radical read-along details!

Your enthusiasm for our upcoming read-along has me giddy! (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

And I love that so many of my awesome friends from church are joining us! You guys are all going to love each other AND we’re going to learn so much from each other and this book! And I just know lives are going to be changed and the gospel is going to spew forth in a thousand different directions all to the glory of God!

Is it okay to say “gospel” and “spew” in the same phrase? I think it is.

Before I forget, I’m guest-posting over at my friend Missy’s awesome and hilarious blog (It’s Almost Naptime) today. Head on over for an all-inclusive (oh, I jest) list of my faults and some insights into what God is doing in my heart these days (I think you might already have a clue about this one).

Okay, here’s the schedule of events for our Radical Read-Along:

1. Today: order your book (if you haven’t already).

2. Tuesday, September 7: Introductions. I’ll have a post up where I introduce myself a bit and ask YOU to do the same. This will be the perfect time to conquer your shyness (I know this is not an issue for many of you) and get to know some of the awesome people you’ll be reading Radical with. I’ll also give you some things to be thinking about as you dive in to Chapter 1.

3. Wednesday, September 8  to Monday, September 13: read Chapter 1 (if you haven’t already).

4. Monday, September 13: have your post on Chapter 1 ready to go for the next day (if you want to write one–you don’t have to!!).

5. Tuesday, September 14: hop on over here to read my post, answer some questions, “chat” with people, and link to your own post (if you wrote one).

6. Repeat Step 5 on the next 8 Tuesdays, and learn, grow, HAVE A BLAST!

I’m going to play it by ear (and take suggestions!) as far as mixing things up (video posts, guest posts, talking about Radical on more than just Tuesdays), but this is what we’ll go with for now.

Any questions?? Who’s EXCITED??

47 thoughts on “radical read-along details!

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  4. Hope Boothe

    Hi! I’m home a transplanted southerner now living in Dublin, Ohio y’all! I am a SAHM of 3 – 19, 17, and 13. I am slowly transitioning into a new phase of life and want to be amazed and radically transformed. But, man, it makes me nervous – the old way has worked comfortably for me for the past few decades. I guess I don’t want to spend my last few decades just being “comfortable”. Why do I hear Betty Davis say, “Buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride?” Looking forward to this journey with all of you!

  5. Harmoni

    1) Harmoni

    2) Veguita, NM

    3) I’m 28 and a pediatric icu nurse.

    4) I honestly had never hears of Radical until my friend Sarah told me about it. It sounded like a book that would challenge me in my faith.

    5) My main concern is the refining process that is going to come along with this book. From past experience I know that when God is refining me, it is never fun or easy, but the end result is worth it,

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  8. Karen

    I received my book today and will start it over the weekend. I’m hoping to have my blog ready (finally!) and blog along with you Marla. I’m super excited–thanks for doing this!

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  11. Ellen G

    Hi everyone!! Got my copy today and am looking forward to reading along with you all. Our church is studying the Great Commission currently and are striving toward becoming the missional church we should be. I’m super excited to read this book and take this idea even further.

  12. Genie Blazi

    I’m in….Radical is life changing and I’m only 3 chapters in. I read Crazy Love last spring and my husband and I are making big changes in our lives….we are working toward selling our dream home and furniture so that we can buy a little house…fill it with love and give more money toward ministry. I am looking forward to reading along with you guys!

  13. Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

    Count me in!! I have the book but haven’t started it yet (a friend is actually reading it right now, but I’m sure I’ll have it back by the time we start). I’m excited to dive in and sure God will do some awesome things through this book from what I’ve heard!!

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  15. Courtney

    ME! God has already provided “time” for me to read all of chapter one (and underline it) and start on chapter 2!!!! 🙂 and I was worried….

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  17. Julie

    Mmm, your words so resonated with me. Thanks for the guest writing and for bringing Radical back up on my radar. That little orange book is reading right where my heart wants to be. I’m in!! And I’m Columbus-area-ish – kind of fun to feel local!!

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  21. Krysty

    I’m in! It’s on! Whatever! I have been wanting to read Crazy Love lately, but I will jump in with you all on this one. (How many times have I told you I’m not a good reader?) I need to subscribe so I won’t forget to read the blog. I think I can do that on here right?

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  24. Sarah

    My husband and I bought this book back in July…and it has been sitting around ever since. Time to actually READ it! I am excited!!! God has already been doing a work in me recently and I am hungering for MORE!
    Thanks for the “slow” pace too! I think between husband, 4 kids, part-time work, homeschool, diapers/potty-training and ministry…I might just be able to squeeze in a chapter a week 🙂

  25. Danielle

    Just ordered it, and I seriously can’t wait for it to get here. I have so felt my heart breaking lately, in a good way, and I think it needs a lot more breaking. Can’t wait to soak it in and then break a few high school girl hearts at church with it. Thank you for organizing this!

  26. Natalie

    I’m new here- just found you from your guest post at It’s Almost Naptime. I am sooooo in! I got Radical a few weeks ago and plan on doing a book club at church using it so this would be perfect prep for that. Thanks for hosting this!!!

  27. Denise

    So excited….was gonna get it from the library to save money, but I am 15th on the waiting list…not sure I will get it in time…will have to purchase I suppose! But I know it’s worth it.

  28. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    That was a great post over at Missy’s today, Marla! God used it to strike a chord in me a number of times…and it was painful but good. I can relate so much to having dreams that are self-centered and about my own significance or popularity. I want a changed heart, a changed outlook, and I want to be on God’s adventure for me and our family, not my own. I love your heart…and truly, as you have surrendered your desires to the Lord, He has certainly turned it around to use you to impact others…most certainly including me!

  29. It Feels Like Chaos

    Sounds awesome! I read Radical a few months ago and it totally messed me up! But in a making-my-heart-more-like-God’s kind of way! I think I need to read it again, there is just so much to digest and ponder and I’d love to hear from others who are reading it as well.

  30. Megs

    Love this idea! (followed the link from Missy’s blog although I think we may have met before) I am heading over to Amazon right now to order my copy. My parents and sisters have already read it, its been on my reading list for several months, but your read-along is moving it up!

  31. Nicole

    Marla. I followed you from Missy’s site. I need something. And this could be that something. I share many of your character traits. And I, like you, have to believe that God gave me those traits to use for His purpose. Those traits weren’t an accident.

    We have been without a church for a little over a year now. We are very disillusioned by the church, in fact. But that doesn’t mean I am disillusioned by God or His plans.

    I would love to share in reading this book with you. And I appreciate the accountability.

    “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” ~ James 1:27.

  32. Liz Puffer

    My book just arrived yesterday, I am looking forward to reading it, I read the first chapter on line last week. I can’t wait to grow closer to Him with all of you.

  33. Keri

    I have heard a lot about this book…..we had our new pastors here in Singapore over for dinner last week and they were talking about it. May just have to join in on this one if I can figure out how to get a book by then!

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