayers and blessings,

  77. alittlebitograce

    !. Hey, I”m Grace from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
    2. I have three spirited children ages 7, 5 and 2.5. They keep life from being boring. My husband and I are passionate about building community and sharing Christ and he works for a missions organization.
    3. I decided to join after reading Maria’s guest post on it’s almost naptime. I’ve had a rough year and our family is in the midst of making difficult decisions. The readalong jumped out at me as something I needed to do. I finished the book today and it’s already started making a real impact in my life. For starters, I’m reading my Bible much more.
    5. I’m excited about change, I’m excited to dig into this book, but I’m scared about false condemnation. I’m worried that I’ll feel pressured into doing things that aren’t where God has our family, that I’ll feel the need to give something up even though our family has already made huge sacrifices. I’m not sure if that makes sense..so I’m praying through my fears and asking God to lead and make sense of it all.

  78. Kathleen

    I’m Kathleen from Grapevine, TX. I am married to a great guy and have three wonderful grown children (How could they possibly be in their 30’s so quickly??) and four delightful grandchildren. I learned about the book from a post from my daughter on FB. It will be wonderful to talk with her about what the Lord is showing us as we read the book. My concern is that the Lord will want me to change, but I will fall back into an old comfortable rut of predictable living.

  79. Kathleen-NM

    1. Kathleen Cantwell

    2. Albuquerque, NM

    3. I am 46 year old, wife to Kevin, mother to Jon 16 and Mitch 13. I am a former mid/high school teacher by training and and now own/operate a small landscape business with my husband. I have been in ministry I was 18 years old with youth, women’s ministry and now young marrieds. I love to read, think deep, and play hard and I love Marla’s blog which is how I found Radical.

    4. I am so excited about this book and pray that God will open my eyes to what is mine to do with His prompting. We live in a community that is nothing but the American Dream and its very difficult. I long to be light and salt and I want to walk as Jesus walked right where he planted us.

    5. I fear swimming up stream and going this alone in a culture even Christian that has so bought into it. It’s the greatest challenge I face every day in one way or another.

    I am so excited you put the challenge out there, Marla. You are of like heart and I am grateful!

  80. Emma

    I’m Emma from Sydney, Australia. I started listening to the Radical sermon series a few months ago, but I greatly need the group read-along to get me through the book and stay accountable in responding the issues it brings up. Thanks for doing this!

  81. Kandi

    I’m Kandi from Little Rock, AR. I ran across this read-along and information about the book on Boomama’s blog. Ready to die to self. Scared to death to do it. Looking forward to reading the book along with others and reading different perspectives and stories.

  82. Erin

    1. Hola, I’m Erin.
    2. I live in Howland, Ohio.
    3. I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary to my husband Randy. We have a son, Wesley and a little yorkie named Zoie. I’m a Spanish teacher.
    4. I decided to read this book with the group because a friend asked me too. The cool thing is that my sister just read the book and came to visit and was going to bring me a copy because she thought I would want to read it! I think God really wants me to read this.
    5. Change is always a little scary, but I know God wants us to get out of our comfort zones, so here it goes.

  83. Anna

    Hi, I am Anna, a displaced Texan in New England. I’m a stay at home mom to my 17-month-old. I am excited to read this book, but honestly I am worried I am going to fall behind, because much of my day consists of chasing around a baby and it’s hard to find time to read anything! Ha! But I know this book is going to be great and I’m excited to be reading it with y’all.

  84. Catalina

    My name is Catalina. I live in Houston, TX I am a wife, a mom to a 2year old (as of this Saturday) and full time attorney at a big company.
    I heard about Radical from Marla’s guest post on it’s Almost Naptime. God has been working on my heart for five years leading me first to leave my comfortable big church. My fear that God is going to call for more this time. I fear that my husband and I won’t be on the same page about where God is leading to. I want change and fear it won’t happen.


  85. Kamrie

    Hi my name is Kamrie Reed. I am from boring old St. Peters mo that is about 30mins from St. Louis. I am a high schooler who is obsessed with trying to help girls who have or have been in the sex trafficking circuit.
    As for radical. Well, basically, I have always considered myself to be a radical and if I want to take God seriously then I have to learn how to radically love others.

    I have to admit I am a little scared about one thing in particular. I really want God to speak to me but I am also scared by this because what if he calls me to do something outside sex trafficking. I don’t think I would know what to do from there.

  86. Kelly, Zoo Girl

    My name is Kelly and I live in Indianapolis. I teach first grade at a Christian school.

    My small group read The Hole in the Gospel a few months ago and now we’re doing The Truth Project. The book Radical came up in our discussions and I’ve been wanting to read it ever since.

    I am afraid that I’ll have excuse after excuse as to why I can’t live radically and follow the Bible the way it was intended. I pray I’ll take my controlling self out of it, and allow God to work!

  87. Lori @ The Davidson Den

    1. Lori Davidson

    2. Little Rock, Arkansas

    3. Homeschooling mommy to FOUR kiddos, age 8 and under.

    4. Three days ago I was at Family Camp, sitting in our room while two of my children napped. I decided to use this time to catch up on some of my blog reading. I chose Missy’s blog because I was like 20 posts behind. I landed on your guest post. I cried. And then I hopped over here, deciding I would definitely have to read this book. The next day (still at Family Camp), our speaker mentioned the book. Talk about clear direction from the Lord! I told my husband about it. On the way home last night, we stopped by Lifeway and bought a copy. So I’m all set!! My hubby’s reading it, too!! I hope that God will use it to do mighty things in us!!!!!

    5. I’m a little afraid of how painful this process might be. You know how ugly sanctification can get! But I definitely want to see the end results. And glorify God in that!!

  88. Erika

    1. Hi, my name is Erika!

    2. I live in the Chicagoland area.

    3. I’m a former teacher now stay-at-home, work-at-home Mom to two amazing gifts (Isabella-28 mos. and Jack 6.5 mos.)

    4. The past two years, God has taken me on an incredible journey of surrender and faith … particularly in the area of finances. I am praying that through reading this book, God will continue to teach me and grow me, truly making me more like Jesus. I’m also praying that as God grows me in this area, I’ll better compliment my husband (who would give you the shirt off of his back and all of his possessions if you were need) and not hold him back in the things God leads him to do.

    5. the little: I’m afraid that “life” and busyness will overwhelm me, and I won’t keep up with the reading.

    the in-between: I’m not a “jump on the bandwagon” type of gal. I’m afraid that I might resist what God is doing out of fear of all of the hype with this book. I don’t want to follow a book, I want to follow THE Book.

    the big: I’m afraid that I won’t have the courage to do what God calls me to do, and secretly, I’m most afraid He might call me to do something I don’t necessarily feel called to do — and by “do something,” I actually mean leave all of my family, memories, and passions to move back down to the jungle.

    But in spite of those fears, I SO WANT to be more like Christ in every area of my life. Though I am afraid, the ONLY place I truly want to be is smack-dab in the center of His will for our family.

  89. Sharon

    Hi everyone, wow, there are a lot of people on here already! My name is Sharon Kozar.
    I live, work, go to school and play in Dublin Ohio.
    I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that keeps growing as long as I am willing and obedient because He is always there whether or not I choose to listen.
    I knew that this book had to be something good if it fired Marla up as much as it has… we have talked and seem to have had similar experiences on our Cambodia trips this past summer. What an awesome God we serve. I came home knowing that I do NOT want to live the typical American life. It’s a crock. There is so much more out there and I am willing to go out and find it. I want to be in the center of God’s will for my life no matter where it takes me.
    I knew that God wanted me to read this book because (even though I was supposed to be doing my homework) I found myself looking at it on Amazon.com when Marla suggested it and sat there and read almost the whole first chapter. It spoke loudly to me I am very intrigued to say the least. I can’t wait to hear the discussions about it!
    The only fear that I might have is that I do not pay close enough attention to hear God’s still small voice… please pray that I am painfully aware and that I am obedient to His calling no matter what it is. (A small concern is that I am still in class and that has to take precedence over my posting stuff, but I will take time to read – ha)

  90. Cheryl Schroeder

    Hi, my name is Cheryl and I’m from DeGraff, Ohio (10 min from Bellefontaine). Today is my 44th birthday.

    I have had some immense changes in my life in the past 18 months and while God has told me plainly that the healing time is over and He has a work for me to do, I have no clue what that “work” is. He also made it very plain that I was to join this read-along.

    I am a rule-follower, so I haven’t cracked the spine on my book yet (I’m starting it tonight, the official start date). I am a bit afraid of what God will ask of me, but plowing ahead none-the-less.

  91. Nancy

    I’m Nancy from Michigan. My husband & I be celebrating 28 years of marriage this week and have two grown children….one back “in the nest” for a while. I LOVE reading blogs (my husband would call it an addiction) and I’m hoping this will be a good way for me to work through this book. I first heard about it at BooMama’s blog and it’s been popping up everywhere since then. I’m excited about what I’m going to learn from the book (and all of you) and I’m also a little nervous about what God might have in store for me!

  92. Melissa Irwin

    HI. Melissa Irwin. Will be 40 soon. Nashville, TN. Mom to 3 boys ages 3, 5 and 21. Nope, that’s not a typo. Celebrating 9 years with my hubs later this month.

    I am excited about reading Radical because my life is slowing moving in a radical direction and I’m just fired up about it. I’ve been serving a precious home of teenaged orphans in Zimbabwe for the past 2 years….and hopefully starting a non-profit to benefit them soon. They have rocked my world. I’ve seen this book compared somewhat to “Crazy Love” by Franics Chan and I loved that book, so thought I’d just join in. Very excited.

  93. Emily

    β€œHi, I’m Emily from Columbus, OH and I like to take pictures and Marla twisted my arm to get me to read this book.”

    Just Kidding! But seriously, all of those things are true. Here is a little more about me though:

    1. My name is Emily, I also go by mle. (Get it?)

    2. I live in Columbus, Ohio. You already knew that from above though. πŸ™‚

    3. Photography is my main passion in life but I also love reading, crocheting cute little useless things and being there for people when they need me.

    4. Marla made me read it, that’s how I know God wants me reading it. No, but seriously, God used Marla to get to me. I am hoping to get a new perspective on this topic because it is one that I am passionate about and could use a little direction on. I am also hoping reading it with others will help me to get a well rounded view of how people live this out in their own lives and how I can better live it out in mine.

    5. My fear is that I will have a different opinion than everyone else entirely and will sound crazy. My other fear is that people are too self conscious or timid to let themselves sound crazy. πŸ™‚

  94. Ellen R.

    H, I’m Ellen from the corn fields of Ohio and am a technical writer for an environmental engineering firm. God started tugging on my heart as soon as I read Marla’s first post about the read-along. I travel a lot for work and so will be reading along with ya’ll from various airports and hotel rooms.

  95. Joel McLaughlin

    My name is Joel McLaughlin and I am from Columbus, OH.

    I am a Christian and I go to church at Grace Minsitries in the southend of Columbus. I am also a system administrator for CSCC and an avid tech guy. I listen to tech podcasts as well as Christian podcasts and also do a podcast called the Life in Ohio Podcast. I am married to my beautiful wife Misty and have one child whose name is Luke.

    I have felt God trying to steer me into doing something with Gabe for a while now. I’ve gotten invite after invite to go to the Digital Disciple gatherings but because I live in southern Franklin County and I only have one car, I have never been able to go. I feel God is telling me I need to step out of my comfort zone and try and do something even better than I have been doing for God. I hope I can find out how I can show others what Christ’s Love is really about.

    My fears?? That God would have me do something that made me feel really uncomfortable. Like leaving my current Church and my friends there or maybe going on mission trips.

  96. arminda

    Hi everyone! πŸ™‚

    1. My name is Arminda.
    2. I live in Central Ohio.
    3. I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to two boys, part-time photographer, vegetarian, Jesus lovin’ hippie. πŸ™‚
    4. I read Crazy Love and when I was done, I started reading it again right away. My husband and I are currently doing Chan’s Forgotten God study. When Marla mentioned she was reading Crazy Love, Forgotten God and Radical all at the same time and how everything was clicking, I decided OK, I’m on board!
    5. Fears or concerns or emotions? I’m afraid of resisting the changes that need to happen in my life.

  97. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    Lots of people on here…so cool!

    My name is Meghan (aka “Spicy Meg”) πŸ™‚ from Round Rock, TX (Austin). I’ve been a wife to Matt for nearly 8 years and am now a stay at home Momma to a 19 month old little boy named Brennan and our 9 year old little girl, a black lab named Molly.

    I have a heart for missions, but it’s easy to get back into “normal” life and feel comfortable, too comfortable. I thought being on this journey together reading “Radical” would be a good challenge and would be an instrument to keep my eyes on Jesus and to have more of His heart.

    Fear is one of the biggest things I struggle with…fear of what it will cost to follow Jesus. Honestly, I’m simply afraid of what the Lord will ask as I read this book. And after reading the first two books in the Mark of the Lion series recently by Francine Rivers, it has showed me all the more blatantly of my fear and how it holds me back from serving and loving Jesus with all my heart. So even though I’m reluctant, I’m praying for an open heart, open hands and ears, and a yielded spirit to His Spirit.

    Excited and nervous at the same time! πŸ™‚

  98. Andrea

    Hi my name is Andrea i am a stay at home mom of 2 boys…ages 2 1/2 in Dec and 1 in Oct. I have been married for 3 yrs. I brought my husband to Christ. We live outside of Urbana, OH getting ready to move back home in a cpl months.

    I am not a Blogger but however i LOVE to read and need every excuse i can find to get some reading time in. I went to school with Marla and I tend to follow her blogs/facebook page and read what she’s up to every now and then and when i read her post all about Radical i was nosy…curious and excited.

    Like Bethany said i tend to want to change and do so for a short while and than tend to move back into the Norm. Once we move i would like to live differently and walk and talk a different path…more so along the lines of the way God has planned for me/us…I want to Live Radically. I would like my husband to read the book after i am done.

    I am afraid that with today’s society and lime light that i will just read the book and stash it in a box and live as i have been living. I am praying God gives me the will power to change things. Thank u so much for the book.

  99. Roger Sharp

    Roger Sharp

    Houston, TX

    I am an Associate Pastor of Worship and serve as the CFO/Marketing Director for Confident Christianity Apologetics ministry (Mary Jo Sharp, Director).

    The book has been sitting on my desk for a month now.

    Let’s get to it πŸ™‚

  100. Kim Webb

    Kim Webb
    Centerburg, OH
    I am a wife to Brian, stay at home (sometimes) mom, work for Great Commission Churches and for Vista Community Church.
    I love the Taviano family and have had the pleasure of sharing life with them for a few years now. Plus our girls love each other.
    I am not a reader (Marla can tell you that). The only think I commit to reading is the Bible and books on parenting. So this is stretch for me. I know God wants me to be stretched in so many ways and I am looking forward to seeing how this book does that. And how this online thingy works.
    And a big shout out to Marla for putting this together — only Marla could come up with this idea. Love you girl!

  101. Rod Robison

    Rod Robison

    Tucson, AZ

    I work for Family Life Radio/Intentional Living. Uncle to Marla. Illusionist. One wonderful wife. Five wonderful kids.

    I write and voice a short feature on the FLR network called Radical Stewardship and post articles on being radical with your stewardship choices on the Family Life Radio Facebook page. So this book struck a chord with me.

    No enough time to read all the comments.

  102. Amy

    1) Amy
    2) DFW area
    3) I’m a stay-at-home-mom of 3 (1, 3, and 5), and I also work at home as a web designer/developer. Been married for 7 1/2 years to a super duper guy who is a graphic designer.
    4) I kept seeing Marla’s “Radical” posts day after day and kept ignoring them to the point that God had to wake me up early one morning (not an easy thing to do when hubby and I work into the wee hours of the morning).
    5) I want to be ready for God to rock my world more than he already has. Worried that I will be hesitant.

    1. Susan J.

      Thinking about getting together with some of the DFW Radical girls! Let me know if you’re interested. You can look my up on facebook if you want to…Susan Plummer Jensen

  103. RebeccaF.

    My name is Rebecca. I live in Palm Coast, Florida, married to a great man and a mom of 5. We are in a very stressful situation right now and I believe God has a plan for it. I am hopeful that by reading this book, I can concentrate on how He wants to refine and prune us rather than let my fears control me.
    I am looking forward to the study and will be putting on the whole armor of God for this because I’m sure the enemy will be wanting to attack.

  104. Melissa Tally

    I am a wife of nine years, stay at home mom with 3 boys ages 1, 3 and 5. We are in Denison Texas. Last year we learned that our oldest son has a form of autism. A friend of mine put a link to the read along on FB and when I read it I was hooked. My husband and I want to live differently than what most people do and what our kids to know that our faith is the reason we are doing things different from most. We are blessed beyond measure and look forward to this adventure.

  105. Rhonda

    Hi. I’m Rhonda, from a suburb North of Houston. I’m married, with 2 babies in Heaven, an 18 month old here, and one on the way.1

    I have been heartbroken (not in a bad way I think) over the orphan situation in the world. Particularly special needs children who are left bed-ridden to die in other countries. I went to the bookstore, and I believe God lead me to this book. I devoured it in a day and a half (this past weekend) and then today, found this blog through Marla’s twitter.
    I am excited to re-read Radical and experience it with others. I fear I will be passionate about this book, and then not change. I fear I won’t be able to get my husband on board. I pray that I won’t get in the way of what God has planned and what He wants.

  106. Laurie

    Hey everyone-

    My name is Laurie and I live in Dickson, TN (that’s outside of Nashville). I am a Mom to four girls (2 in college, 2 still at home) and my husband and I have been married for 22 yrs. We lead a medical brigade to Honduras each summer and we read this book before this year’s trip. It was awesome and I look forward to going through it again and seeing everyone’s insights.

  107. Teresa Henry

    Teresa Henry…Stanwood, WA (north of Seattle)…single mom of 3 amazing kids…getting masters in counseling…knew I was suppose to read this book—Just knew…fears–that I will not do all God is asking me to do out of fear.
    Can’t wait to keep reading and studying God’s Word with God’s family.

  108. Cheryl

    Hi! I’m Cheryl.
    I live in Millen, Ga. which is south of Augusta.
    I am married to a pastor and we have 4 children
    I heard David Platt preach a couple of years ago at the SBC. Recently, I began hearing about a book he wrote. My husband bought it and read it a few weeks ago. When he finished, he told me he wanted to read it. I assured him that I was going to but wanted to wait until this started!
    I don’t really have any concerns about reading the book.

    btw, so excited to see others from places like Italy and India, how cool is that!

  109. Elizabeth

    For some reason, I wrote an entire post instead of just putting my info on here. I’m blaming pregnancy brain.

    1. My name is Elizabeth.
    2. We live in Oklahoma, not far from Tulsa
    3.I’m a stay at home mom to three kiddos (11, 7, and 2) plus on sweet baby on the way in just a few weeks
    4. I’ve wanted to read Crazy Love and then Radical sort of fell in my lap. Marla sparked my interest, but I think the fire started a long time ago. We have been in OK for four years and have still not settled here, mainly because although there are lots of churches here, there are not many growing Christians. It’s religious, but there is no focus on discipleship or real growth. I know things shouldn’t be this way. I know Christians should not be content with a typical American life. I want to learn how things can be different and teach my kids those things while they’re still young. I want to grow! I’ve been apathetic and stagnant for too long!
    5. I’m fearful that having a new baby will completely overwhelm me and sidetrack me from giving the book my all. That will probably happen. But I am praying that God will help me still learn and grow and participate fully as much as I am physically (and mentally) able!

  110. Kristi

    Hello everyone.

    1. My name is Kristi.
    2. I live in Holly Springs, GA.
    3. I am currently an unemployed, stay at home wife and mom. I will be married to my husband for 12 years on the 12th of this month. We have one daughter but hoping for more children. Our daughter is 11 years old, has special needs, and is bright, beautiful, funny.
    4. I found this read-along through Angie at Bring the Rain. I am reading this book because God is taking me through a season of “destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God”. He is stripping chaff from my life and ratifying my thinking. More of Him, less of me.
    5. I think I have been through enough struggles by this point that I no longer fear the challenges that may come from this book.

  111. Suzy Louk

    Hi, my name is Suzy and I live in Lakewood Ranch Florida. I am a stay at home mom and feeling a little lost these days. My baby went off to kindergarten this year and so I am waiting for the Lord to show me what is next in this new chapter of my life.
    I am expecting the Lord to change me through this book, but to what extent I have no idea. If I am being completely honest I am a little scared of to what extent God will change me through this book. But I am excited and willing to go there for Him.

  112. Jenna

    Hi, I’m Jenna. I live in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m a pastor’s wife (to THE Dan Scott), mom of 2 boys + 2 girls ages 3-7 who loves to cook and cannot keep up with my house. I enjoy reading and am always trying to pepper my reading list with “whatever things are pure” types of reading materials. I only hope I don’t let myself down and quit participating partway through. I always read books cover to cover, but am going to try to do the chapter/week as assigned and join in the conversation here. Time is definitely a challenge, but I’m hoping to revamp my entire schedule (read getting up before kids which = getting up insanely early = getting up practically in the middle of the night here) to make some radical life changes. Starting now. Aaaaaaand go!

  113. Jen C

    I’m Jen in Hilliard married to Rich for 15 1/2 years and SAHM to 4 kids (8, 6, 5, 3). I met Marla when she spoke to our MOPS group last spring. (Hi from Linworth) My bible study just finished Crazy Love, and I’m pretty sure God isn’t done working on pulling my out of my comfort zone yet. Radical should fit nicely with James, which is our current study. I need to work on how I REALLY need to live out the Christian life for God, not for me.

  114. Marla Fletcher

    1. Hi my name is Marla!!! Yes another Marla – it’s hard not to answer when you are in the same room with another Marla – doesn’t happen every day!

    2. I currenly live in Cherry Hill, NJ – about 15 minutes from Philadelphia – I can see the skyline when I go to the one shopping center a few miles from my house.

    3. I am a stay-at-home, work-from home- mom of two kids 4 and 2. My husband and I have been married for 5 years on Sept 16th! So blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids and work at the same time!

    4. God wants to me read and live this book for a lot of different reasons. Read Crazy Love and knew I need to change things, now starting to read Radical, I REALLY know! It’s time to start living a life for Christ the Real way not the way we have made it to be, which is the easy way. I look around and we are consumed by “stuff”. I don’t want that anymore.

    5. Very excited to see what happens over the next few weeks/years. The Pastor of my church is reading this book as well! so many things I can see happening, but not sure which is the right direction. I want to do it all!

  115. cyndee

    Hi, I’m Cyndee from NJ. I heard about Radical through Marla’s guestpost on “It’s Almost Naptime,” which I came upon through my daughter’s blog. I’m a middle-aged empty-nester and grandmother. I work part-time as a pre-school aide. I have always hoped that God would call me to do something radical in His name but He never has! My husband and I are reading together. We’ll see what happens…..

  116. krisco

    1. Krista
    2. south of the Mason Dixon
    3. Stay at home mom, church planter’s wife, there’s not time for much more.
    4. I’m reading because I love a good book that stirs me.
    5. I’m anxiously excited about finishing the book. I don’t want to waste any time chasing anything other than Him.

  117. Zach Gifford

    Hi. I’m Zach Gifford. I’m 26 years old (almost 27), I like candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, romantic movies… oh wait, sorry, that’s the wrong intro…

    I am Zach Gifford though (one of the apparently few guys here). I live in Xenia, OH but work for Kindred Partners in Cedarville, OH doing Data Entry for money, so I can spend my time involved in my church, where I work in Sparks, play music, and do other random things. I wanted to read this book because I’ve been trying to evaluate my life and discover what God is calling me to do. I’m anticipating God doing some pretty amazing things in a lot of our lives through this time, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

  118. Sarah

    1. Sarah

    2. Today, Albuquerque, New Mexico but in two weeks back home in Alabama!

    3. I’m a twenty-something married, pediatric icu nurse going back to school to get my masters. We currently don’t have any children and are feeling called to adopt our first from AFRICA!!!!

    4. I heard one (yes only one because I was too afraid to listen to any more) of David’s sermons in the Radical series and I knew that scary as it is this is where God is pulling me. I’m not sure how but I found this blog late one night last week.

    5. Honestly, I live a very blessed life and I am afraid of what God will ask me to part with. On the other hand I am so excited to see what the next step in our lives will look like!

  119. Amanda from VCA

    1. Amanda
    2. Cleveland-ish, Ohio
    3. I’m a college student preparing for English Nanny and Governess School. I love children more than you could possibly imagine and can’t wait to make them part of my career.
    4. I wasn’t sure God wanted me to read this book at first, but then it fell into my lap and I couldn’t refuse.
    5. I’m a little worried that I have too much on my plate and I’ll fail in this particular journey. I’m also scared and excited for it to turn me inside out. I like being comfortable and this is going to stretch me. eek!

  120. Becca

    Hey everyone πŸ™‚
    I’m Becca from Atlanta, GA (And I do mean ATLANTA not a suburb — we are in the process of moving into the inner-city) . . . We work in inner-city ministry, running a mentoring program and summer camp for at-risk kids. We have been on a journey of justice and intentional community and “neighboring” for some time now. I loved reading Radical and the role it has played on our journey thus far. I’m excited to see where God uses it to take us next!

  121. Susan I

    Hi everyone!!

    I’m Susan from British Columbia, Canada.

    I am a wife, mother of 2 gorgeous girls (8 and 14), I’m a registered nurse working full time in the NICU with the prems and I have just started homeschooling my kids.

    I just finished reading “Crazy Love” and it rocked my world! Then I saw Marla’s link to her blog on Angie’s Bring the Rain blog and just knew I had to get the book and join the group!

    I am worried that after reading Radical I will want to drop everything and go overseas ( I am very impulsive and impatient) and I know that my husband is definitely NOT on the same page. I know the Lord has something up His sleeve for our lives but that I have to be patient and wait for His perfect timing. Reading this book is going to be Life Changing!

  122. Renee

    My name is Renee, and I live in NC. I am a wife and mother to 2 teenagers. I have read Crazy Love and loved it. I was told about Marla’s blog by my coworker who said she was going to read Radical.
    I think this is a great opportunity to truly live the way we are suppose to be living. I think it could be life changing, if we let it.

  123. Mandy

    1.I’m Mandy…Hi!

    2.Lexington, KY

    3. I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 and have been feeling God tugging…to what, I don’t know!!

    4. I first heard about this book on itsalmostnaptime blog. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept thinking I need to read that. Then I read Marla’s guest post and knew KNEW God wanted me to read it. I asked my husband to read it with me. He agreed. The Read along is just a bonus πŸ™‚

    5. I’m excited about reading the book. I’m nervous about what God will ask me to do. I like control. πŸ™‚ I am hoping to be ready to do what He says.

  124. Tarah

    1. Tarah

    2. NorthenM WI

    3. I’ve been married 15 years and have 4 children (12, 10, 8, and 4.5) We are in full time ministry.

    4. I’ve been hearing alot about both Crazy Love and Radical. I’m an avid reader, and wanted to check them both out. I’m almost done with Crazy Love. Marla’s offer plus scholarship gave me no excuse NOT to read Radical too.

    5. No fear. really…….just want to learn something more about God from it. [although when Marla said it would make me want to move to Africa, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. πŸ™‚ ]

  125. Jen your cousin

    I’m Jen Hanson from Phoenix, Arizona. My one claim to fame is that I am cousin to the one and only Marla Taviano. Bragging rights, people.

    When I’m not bragging about my big (as in older) cousin Marla (the speaker and author), I am photographing weddings and portraits with my husband and working as a graphic designer.

    I’ve been really convicted over the past few months in regards to giving and selfless, others-focused living. I’ve also been questioning how the American Dream really fits into the Christian faith, so this book sounded PERFECT.

    It also sounded scary. I wish I wasn’t so nervous about the change this book could bring about in my life, because I KNOW that if I’m living a Christ-centered, others-centered live, I’ll be all the better for it. I’m hoping that through reading “Radical” and talking through it with all of you via the read along, I’ll be able to get over the “scary” and start loving living like God has called me to! My life as a result might seem crazy to people, but it is no-small comfort to me that many of my cousins are also reading through radical, so I won’t be the only crazy in our family!

  126. angela

    Hi! I’m Angela from North Carolina. I have a precious husband, three grown, married children and I LOVE BEING A NONNY! I can’t wait for the Lord to challenge me to take a Radical approach to daily living!

  127. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}

    ligonier, PA (pittsburgh)
    this book has been sitting above my fridge since the spring. i have a harder time reading non-fiction, but my interest is definitely piqued, and i want God to challenge/change me.
    i have reservations on the word “radical.” jesus was radical certainly, and we are called to follow him, but i think many things we may consider radical are just the parts of the gospel we’ve downplayed or ignored. obedience shouldn’t be a radical act, as if there is “regular” christianity-lite and then “radical” optional christianity for the serious…

  128. Sandi

    1. Nana; sandi
    2. San Antonio, Texas
    3. Married 36 years, have a great son, an incredible daughter-in-law, and 2 perfect granddaughters.
    4. Just finished Crazy Love, knew great son had ordered Radical for hubby, thought it perfect timing.
    5. Hanging on to see what’s coming.

  129. Missy June

    1. Missy
    2. Maryville, TN (Knoxville)
    3. Single mother to fabulous children age 2, 4, 6 and LOVE to be with them and my girlfriends. Seriously love to study the Word with others and adore being part of church life.
    4. Our whole church is reading Radical as part of our small groups this fall and I knew it would be fun to join in here, too!
    5. My divorce will be final over the course of the next ten weeks. I’m anticipating freedom in being reminded that my state of life is not nearly so bad as many others in this world.

  130. Tami

    First, Thanks Addie for posting the questions in your response above so I don’t have to scroll all the way to the top! πŸ˜‰
    My name is Tami and I live in Denver, CO. I am a SAHM to two wonderful kids ages 2 & 6. My husband is a home inspector and we have been married almost 5 years (we adopted our 6yo son in case anyone is doing math here;)
    I have had the Radical book for a few months now and loved the first chapter! For some reason I let stresses of life get in the way of continuing to read it, and it has sat neglected on my night stand. I feel strongly that God led me Marla’s site to present another chance to read this book in full and have the support of people like you. I have been struggling with purpose in my life and my prayer is that I find it through this journey.

  131. Rachelle

    1. Hi! I’m Rachelle and my husband Clyde will be reading along with me!

    2. We’re from McAlister, New Mexico.

    3. We farm/ranch, cattle and winter wheat;Clyde also teaches HS science and I am a postmaster and we parent our 4 amazing children(they are 16,13,11 & 9).

    4. I wanted to read Radical after listening to David Platt’s Radical sermons; I’m not done wrestling with these “hard truths”.

    5. I’m just really excited about what God is going to do and I can’t wait to see how he works in all of us!!

  132. Wendy

    1. Wendy
    2. Columbus, OH
    3. Stay at home mom to our two girls (4 year old and 3 month old)
    4. God kept bringing this book to me…on blogs I read, facebook updates…emails from friends–from every direction, it seemed. I knew I was supposed to read it.
    5. I’m worried God is going to ask me to obey in difficult things I don’t feel ready for. My world has felt turned upside down for over a year now, and I feel like I’m finally just starting to get back with my feet on the ground again, and He’s going to rock my world again through this book. I don’t feel ready, but trust His timing. It’s exciting, but also scary to me.

  133. Nicole Taulman

    My name is Nicole and I live in Owasso, Oklahoma. I’m a wife to my engineering husband and mom to four kids (ages 5-16), homeschooling number 2 of 4 (my older son). Honestly, my husband and I are so fed up with the institution of church that we have not attended one for over a year. I never though I would be that person. I saw the subtitle of Radical and it spoke to me. I need some connection to others right now. So I thought, “what the heck”. I’ve had a verse stuck on me for a while … “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: (1) to look after orphans and widows in their distress and (2) to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” ~ James 1:27. I think somehow all of this is interrelated. I have become very lazy and complacent in my faith and know I will be asked to do things in this book that I don’t want to do. I have obedience issues and don’t like to be told what to do. I am certain I will be angry when I read it. I am praying God softens my heart and brings me back to a love and compassion for people. If He can’t do it, I am doomed.

    1. Claudia Porpiglia

      Nicole, you and your husband have done physically what many of us have done on an emotional and spiritual level for years…rejected the institution of church! I will be praying for you as we take this journey together…I will be trusting God to work in you so that you can reach out to others with a genuine, Godly love.

  134. Becky

    Hi, I’m Becky from Chattanooga, TN. I’m married with a soon to be teenage son! I found out about this read along through a FB post from one of my friends. I felt this is something God wants of me. He has been working on my selfishness and encouraging me to walk closer with Him. This is also out of my comfort zone. I am scared of what He will want of me and excited! I pray all glory goes to the Lord Jesus!

  135. Mary

    I am Mary from Spring, TX!

    I am reading Radical because I felt guilty when I was ignoring all of Marla’s posts about it πŸ™‚ I have an 11 month old baby boy and a husband that is supposed to read Radical with me, once he decides that reading books is a hobby of is (this will take some effort)

    My biggest fear is that this book will cause me to completely question the way we live our life and do something completely radical to change it up!

    Thanks Marla!

  136. Melissa

    Hi, I’m Melissa, and I live in Columbus, OH currently, but plan on moving 30 min SE of here next year to the farm on which I was raised. I’m a full-time wife and mom to a 5, 3 and 1 year old, and I have 3 part-time jobs that I enjoy. However, I am still grieving the death of my mom in January and the deaths of three other close family members in the past 3 years. God’s given us a heap of experience in the life and death department, and I am seeking how he wants me to use these experiences to minister to our friends and family. I am excited to be a part of the study in this type of format, to see how we can learn and grow from it. My greatest fear is wasting my life.

  137. Nadia

    My name is Nadia and I live just south of Chicago. I am a wife to Mark, mom to Noah, Benjamin, Josiah and Elizabeth and a speaker and writer on parenting topics. I love empowering women to parent intentionally! I heard about Radical first because a preview version was sent to me to review. When Marla offered me the opportunity to read the whole thing, I jumped at the chance! My only worries about taking part in this group have to do with keeping up with the reading. My speaking ministry can be busy and my children always are… but I will do my best to be ready for each week’s post! Looking forward to hearing from all of you! πŸ™‚

  138. Addie

    1. Your name. (full name, first name, nickname, pseudonym, whatever)

    2. Where you are. (city/state, just state, country, general location, exact GPS coordinates, whatever)
    -Columbus, MS

    3. A one-sentence bio. (again, as little or as much as you’d like to share)
    I have 2 bio kids, an amazing husband…. We are adopting a little boy from Hong Kong and will hopefully be going to get him before the end of the year. Im also a photographer (www.talleyimages.com)

    4. How you knew God wanted you to read this book and/or what you’re hoping will happen as a result of reading it.
    -Because He said so… Ive already read it and am excited to read it as part of a group.

    5. Any fears, concerns, or other emotions you’re feeling about the next 10 weeks.
    – None about the book, but we should be hearing word about going to get our son within the next 10 weeks or so.

  139. Danielle

    1. Danielle (aka wifey by husband, D by friends, “step-mom” by crazy HS kids.)

    2. Albuquerque, NM. I love this city with more love than a local should have for it!

    3. We’re coming up on 3 years of marriage. God has already turned our world upside down in that time, I’m a little nervous/excited to see what he does with the rest of our lives. We whole-heartedly love the youth of our church, and I do a lot of counseling with the sweet HS girls. We really felt God leading us toward a more active ministry role in our church, so we have started a Bible study in our home. We’ve been praying for 2 years for babies to join our adventure, and feel more and more that the children God will bless us with will not be the fruit of my womb, but the the fruit of our hearts.

    4. I avoided talking to my husband for weeks about what i felt like God was working in my heart, and when I finally broached the subject with him in the form of a question I found out God was doing the same thing in him. The next day I read about Radical on this blog. How kind our God is that he doesn’t make us convince each other of the direction we’re going when it’s a direction he is leading.

    5. I’m very afraid that God is calling us to full-time ministry! Not kidding, my greatest fear right now is making a total life change, my husband going to seminary while we’re in the process of adopting and I have to go out and get a job. I just got comfortable in my life as a stay and home dog mom and PT volunteer! You can’t make me God! Oh wait, it’s not about me, my comfort, my qualifications (or lack thereof,) or MY plan. It’s so that God can use all things to conform us to the image of Christ, for His glory, and to bring Himself great renown. Although I’m very afraid to pray it, I wincingly pray for God to break us for his name sake. So scared, so excited.

  140. Laura

    I’m Laura and I live in Charlottesville, VA. I’m a newly married industrial engineer // runner // dancer // diehard University of Michigan football fan // people-lover. I found Marla’s blog after a friend of my mother-in-law gave me two of her books for a wedding shower gift (always a surprise to receive books about sex from someone you’ve never met ;). I’ve gone to church for most of my life and often find it too easy to go through the motions of living a Christian life without putting my heart into it and I’m excited for this book to shake up my world and force me out of my comfort zone.

  141. Amy

    1. Amy Bennett
    2. Fort Mill, SC near Charlotte, NC
    3. 32yo WAHM, blogger, reader, shopper
    4. Found this through Twitter and felt compelled to join
    5. Concerned about safety of me and my family of something He might ask of us. Beyond that, I’m excited!

  142. Niki

    Hi, I am Niki & I live in Jefferson City, Missouri. I am married to Jay & mother of Katie & Mary Margaret. I teach/work part-time. Our church is about to read Radical, and my husband started it a few weeks ago. Honestly, this is a little scary to me, I think because once I am more “aware” of what living radically for Christ looks like, I know He will invite me to participate, and that could mean many different possibilities…many of which would not be “comfortable” for me. That being said, I am ready!!! Thanks, Marla, for ccordinating this effort.

  143. Jennifer

    Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I live in Oklahoma. I’m a pastor’s wife, and I stay at home with our two daughters (ages 4 and 3). I was trying to decide whether or not to read this book when my husband, who didn’t know about this read-a-long, told me that he was reading it and suggested that I read it as well. I’m excited about learning more and being challenged!

  144. jenni@talkinghairdryer

    I’m Jenni and I’m in Texas. I’m married to my prince charming and I have 3 school aged kids – boy 10, twin girls 7. My first love was teaching, but now I stay home with the kids most of the time. Occasionally I substitute teach at the kids’ school. I decided to read this book because my friend Valerie was doing it. I needed a new study for the fall and had been hearing lots of great things about Radical.

  145. Mindy

    Hi my name is Mindy. I am a wife, mother of 1 and a part timer. I live in Romeoville, IL. I heard about Marla’s blog thru my friend Tracie. We’re excited to do this together. And as always my prayer when reading anything is that it changes my life and that I become more like Him.

  146. Rhonda

    My name is Rhonda and I live in Westport, Kentucky. I’ve been married to Brian for 27 years and we have 4 children ages 5 to 24. I’m an avid reader of Marla’s blog and heard about the read-along there but decided that I was too busy at this time in my life to participate. One night I prayed asking God to forgive me for “making” Him into a God who fit into my world. The next day I watched the video of David Platt talking about “Radical” and knew that this was something I needed in my life now. I’m so excited to experience this book with everyone but I’m nervous about what God will lead me to from here. I know that I need to get out of my comfort zone to serve. We’re going on a mission trip in October to an Indian reservation in New Mexico and I’m sure this is part of my preparation.

  147. valerie

    Hello! I’m Valerie and I live in Texas. I’m married and have 2 children (10 and 7), and work part time. It seems like I’ve been seeing and hearing about this book everywhere. And I have felt God YANKING at my heart (tugging seems too mild a word) for a few years now about moving out of mediocrity into a life lavished in HIM. By His grace, my heart is becoming more and more passionate about living life “radically” in a way that honors Him and lives out the truth of who Jesus is.

    My biggest fear in reading the book is that I will KNOW God is calling me to a new, higher level of living for Him….and that I will close the book at the end of the read-along, say “Wow, that was good,” recommend it to all my friends….and then do nothing about it. Oh God, how I pray that would not happen! And…although my husband is reading it with me, I’m also afraid he won’t allow himself to be impacted by it or have any desire to change or step out in a new direction with Jesus. I am desperate to know Jesus, and to be WILLING to follow Him wherever He leads.

  148. Risha

    My name is Risha, and I live in Indianapolis. I’m married, and I stay at home with our two small children. My husband and I just returned from a missions trip to Romania a couple weeks ago, and we were moved by the lifestyle of the believers there as well as the testimonies of people gathering in faith during Communism many years ago. I don’t want the impact of our trip to be confined to the 10 days we were there or even the first couple months after we get back.
    I’m a little nervous because I tend to shy away from anything ‘radical’ just because I believe that most things operate best when there’s a balance. I’ve read through a little of the first chapter, and I’m already nervous about where this might take me. At least for now, it seems my husband is reading along, which is exciting to me because he never reads books.

  149. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Hi y’all!

    1. My name is Megan Tietz but my last name is kind of tricky, so you can just call me Megan, Megs, or even Maggie (college nickname).

    2. I live on the windy plains of western Oklahoma. Marla, Gabe, and the girls have camped out in our little house and I miss them all terribly.

    3. I’m a wife and mama to two who loves to read, write, and play with photography.

    4. I first heard of Radical when Sophie (Boo Mama) mentioned it in passing on her blog. I saw the little video promo that goes with it and it lit a spark inside me. It triggered something for me and I couldn’t wait to turn that key. As it so happens, some friends in my town had just gotten a copies of it, too, and we have had an incredible time reading and discussing and dreaming.

    5. I’m most excited, but one my fear is for further down the road. I’m afraid that this fire I feel inside will be extinguished by business as usual. I fear becoming frustrated with the lack of urgency and action from others. I fear that this newfound passion will last only for a season. I want LIFETIME change more than anything.

    Marla, again, thank you SO MUCH for hosting this. I cannot WAIT to see what God will do through this.

  150. Kelly

    I’m Kelly.
    I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    I’m a 27 year old former teacher, who’s life was turned upside down last January when I left teaching. I’m a recovering shopaholic, learning to love memories and people instead of Coach purses and my 400 pairs of shoes. I’m currently selling a lot of my things to prepare for a new journey next fall when I start the training school at my church. IN the meantime I’m working as an optician and enjoying (for the most part) a purposefully single life.

    I knew I was supposed to read this book when Marla first blogged about it. It’s exactly what God has been trying to work inside me and I’m finally getting over myself and listening to him. I, too, have found it hard to wait to read the book so I’m glad I can dig in tonight.

    I’m terrified I will be sent away from my family, whether it be a foreign country or just the opposite end of the USA. I’m also terrified my family won’t understand what I’m doing as I attempt to live radically.

  151. Kelly S

    1. Kelly S

    2. El Cajon, California (east San Diego)

    3. newlywed (since November). church youth director by profession but trying to figure out how to make the “ministry” thing less of a “work” thing and more of a “life thing.

    4. I have said this before – I feel like God is using Radical, Crazy Love, and the Present Future (I am reading all 3 at the moment) to shake up my world. I love to read and usually just plow through a book and move on, but throughout the summer, I have been slowly making my way through these words, underlining and re-reading and digesting. My prayer is that He would be at work in these words and thoughts (as I think He already has been). My hope is that His Holy Spirit is at work in me (and all of you!) stirring up a passion for serving Him and serving others… one that doesn’t fade when we are done with this study, but one that years later, we can say, “He started doing this in my life back in Fall of 2010″…

    5. I’m afraid that a year from now, despite all this… my life and faith are going to look exactly the same as they do right now.

  152. Liz Puffer

    Hi I am Liz and I live in Mission Viejo, California. I am married, have two grown sons and 5 grandchildren, I love being a grandma. I am a Minister at Saddleback Church, I love my job but not as much as i love being a grandma.
    I read the first chapter of Radical on line when Ali posted about it. I am excited to read the rest. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we read this book. I want to hear what He has to say and do it.

  153. Brooke

    My name is Brooke and I’m from East Tennessee. I picked up the book after my pastor referenced it in a sermon and have already read it through once.

    I’m an avid reader, a hiker, a runner. I’m also married to an unbeliever. Upon reading the book the first time around, I hung on to my “but that would hamper my mister’s path to believing”. Since that day a few weeks ago, my hubby and I have discussed it, and already given far more than I would have imagined. Now its time to read it without the crutch of “i would but…”

  154. Denise

    Hi my name is Denise and I live in Columbus, OH. I have a wonderful husband, adorable 2 yr old son and work at my church with the Kids and love blogging. I really just felt pulled to read this, the more Marla talked about it, the more I wanted to do it. And for me, that’s a big thing considering I am not a reader! I think my greatest fear is that I wouldn’t allow myself to be fully immersed in and changed by this book. I want God to just completely humble me and speak to me though this book. I so desire to grow in him and know him better. I pray this book will be a start!

    I am excited!

  155. Diane Olson

    I read Radical a couple of months ago and was challenged that I need to make some changes in living out the Gospel…but I’m not exactly sure what that is going to look like for me. I love to read and thought participating in the e-discussion would be a good way to process the info I’ve already read, but am looking forward to re-reading with you all……Di Olson, Southeast MN, disciple of Christ, wife, mother of two sons, 23 and 21 yo. ….constantly yearning to grow more in love with Jesus and others.

  156. Sarah

    1. Sarah

    2. Carlock, IL

    3. homeschooling mom of 4 ages 2-8, work part-time (they all come with me), wife, youth worker

    4. On a mission trip to Memphis, TN with our youth group, the church we visited was reading Radical and discussing it in their Sunday School class. Chris (hubby) and I decided to buy the book…and it’s been sitting around ever sice. I blog-stalked Marla from Missy’s blog. When I saw the Radical Read-Along…I decided I MUST do this or I would NEVER read the book!

    5. Like a lot of folks here, I am scared and also excited at how God is going to rock my world! Just hoping hubby can keep up πŸ™‚ Also, need to figure out how to apply it to a stay-at-home-mom-who-can’t-pick-up-and-move-to-the-ends-of-the-earth.

  157. Patty

    1. Patty Leigh

    2. Cassatt, SC (near Columbia)

    3. Three kids….25, 19, and 14; pastor’s wife; media specialist

    4. Heard David preach at the SBC this year, and bought the book simply out of curiosity. I’m excited about reading it in a group, and hope that my husband will read it with me although he tends to be resistant to, as someone else said, “jumping on the bandwagon”.

    5. I hope that during the course of this experience, that God will show up in a mighty way at our church. I’m not afraid…..our family has given up MUCH to be in the ministry, especially in our current situation.

  158. Katy

    Hi everyone,

    1. My Name is Katy

    2. I live in Palm Bay, FL (Am kind of shocked to see so many Floridians here!)

    3. My husband and I are in the process of planting a Church, and I am a Stay-at-home-Mommy of 3 young girls: 3yrs, 1 1/2yrs, and 2 months. (Congrats on the pregnancy Bethany Peter)

    4. My dear Aunt in Columbus OH is so exited about this book, that she bought it for me, and even mailed it to me, so I’m thinking I should read it. (-: I’m hoping I will draw nearer to God through reading it, and it will help me to kill my sins, and walk more in the light of Christ, while loving Him more, and more. (-:

    5. My fear is that I won’t be able to keep up with you all because of all the business in my life. (I tend to take naps when my girls do, so that makes it a little harder.)

  159. Angela

    Here are some things we’d like to know about YOU today!

    1. I’m Angela

    2. I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    3. I’m a former Spanish teacher, and now a stay at home wife. Got married last summer at the age of 34. It’s a huge adjustment, but I’m growing.

    4. Well, I love Marla’s writing, and I figured any book she recommends must be worth reading. I only ordered the book today, though. I know, I know, coming a little late to the party, but at least I’m here! πŸ™‚

    Hopefully my copy of the book gets here early next week, and I can catch up.

  160. Megs

    Megan from IL
    Mom to 5, with a god-given heart for the orphaned
    Radical has been on my reading-list. Marla’s read-along has jumped it to the top!
    Looking forward to seeing God work!

  161. Keri

    1. My name is Keri
    2. Recently moved to Singapore from Houston, TX
    3. I still can’t believe I live so far away from home, but I am absolutely loving that I was yanked out of an overcommitted life and put somewhere new and very exciting where absolutely nothing is like home….except for Starbucks and California Pizza Kitchen.
    4. I have heard about this book and then our pastors at the church we’ve been attending here in Singapore asked if I had read it. I knew I had no excuse at all not to, and I had a sister scheduled to visit that could bring me the book, so it was time to do it.
    5. I am afraid/anticipating that it’s going to challenge so much of what I think is true. My utmost prayer is that I do something about the things that need changing.

  162. elaina

    hi! i’m elaina from austin…41yo with four kids…something about my never-ending quest to have my home look like pottery barn made me want to read the book, although i had no idea at the time i ordered it what it was really really about…i’m not afraid. HA!

  163. Sharon

    I am bettern known as Oma. My daughters talked about this book then my best friend from California joined the group so I got jealous. I ordered the book and am excited to be involved and in a study with Liz. This is awesome!

    1. Jaclyn K

      Oma, I know this isn’t radical related but I wanted to tell you that I love your wall of letters in your home. It looks like an art scuplture and is simply stunning. I also heart your daughter. xoxo

  164. Shannon

    1. Shannon Huey
    2. Montgomery, AL
    3. Wife and Mom of 2; girl-3 and boy-5 montths
    4. I have been hearing about this book and saw the read-a-long on the blog. I thought what better way to read it than with a group.
    5. I am so excited to read the book. I fear my life will turn upside down and I fear that it won’t.

  165. Gabe Taviano

    1. Gabe Taviano

    2. Columbus, OH

    3. Your husband, father to three daughters, mostly interested in utilizing technology / life in general to glorify God

    4. After visiting Cambodia, it’s pretty obvious to me that the American dream is a lie. I want to find out how I continue to believe the lie.

    5. We should always be afraid when we know God is going to show up. My seat belts are fastened, and there’s no doubt He hanging out around here.

  166. Alicia

    Mornin’ everyone! πŸ™‚

    I’m Alicia and I’m in Deptford, NJ (about 20 minutes outside of Philly). I am a wife to Lou, a mom to a 3 1/2 year old and a 20 month old, and a friend to some wonderful people. Anyway, I kept hearing about this book from several different places, so I figured that God was encouraging me to read it. I’m already about half way through (I know, I’m a cheater) and I can’t wait to discuss it! I feel like God has been trying to impress upon me over and over that I value my own comfort too much and that He alone is enough to satisfy – not the fact that I have a super comfy bed, or indoor plumbing, or that it’s only a short drive to get a pumpkin spice latte. I’m praying that God shows me how He wants us to be obedient as a family. (My husband is reading the book with me.) I have a feeling He has something on the horizon for us, and that it’s going to shake up my comfortable happy little world. That makes me nervous. Also, the process of refinement is not all that appealing to me. So I guess that my prayer lately has been that I would be obedient and seek to bring Him glory rather then to bring myself ease and comfort. (Is it bad that it’s still a half-hearted prayer because I really, really like ease and comfort?!? Ugh, stinkin refinement.) Sorry for the digression. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with everyone. πŸ™‚

  167. Kayla

    My name is Kayla.
    I live in Arlington, VA.
    I am a mother of an insanely smart and beautiful two year old girl and I also babysit full time another precious two year old girl. I am active with the middle school and high school ministry in our church that my husband runs.
    I know God wants me to read this book because I have been feeling so much discomfort lately with my safe and comfortable life. I am praying that God will totally rock my world and I can really live in close relationship with Jesus.
    My greatest fear is that God will answer my prayer!

  168. Jamie

    My name is Jamie.
    I live in Indiana, but soon to move to southwest Michigan.
    I am married and have 3 children. My husnabd just finished seminary and took his first pastorate.
    I saw Marla’s blog about thsi book and I feel like my husband and I have been struggling with alot of the these questions over the past few years but felt like no one around us thought there was anything wrong with the way “church” is done or at least where the emphasis is (on numbers mostly)…..the first question we get when we talk about him having his first patorate is “how many people go there?” It is all about numbers and how nice the building is. I just love how he analyzes Jesus ministry and boils it down to the essentials. I want to live my life focused on Him and the things he was focused on and wow do I get sidetracked easily!
    My fear is ……nothing….right now anyway. I have been struggling to keep focused and since I am tired of not being focused I am ready for….. whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. michelle

    1. michelle
    2. dfw, tx
    3. wife, mother, teacher, wannabewriter, and certifiable bookworm.
    4. i read it the first time b/c i was certain it was everythign i was passinate about. justice. poverty. and living a little recklessly for christ.
    5. and well being passionate about things, isn’t the same as living them out on a regular basis. so i’m working on that……..and hoping that re-reading it in a group setting will give me a little accountability.

  170. Bethany Peters

    1. My name is Bethany.
    2. I live in West Milton, OH (northern Dayton area)
    3. I am a youth pastor’s wife and stay at home mom for our 21-month old daughter Isabelle and I’m pregnant with our second.
    4. I just finished reading Crazy Love and it rocked my world and Marla is my sister and she kept talking about this Radical book, which was so much like CL, so I had to join. I want to quit reading the Bible with my American culture lenses on–I want to see what God is actually saying to me and have a picture of what a real disciple’s life should look like.
    5. I have the tendency to try for a little while and then want to go right back to my familiar and comfortable lifestyle. I want to remember the importance of DAILY connection with God (through His Word and prayer) after I finish this book so that I continue on the path He’s laid out for me.

  171. Hannah

    1. My name is Hannah.
    2. I live in Dallas, TX – apparently DFW is well-represented in this read-along – hopefully that means “radical” things are about to happen down here!!
    3. I have been married to a wonderful guy for five years now. We don’t have children yet. I work for a ministry, so my whole day revolves around the Lord, which is awesome!!
    4. I’d been stalking Marla’s blog about the read-along for a few days, and finally, after listening to a Platt sermon where he began detailing Brook Hills actual Radical Experiment, I decided I MUST join in.
    5. God’s been stirring my heart about what it means to be radical for a long time, and the fear of change is a bit daunting.

    1. Susan J.

      thinking about getting together sometime with the girls from DFW…let me know if you’re interested! You can look my up on facebook if you want to…Susan Plummer Jensen

  172. Marissa

    Hi! I’m Marissa, from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I’m at stay-at-home mom and part-time homeschooler with three kids, ages 6, 4 and 1.
    I heard about David Platt’s Radical sermon series from a woman who mentors me, and I was partway through listening to it when the book came out. I read it this summer and have been telling everyone I know about it ever since.
    I’ve struggled with how to radically apply this book to my life as a busy stay-at-home mom who can’t logistically go spend time in the projects or overseas at this moment. I can’t wait to hear how others are putting the truth in the book into action!

  173. Dee

    1) Dee
    2) Jacksonville, Fl formerly Westerville, Oh
    3) wife, mom, grandma,4 children, 8 grandchildren.
    4) this blog was reccommended to me by Holly and since our church, Chet’s Creek, is offering Radical as one of our Wednesday night classes I thought it would be nice to join in here.
    5) No fear, just wanting to now more of what god has for me.

  174. Katie

    Hello! I am Katie, stay-at-home mom to 3 kiddos (7,6 and 2). We live near Bellefontaine, OH, and I attend church with Marla’s parents. I am currently working on my first ever blog/read-along which is the Bible from start to finish in 90 days! I will be in the New Testiment this week! During this time I have also read, “1 million Arrows” and “The Treasure Principle”, God is really working on me! I had actually started “Radical” before the read-along, but decided to press pause and read along with everyone here. Very interested in what living radically for God looks like! Let’s shake things up!

  175. Stephanie your sister

    1. Stephanie
    2. Columbia, SC
    3. I’m the wife of a youth pastor and the mother of a wonderful 7 month old baby girl.
    4. I’m hoping my life will change.
    5. I’m afraid I won’t take full advantage of what God has for me and miss what He wants from me.

  176. Natalie

    1. My name is Natalie.
    2. I live on the East Coast.
    3. I am married with three kids- two boys aged 9 and 6 and an almost 4 year old girl. I am mostly a stay at home mom although I do work part time from home as our church secretary and for my husband’s business.
    4. I kept seeing high recommendations of it by bloggers I respect. When a friend and I decided to do a book club for church for next year and God started working the theme out, we knew Radical was going to be one of the books. I am hoping that it will help me bring my life more under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and show me how He wants me to live!
    5. My only fear is that if I read it alone and God begins to radically change me, my husband will think I have gone insane! I am hoping he will read it with me. As Marla said above, I do not want to get ahead of my husband in this journey!

  177. Marilyn

    1. Marilyn
    2. Addison, TX
    3. 29 going on crazy cat lady.
    4. Sounded interesting.
    5. Two things. One, that I won’t finish. Two, that my nice comfortable world will be turned upside down. I actually hope the last one happens, but it’s still scary.

  178. Ali

    1) Ali.
    2) Ohio.
    3) 30yo, married with 2 kids, work part-time from home.
    4) I was facebook stalking Marla and read an exchange between her and Megan (Sorta Crunchy) about the book Radical. I haven’t read a blog post of Megan’s or Marla’s that I didn’t like, so I figured I’d probably enjoy a book that both of them were so excited about. I ordered it from Amazon that day.
    5) I know several people reading it, including my sister and mom. I can hardly wait for the conversations and interactions that this book will generate.

  179. Betsy

    Hi! I’m Betsy Smith from Frisco, TX. I bought Radical after reading Marla’s post about the upcoming read along( it was my first time to even read her blog). I just knew I needed this book. I am a mother of two and I just know there has to be something more than this average American life, I’m living. I guess my biggest fear is that I will be turned upside down by this book and my husband won’t feel the same way. We made a trip over the weekend and I kept reading parts to him as he drove. I don’t want to cram it down his throat. Pray that I will stay out of the way and let the Holy Spirit do his work.

    1. Susan J.

      I was thinking about getting together sometime with the girls from DFW…let me know if you’re interested! You can look my up on facebook if you want to…Susan Plummer Jensen

  180. Tracie

    Hi. I’m a stay at home mom from Naperville, IL. I’m married with 3 kids, college, high school and jr. high. I hadn’t heard of Radical until it found me in a bookstore. Then in an unrelated moment, found Marla’s blog inviting read along. I knew it was spirit led for me to read this book. God had already been prompting me along these lines and I can’t wait to see more changes. I already read most of the book b/c I couldn’t wait, but am starting again today to read along with you. I can’t wait to hear thoughts, discuss, and ask questions.

  181. kathleen

    Hi- I am Kathleen and from Columbus, OH. I have not received my copy of Radical yet, but I hope to receive it today in the mail. Like most of you, I have never done anything like this but very excited.
    I have to children (22 and 19) and they both live away from home. (college…job) I absolutely love my life, but need more of God and his teaching in it!
    So excited to “meet” all of you!!! Thank you Marla!!!

  182. Claudia Porpiglia

    Hi, I’m Claudia and I live in Apopka, FL (just north of Orlando). I am a wife, mother, full-time caregiver for our handicapped daughter and I minister to families who need their children cared for while they work.

    I am reading “Radical” because of Marla’s excitement and God’s moving in my life over the last couple of years…it is just a natural next step.

    My greatest fear in taking on this endeavor is that I will miss what God has for me.

  183. Sharon Meekins

    1. My name is Sharon Meekins.
    2. I work for Samaritan’s Purse in Titanyen, Haiti. September 20th will be 6 months.
    3. My hometown is Richmond, Virginia.
    4. Haiti – that’s how I new I should read this book. And, also the fact that I have been reading Marla’s blog and loved hearing about Cambodia.
    5. Haiti is extremely hard. Most days I want to quit and go home. My fear is that after I read this book, the Lord will ask me to stay in the field.

  184. joyce

    Hi, I’m Joyce and I currently live in Northern NJ, out in the country about 45 min. from Manhattan. Yes, there is country in NJ. I’m not very good at keeping things brief but I’ll try…we moved to NJ one year ago. Prior to that we lived in the UK for six years on a corporate assignment. God worked in my life in amazing ways during that time (in all of our lives actually) and I have had struggled this past year with the transition back. I am having a hard time figuring out what to do next in my life. I have two sweet daughters both living in SC, the oldest just graduated from university and the youngest is a Junior at university. I normally dive into many things but as we were getting ready to move back here I felt so clearly that God wanted me to be still for a while…to take time to listen instead of demand, to be quiet… and I’ve mostly done that. We are looking for a church and I am hopeful we have found one. I know that God has a plan, that we are here, in this place for a season and a purpose and I’m trying not to miss what that purpose is. Radical has been around every corner I turn it seems so I’m excited to read. I’m ready for some radical in my life.

  185. Lesley

    Hi, I’m Lesley from Des Moines, IA. I have had Radical on my bookshelf ever since Boomama recommended it but I haven’t read it yet. I am excited to read it along with everyone.

  186. Courtney

    Hello, my name is Courtney. I’m a discontentaholic. I live in Bellefontaine, OH. I met Marla about 6 years or so ago when she lived in Bellefontaine. I’d say we became fast friends. She moved on but I’m a lifer. I miss her terribly. I have a 7 year old girl and had a baby boy 14 weeks ago, so life is busy for me. I’m adjusting. It took me a while to do anything for myself with my first child but this time around, I’m going with the flow and really wanted to do bible studies and read before the baby is 1!!!!
    I’m passionate about W.A.R. and Gracehaven and bringing awareness of human trafficking. I one day hope to pursue this passion on a great level, but my biggest job now is to be a good mommy.
    God put it on my heart to take part in this study (I was going to just read it on my own). I’m worried that I’ll not make time to read Radical, or that “life” will try and take over and I won’t be able to keep up. Excited!!!!!

  187. Holly

    Good Morning! My name is Holly. I live in Columbus Ohio where I’m a mama of 2, wife to a fabulous and fun guy, and work my dream job at the high school I attended!

    We’re currently searching for a church and I’m feeling a bit like a ship out at sea…..lonely and in uncharted territory looking for direction! So….I’m excited to be reading RADICAL as I search for God’s direction! The only fear at all (and fear is probably too strong of word) is the question of where God will lead! πŸ™‚

  188. Karin

    Hi! My name is Karin, and I’m joining you from New Delhi, India. We are posted here with my husband’s job at the US Embassy. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to our two beautiful little girls, both of whom came to us through adoption. I grew up in a loving Christian home and, as someone else posted, I’ve tried to check the right boxes in my life. But, I recognize that there is far more to what God wants me to learn and do on this earth. I feel this even more living in India where I see incredible poverty and deprivation on a daily basis. It’s so hard to know how to be helpful in a way that truly helps.

    I haven’t yet received my copy of the book, but I’m checking my mailbox every day. I look forward to reading along with all of you!

  189. Sabrina Reinhart

    Good morning everyone!
    My name is Sabrina Reinhart and I’m joining you guys from Naples, Italy.

    My wonderful husband is an Officer in the Navy (hence the location) and I’m blessed to be a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to 2 wonderful little boys.

    I’ve lived most of my life as a “check-in-the-box” Christian – go to church on Sunday – check, pray at mealtime and bedtime – check, put money in the plate – check. For the past 8 years or so God has been telling me to get serious, it’s been a period of pruning, refining and learning to say the least.

    I often feel God puts things in front of me again and again until I get the message. This book has been one of those things. It’s been “stalking” me for months now and this time I just couldn’t ignore it. I’m thrilled to be reading with a group, I know we’re all going to be impacted greatly.

    Thanks again Marla for organizing this read-along.

  190. Louisiana Tara

    I’m Tara and I live in New Orleans.

    I was diagnosed with blood clots this summer and read Radical while I was on bed rest.

    I can’t fit how much this book impacted me into one sentence (I’ll save it for the blog posts, LOL).

    NO FEAR, just excitement! I can’t wait to re-read this book! Thanks for doing this, Marla!

  191. misty

    my name is misty, and i’m in dallas, tx. like the previous commenter, i read crazy love and have been feeling the tug of living a radical life for jesus for some time. i’ve felt disenfranchised by the church and i have several amazing friends living what i’d call “active-duty” faith (living in the ‘hood, working w/ orphans, living simply), and it’s hard sometimes as a wife/mom of 3 living in a mostly white, mostly midclass neighborhood to take the new testamant seriously. but i want to love my god back the way he so passionately loves me. i want as i once heard, to have god be so big in my life that others have to see thru him to see me.
    i heard about this read along from megan@sorta crunchy and elizabeth @ finding him bigger. i can’t wait to get started!

    1. Susan J.

      Hi! I was thinking about getting together sometime with the girls from DFW…let me know if you’re interested! You can look my up on facebook if you want to…Susan Plummer Jensen

  192. Rebeca

    Hi! I’m Rebecca and I am reading along with you in Jacksonville, FL. God has been calling me to a whole different level in my walk with him and having just finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan this was a logical next step! Stumbled across this blog the same nite I was browsing Amazon for this book so happpily took it as confirmation that I should join y’all! Thanks for allowing me the privledge!

  193. Bethany

    Hello, I am Bethany and I am from the central valley of California. I met Marla at an event in Houston in January and have read her blog ever since. I am excited to read this book in community. I’ve had to hold myself back from reading it before we officially start.
    A little about myself, I do love photography and music. I love, love, love the piano but am so sad that I could not transport mine with me in my recent move.
    As for fears about this journey; I’d like to say that I don’t have any but the honest truth is that I’m struggling in life right now and that does include my faith. I want to be fully surrendered to the Lord and I hope that by reading this book with other believers, I will be able to do that.

  194. Marla Taviano

    I’m Marla and I live in Columbus, OH with my husband Gabe and our 3 girlies.

    I bought Radical (and I rarely BUY books) because I’d heard several friends recommend it and took it on our Cambodia trip. Didn’t actually read it until we got back.

    It rocked my world. God + Cambodia + Radical + some other stuff = I can’t keep living like this, something has GOT to change. I’m so ready to live radically.

    I have 2 fears as we go through this (but I’m confident God is BIGGER than both of them): 1. that I’ll selfishly try to take some glory that belongs to GOD ALONE and 2. that I’ll be tempted to rush ahead of my husband as we seek God for our future.

    I love all of you already, and I am SO EXCITED to see what God does in our hearts and lives!!

  195. Cathy

    Hi y’all! I’m Cathy and I live in Texas (surely the y’all gave that away)! I have 7 children and am blessed to be able to stay home full-time. I read Radical about 2 months ago and my life has never been the same. I feel changes coming on the horizon; right now I am just praying and waiting for God’s direction. Let’s do this!!

  196. Susan J.

    My name is Susan and I currently live in Mesquite, TX. I went to Cedarville and met Marla and Gabe when we worked at a summer camp a dozen or so years ago. I’ve been married for 7 years and have a 2 1/2 yr. old son. My husband recently graduated from seminary and we would like to move closer to family, but have realized this is probably not the right time. I’m hoping I can get my husband to read this book with me, but he didn’t seem terribly excited about the idea. He doesn’t like to “jump on the bandwagon” which I think is how he is seeing this. I read A LOT, but it’s pretty much just fiction. I figured it was time to read something with a little more substance to it.

  197. Rich

    Hello Radicals –

    1. My name is Richard Westley Johnson, but I go by Rich most of the time. I gots four beautiful kids (three boys one girl) and been married for nine years to Shalla – this is my greatest accomplishment.
    2. I live in Columbus, Ohio a few yards from Marla and Gabe.
    3. My purpose in life is to die empty. I plan to do this by consistently seeking the reconciliation of the broken to Christ.
    4. Marla is making me read this book and I’m glad about it. She knows I’m planting a church and church planters eat up free books like it’s a second job.
    5. No concerns…I’d like to read this with Shalla.
    Grace and Peace,

  198. Elizabeth

    You are going to be so proud of me! I already wrote my post because I have a doctor’s appt. early in the morning. It’s already up and everything!

    I am ready to read. And respond.

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