radical read-along fun facts!

As of 9:43 pm, Friday, September 10 11:18am, 9.11.10 9.12.10 , one-hundred-seventy-six (176) 182 184 188 of you have introduced yourself to the rest of the Read-Along Gang (not to be confused with the Get-Along Gang–anyone remember them??).

And call me anal (although I prefer the term “selectively anal” since that’s closer to the truth), but I copied/pasted all of your names and locations and a short blurb from your intro into a Word document which I will soon print out and use to pray for you on a (hopefully) regular basis.

I even have you categorized by state (or country). I know! What do I (not) do all day that I have this kind of time on my hands, right?

I’m not printing it out quite yet, because we’ve got latecomers still introducing themselves, which is more than fine; it’s super actually. So if you’re joining the Read-Along (and want us to know who you are), just take a quick sec to say hi.

While my primary love affair is with words, not numbers, I still find numbers fascinating on occasion. And while the Read-Along Stats are not important, per se, they’re interesting, so I’ll share a few of them.

43 44 45 46 = the # of people joining us from my home state of Ohio.

33 34 = the # of those Radical Ohioans I know in real life. I’m delighted that so many of my friends from church and otherwise gave in to my persistent pestering. (The rest of them hide when they see me coming.)

26 27 28 29 = the # of Texans joining in the Read-Along. Texas and I have a thing for each other, and I’m delighted that so many of y’all are here.

8 = the # of Floridians joining the Read-Along. And all the rest of you are pretty well spread out all over the place.

32 33 34 = the # of states represented in the Read-Along (we’re just missing Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine).

8 9 = the # of countries repped. Australia, Canada, Haiti, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Tanzania, United States. (And Jen from Cambodia who has not officially introduced herself and is totally getting called out in front of the class.)

171 = the # of you who are nervous about reading this book.

173 = the # of you who are excited about reading the book.

(okay, so those final 2 statistics might be guesstimates)

Heads up for Monday: Gabe and I are going to give Mr. Linky (where you get to link to your own blog posts) a test run. So I’ll need a few people to help me out by picking one of their favorite blog posts from the past and posting a link to it on Monday. Thanks! (EDIT: to clarify, you will choose one of YOUR favorite posts from YOUR blog to link to, just to make sure we can easily get people to your blog)

And also: your Radical post for Tuesday can be about whatever your heart desires (preferably pertaining to the book in some way). I’ll ask a question or 2 on my blog post that you can answer in the comments if you’d like, but there’s no special format for your post (thank you to those of you who asked about this).

Have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “radical read-along fun facts!

  1. Kaye

    Hey there-
    Just so you will know, one more Texan will be reading along WHEN she can get her hands on the book. My sister called yesterday from Mississippi. She said, “Kaye, I am reading Radical, and it is everything and more that we’ve talked about for 5 years.” I left home, went to buy the book and our only bookstore said it was ‘special order’ ONLY:( 7-10 days:( I will order it over the weekend and will be reading along, but you know me well, and know I probably will only chime in to comment on your blog.
    That is, when I get my hands on a copy!
    Looking forward to this and thank you for what you are doing.
    Blessings to you and yours, today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

    1. Marla Taviano

      Do you have any idea how happy this makes me?? Love you, girl!! And remind me to tell you of something I read in Radical that made me say, “That Mr. Jack nailed that one on the head.” 🙂

      1. Kaye

        I am really looking forward to reading the book, plus studying it along with you and your group.
        Yes, would love to hear what that statement was, no telling:)
        Blessings today and always, love,
        Matthew 21:22

  2. Sharon

    Marla, you make me smile. I adore you!
    My favorite excerpt from the first chapter is found on pg 18 talking about finding the treasure, selling all my possessions and going for it. My family might think that I am crazy; it doesn’t matter. I have found the priceless treasure and I will stop at nothing to attain it and remain in it for eternity.
    My favorite part comes in near the bottom of the page… “Is He worth it?”
    My answer is a resounding “YES!”

      1. Melissa

        LOL- that is entirely possible.

        I am Melissa from West Virginia ;p I have three teen boys, a hubby, two dogs and a foster daughter with a newborn babe.

        Reading Radical as a family in May inspired us to open our home to girls in need as I was a teen mom myself.

        I look forward to reading Radical again and gaining insight and wisdom from all the other readers. It truly is a life changing book!

  3. Jen Griffin

    I read Chapter 1 on Tuesday and then again last night to Shan. I am still blown away. I am honestly wondering what God will do in our hearts. We have LONGED for a huge change and moved towards it but, I think this book will be a huge catapult in the right direction. Thank you for suggesting it! I feel like I need a safety helmet and a seatbelt in place for Chapter 2!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh, sorry, that wasn’t clear. YOU will pick one of YOUR favorite posts that YOU wrote to link to. Just to make sure Mr. Linky works and will actually take people to your blog on Tuesday.

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