radical CELEBRATION!! (with prizes!!)

Congratulations, friends! We made it. We did it. We read Radical and SURVIVED! And now it’s time to CELEBRATE!! And since I can’t exactly have you all over to my house today for cake and punch, how about we just party right here (and fight each other for prizes)?

And in the spirit of the season, you are more than welcome to join our celebration EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T READ ALONG.

There are 12 prizes, so your odds of winning are fairly good. And the harder you work, the better your chances. I’ll show you the prizes first and then tell you how to (try to) win.

Prize #1: One of four copies of Radical. (great to pass along to a friend or read yourself if you didn’t join us)

Prize #2: A copy of Soul Healing AND the Soul Healing Forever Study Guide (good, good stuff written by my friend and pastor’s wife, Tammy Smith)

Prize #3: The Happy Hubby Combo (Blushing Bride and Is That He Thinks About?)

Prize #4: The New Mama Combo (Expecting and Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time)

Prize #5: Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff (FUNNY).

Prize #6: The Forgotten God by Francis Chan (I really, really like Francis Chan.)

Prize #7: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (LOVE this book.)

Prize #8: 4-pack of One Diaper at a Time.

Prize #9: 4-pack of Blushing Bride. (Perfect for Christmas gifts or starting a winter book club.)

You can enter to win up to 3 times 1.) answer question #1. 2.) answer question #2. and 3.) post a link to the Radical CELEBRATION on Facebook OR Twitter OR remind 2 of your fellow readers-along of today’s party. (Each time you enter, make sure you tell me the # of the book(s) you’d like to win.)

Question #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical? (Tell me something cool God is doing/has done.)

Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

And you absolutely don’t have to stick to the questions. We’d love to hear anything you have to share! Thank you SO much, friends. It’s been a joy to journey with you through this book and through life! Much love to you all!

p.s. Drawing ends at 11:59pm Thursday. I’ll announce the winners Friday. (U.S. addresses only)

p.p.s. NEXT READ-ALONG announcement TOMORROW!

171 thoughts on “radical CELEBRATION!! (with prizes!!)

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  2. Susan J.

    Like others, I didn’t keep up with the reading 100%. I’m even coming a little late to the game on the celebration! First I learned that somehow, Tuesday’s aren’t good for me. =) I really learned that I’m a selfish person and I need to give A LOT more. Not just physically, or financially, but spiritually. My mind is definitely more in giving. I’m trying to think of some way every day that I can bless someone else. For example, yesterday I donated blood and sent a check to my favorite charity that just got hit by heavy storms and sustained some damage. Before reading the book, there’s a good chance, I would have decided I was too tired, or I needed “me” time, or we didn’t have the extra money. Even if I don’t have a solid plan, my focus is different. And I would like pretty much any of the prizes, especially 5,6, and 7. Thanks for hosting, Marla!

      1. Susan J.

        Oh, it’s OK Marla…tuesdays are as a good a day as any if I can get my lazy self motivated to start typing! I actually said I was coming late to the celebration thinking it was thursday and that it was the last possible day. Ha! Yikes.

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  4. Kelly Sipan

    Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

    – my husband and I have been praying about foster care. I don’t THINK now is the right time. Pray that God would make that clear (or not.)

    – facing some BIG possible changes at our church (where I work). pray God’s will is done in those changes, and that I would have wisdom in knowing my role in the midst of them.

    I’d love #3 (first choice) or # 4, 8, or 9 (choices I would enjoy too).

  5. Kelly Sipan

    Question #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical? (Tell me something cool God is doing/has done.)

    – ready to start the Radical experiment soon! (just waiting to finish reading with my husband so he can join in!) I am especially excited for the praying for the world and reading the whole Word.

    – causing me to think of what it would mean to truly SACRIFICE. Not just give generously, but sacrifice for it. Not sure what I think about that yet. (as in, I know it’s what I should do… just, will I actually do it?)

    – considering leading a Bible study group through Radical sometime in the spring/summer

    I’d love #3 (first choice) or # 4, 8, or 9 (choices I would enjoy too).

  6. Melissa

    My life is different because I have finally realized my love of travel should not be for selfish reasons…that I and my family are called to travel around the world and make disciples. I am also more fully committed to helping out my community, and teaching my kids to serve.

    Pray that God would open my husband’s heart to all of this and that we would be like minded.

  7. Lori @ The Davidson Den

    And finally: I posted on Facebook (Lori Carpenter Davidson) AND on Twitter (singalongmommy).

    I forgot to tell you what book I’d be interested in on my other entries. I’d love Prize #6 (first choice) OR Prize #7 (second choice) OR Prize #3 (third choice). Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  8. Lori @ The Davidson Den

    Answering Question #2: As we are in the process of selling our house, you can pray that I will continue to JUST trust God. Because sometimes I find myself worrying about where we’ll go, what it will BE like, how much work it will be, etc. Sometimes I have moments, albeit brief, in which I think about giving in and just living like the rest of the world. (It doesn’t seem to bother them.) These thoughts are from the devil, I know, but I’d really like them to go away as I focus on the path God has set before me.

  9. Lori @ The Davidson Den

    Answering Question #1: Life has changed and life is changing… And that’s a good thing. I am done with extravagances. (Not that I was ever all THAT much into them.) But I definitely have a different perspective. In fact, we were watching 60 Minutes Sunday, and they were doing a story on “Spiderman” on Broadway–a 30 million dollar project–and I just couldn’t get over it. This Broadway buff is not the same person she once was. Thank you, Jesus.

  10. sharon

    Hi Marla. I have to confess I am behind. Sorry, you have been so good about following the timeline and faithful. I have gotten overwhelmed, mom here for 10 days, flu, etc and working. I am finishing the book but it has constantly reminded me about what is important and how excessive we are as a society. I try to be simple in nature but now the Christmas season is here and I put crazy pressure on myself but it all stuff I enjoy, so… I need this reminder to stay focused on Jesus and give the other up, he needs to be first in order for my life to follow. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Don’t worry about falling behind, Sharon!! It doesn’t matter! Just finish the book when you get the chance! I reeeeally appreciate you sharing your thoughts and convictions as we were reading along. I LOVED hearing what God was teaching you. See you soon!! Love you!

  11. Katy

    Good morning,

    I don’t need to be entered into the drawing, but I did want to say thank you Marla for putting this together. I never would have read this book if you didn’t do this, and my Aunt didn’t pressure me into it! :-p (Love you Aunt Sharon) It was such an encouragement to be reminded that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, and this book has given me more of a desire to know God far more intimately then I do now. Before I read this book I would have said I was doing a pretty good job not living the American dream…But I have been convicted that I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but should compare myself to the perfect holiness of Christ. I fall so short of being Christ-like, and long to be more like Him! This book also gave me more of a desire to tell others of the greatness of God, and to help those who are so less fortunate then me. I’m thankful for what God is doing through David Platt. (-:

  12. Anna

    Q#1 How is my life NOT different after reading Radical??
    I guess I see it most when it comes to my attitude while out in situations where I would normally be spending money. I just can’t justify buying another black long sleeved shirt because it’s only $5 and a staple, when I have a perfectly fine one in my closet, a little faded, but still. I think of your friends in Cambodia and how they could use $5 for MUCH more than a shirt. (And that’s just a puny example…)

    I guess Radical changed my perspective of the American Dream and how we CAN help others all over the world.

    I used to think you had to be called to missions. Now I want to go overseas, too. Can I jump in your suitcase next time you go to Cambodia??? Ha!

    1. Anna

      Oh and which books would I’d like?

      ANY combo! They’re all fabulous and I haven’t read about 70% of them! It’s exciting! even if I don’t win, I’m putting these on my Christmas list from Philip… (In direct contrast with my statement above about not spending money, ha! See? Radical messed with my mind, I’m still sorting it out. My finances are one big contradiction!)

    2. Marla Taviano

      YES to stowing away in my suitcase! (as long as you bring that darling little boy) And, um, I wear black t-shirts when I speak (because I sweat like nuts), and they were on sale at Target at the end of the summer for $4 and I bought 5. πŸ˜‰ Love you, A!

  13. beth lehman

    jumping in here to say i haven’t read Radical yet – but I plan to read the comments here to give me incentive for reading the book. the other books look good too – i think i found you through sorta crunchy. i believe God is calling us to more than we can imagine – but it’s time to stop and listen. i can’t wait to join in and read !!

  14. alittlebitograce

    hey marla!
    it’s hard to sum up the impact radical has had in my life. i know that i have been changed, but it also doesn’t seem enough. i’m reading my Bible a lot more, am prayer journaling a lot more as well, and am generally looking at my life a lot differently. i also have a crazy dream that God will drastically change my community for His glory and am working and praying towards that end. i’ve finally decided where my money is going. i’m going to be sponsoring a child in the philippines through International Teams, the organization my husband and I serve with. i”m excited about this because not only can I afford it($20/month-half of my monthly allowance), my husband has been there twice and i know some the people working there, both locals and canadians. they just started this program and i’m very excited to be a part of it!

    having written all of that, i can see where God has been at work. so maybe the impact wasn’t so small after all. but i still am so materialistic. i’m struggling with how much we buy for each other at christmas and how much i will be receiving. i think we’re starting a long conversation that will gradually take us in a very different direction. slow is good, right? i guess i just want to be perfected already. πŸ™‚

    i could use a lot of prayer! for my health, for my family as we’ve had a difficult year, and for a clear sense of who God is. i’m struggling a lot with believing that God is good and that He is just.

    thank you so much for this read-along. it was exactly what i needed this fall. God has used this in my life. *hugs*

    p.s i would like either #2 or #6. am i allowed to choose two? if not, i choose #6. πŸ™‚

  15. Jamie Nygaard

    Since I missed the announcement of your last Read-A-Long…I thought I’d check this one out! πŸ™‚ Becca told me Radical was an amazing book. I’ll have to get it!

    I alre

    1. Marla Taviano

      Did you have something else to say, Miss Jamie? πŸ˜‰ I’m announcing the new Read-Along book here in 45 minutes! (and you should definitely get Radical!) And come visit me sometime! Love you!

  16. LaRonda

    1)I have been reminded once again that life is not about ME and MY plans. God hasn’t put me on this earth to live for My wishes and desires. He has put me here to bring glory to Him and to make His name known. Trying to figure out what all that means.
    2) Pray that I would understand and be willing to walk where God leads. I am afraid it will be way out of my comfort zone.

  17. arminda

    For 2011 we are taking the dive to foster/adopt. We aren’t sure how the details will work out but it’s not really up to US to work them out. πŸ˜‰ So prayers for that would be much appreciated!

    Thank you Marla for putting all of this together! You are such a huge blessing!!

    (I have a lot of these hehe but the Stuff Christians Like sounds interesting. πŸ˜‰

  18. arminda

    OK even though I didn’t post every week….uh ahem so even though I only posted three times, I still read the whole book. My life is different mostly because I am aware now? I don’t know if that’s an answer? I have no trips planned for international travel but there is a constant heightened awareness in our home of the great need all around us, not just in the world but even in our own back yard. We are taking baby steps toward getting out of our comfort zone to act more instead of just talking.

  19. Marla

    I’m Here!!! Finally!!! It has been a long crazy trip and I have to get off a few stops along the way and then try and jump back on. I wasn’t able to post as much as I had originally thought I could. I could make up a ton of excuses but I’ll be honest, my time management skills got the better of me! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t read and re-read all of Radical and still plan to read again! It touched me the first time and then smacked me the second time.

    Question #1 – My life is different b/c it has gotten me to not focus on the “things” of this world and to try and teach that to my children that “things” are not so important. I STRUGGLE with a capital S every day with this. I am a shopper by nature. I love a good deal! I am starting to come to a point where I don’t do impulse purchases anymore, don’t eat out as much as we used to. I see there are better ways to use the money we have and that leads me to #2

    #2 – I pray that in the upcoming year I can continue to grow and love the God I know that loves me uncondintionally when I fall – which is often – being honest here. I pray that we use our finances wisely as well as my time. I want to volunteer at Urban Promises, local place in Camden NJ that lets kids know they are not a statistic, they are God’s child. I pray that my husband and I can be on the same page and it’s not all me wanting to do things.

    I am looking for 2011 and making some radical changes in my own life however God leads! I don’t like to not be in control!

    Thanks for everything!!

    PS – If I would be so fortunate to win anything I would love: #2, #5, #6, or #7 – If I am to win – it will be the book that God wants me to have for one reason or another! Thanks Marla!!!

    PPS – has anyone ever told you that your name is FANTASTIC??!!!!!

    1. Marla Taviano

      How sweet of you to drop by. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to see what God does in your family’s life in 2011, Marla! I love what he’s done already!! Praying for you and Calen to be united in your passion for following Christ! Love you, girl!

  20. ali

    1) I have never been so inspired to read the Bible and live by it. I have never been so hungry and thirsty for God’s Word to fill my heart and soul.
    2) I pray, pray, pray that I step up to the plate. There is not doubt that God is at work and challenging me to my core. Now I need to move, and I pray that I don’t let fear get in the way.

  21. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    Ok, I’m here. πŸ™‚ While I have a few chapters left to go, one of the things that is sticking out to me the most is thinking through how I talk to Brennan about Jesus. Platt had a section in one of the earlier chapters about how Jesus isn’t a God to necessarily be “invited in” (our hearts) as He is “surrendered to”. I want Brennan to know how much Jesus loves Him, but that his purpose in following Jesus is more than about love. Platt has me thinking about how to share Jesus in His fullness and worthiness to Brennan. And you may certainly pray for wisdom for us in that…WE NEED IT!

  22. Amy

    Well, I didn’t get to participate in the read-along this go-around. My very favorite thing to do in the world is read, but I think I’ve only read one complete book in the past year. Life is so darn BUSY! I’m hoping that one of these days, I’ll have time to sit and read. In the meantime, I’m hoping that winning one of these prizes would make me MAKE the time to read, you know?

    As our family looks to 2011, we could have some major changes on the horizon. My job at the church is in limbo right now. Losing that job would be a hit financially, but it would free up some time to read. πŸ™‚ So, I would love prayers for God’s guidance among those who make the staffing decisions at the church … and for me, too. I want to be smack dab in the middle of God’s will, without any of my desires straying me from that place.

    1. Amy

      Oh, yeah — I’m not sure if I’m eligible — but I’m celebrating with all of you! — but if I was, I’d be interested in 1, 5, 6 or 7.

    2. Marla Taviano

      We’re starting a new Read-Along January 4th… I’ll pray God gives you the time to read with us. πŸ™‚

      Praying about your job and that God will give you the perfect attitude about whatever happens. We love you guys!!

  23. Jaclyn K

    Radical has changed the way I see the world and my responsibilty to it. I can’t pretend they don’t exist. I thought it was easier to turn a blind eye to it but now I know and want to help. I am ready for God to use me and amazed of the need in my own neck of the woods. One example is that So many of my students didn’t have thanksgiving dinner so my husband and I made all the fixings and decorated the table. We had dinner together as a class. They were so thankful. They kept telling me thank you but the I should have been telling them thank you because the gift of giving is a gift to God and yourself.

    If I win I would like soul healing but I think I allready won. Thanks again Marla for doing this. Coming to your neck of the woods in 2 weeks….going to the zoo with sweet Ali:)

    1. Marla Taviano

      That is AWESOME about the dinner, girl!! Woohoo!! I have the sweet privilege of helping serve a dinner for needy families of kindergartners at the school near my house next week. So excited about it!

      And, um, I’m TOTALLY inviting myself to the zoo with you. What day are you going??

  24. Leigh

    My prayer for this next year is that I won’t get sidetracked by life. I can already identify a few stressful situations that might pull me away from the Soup Wagon. While it’s wise not to overcommit and be busybusybusy, that wouldn’t be the case here. I don’t want to say it’s a spiritual attack but I wouldn’t rule it out. My other prayer is to live joyfully no matter what. My dad has been sick the last few weeks and we’re now finding it out it might be leukemia- but still hoping it’ll end up being a random blood disorder instead. The next MD appointment is Thursday, which will hopefully result in a game plan of some sort. However this ends up, I want to be joyful in spite of the circumstances and for God to use this for His glory.

      1. Leigh

        Oops! #5 or #7 would be most excellent. I’ve been intending to read both books for a while!

        Thanks for the prayers. I’ll keep you posted on both fronts!

  25. Leigh

    Radical forced me to act on some things I’d been content to sporadically ponder. I’m getting connected with the Soup Wagon, changing my budget so I can give more, and planning on a mission trip of some sort which definitely wasn’t on the radar before. The Radical Experiment has helped me step up my game and I honestly have no idea how God will use this (in my life and in the life of others) in the next year but I’m excited.

    1. Marla Taviano

      “Radical forced me to act on some things I’d been content to sporadically ponder.” Oh my goodness, YES. I’m an amazingly good ponderer. πŸ™‚ And now I’m finally ACTING, praise the Lord.

      Thank you, Leigh. So, so much.

  26. Nancy

    I’m still processing all that I’ve read and may need to go back and read it again, hopefully with my husband this time. I feel that we had already begun down a somewhat Radical path before reading the book. Not radical in reaching the world with the Gospel, but in how we’re living on so much less than we were ever accustomed to. Due to a job loss we had to readjust our budget significantly, cutting out everything except necessities. I have to confess I felt relieved when our Compassion child outgrew the system and we’d have one less thing to pay each month. Then I felt God nudging me to trust him and we commited to a monthly payment to support my friend’s (friend as in cyber-friend) radical new ministry the Mercy House. I guess my prayer request would be that our focus stay on the positive. We tend to get bogged down in our current situation and I find myself worrying about having enough tomorrow. I want us to stay focused on what God is doing to meet our needs. As amazing as his provision has been, like the Israelites, we keep forgetting that. I feel like we’ve lost all desires for earthly things so if we had any extra money we could be radical with it. But, unfortunately that’s not the case right now. So I’m praying that God will give us ideas for ways we can “get radical” that don’t involve money. Or if he prefers we spend money, he’ll provide it! Sorry this is so long!
    Oh, and I would love to win any of the books…especially any of yours! It would be cool to be able to give out the diaper ones to new moms in our church nursery where we serve.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thanks so much, Nancy! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you’re praying God will give you ideas that don’t involve money. He will! I’ve sold Scrabble magnets to raise money for the poor, for crying out loud. πŸ™‚

      God, please give Nancy and her family wisdom and show them how they can get creatively radical. Help them to stay positive and not forget your miraculous provision, as all of us are so prone to do. Bless them as they live for you!

      1. Nancy

        Yes, my daughter bought some of those Scrabble magnets from you! lol They were for part of a wedding gift, btw, and the bride LOVED them!

  27. Ashley Renee

    Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

    My sister and brother-in-law are currently in the process of adopting our second niece from China. This has been a very long process and now they’re stuck waiting longer to get her. We originally thought we would have her home before Christmas, but now it’s looking like she won’t be in the United States until March.

    This sweet baby turned one on October 1st. Although her parents were able to send a cake from a local bakery to her orphanage, she did not get to celebrate her birthday with the family. Now she’ll also be missing her first Christmas season with her family. Please pray that she feels loved and wanted in the months leading up to her adoption being finalized. And pray that she will have a smooth transition when she moves to a completely different culture in a few months.

    She also has cleft lip and cleft palate, so prayers for the surgery she’ll be undergoing when she arrives here would be appreciated.

    Also, I’d love to win Book #1, as I haven’t read Radical yet. Thanks in advance for praying!!

  28. niki hughes

    #1. My life is different now because my perspective has changed. I am looking beyond myself & beyond the other three people that I live with. I have been sensing God leading me to be involved with the foster kids in this area, just not sure how, in what way. Well, tonight I am attending an informational meeting/training for mentors for the Transitions program. This is for students who are graduating from high school, and transitioning out of the foster care system. Mentors work with their students through their sophomore year in college, educationally, socially, emotionally & I hope, spiritually. I have butterflies in my stomach! What if? What if? What if? I’m not letting my mind go to all those what if’s right now. Except, what if…God uses this student in my life to make more like Him? What if God uses me to truly make a difference in this person’s life? I’m going tonight, to get more information, and see what happens.

    #2. Wow. How can you pray for me? Pray that I will be aware of God directing me, daily, hourly. And pray that I will be obedient when He does.

    Thank you, Marla, for leading me through this book study. God has used you in my life.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Praying for you RIGHT NOW, Niki, as you get ready to go to this meeting. That is just plain awesome, and I’ll be praying you are so sensitive to God’s direction for your life. Your family too!

  29. Susan

    Wow. It’s been a real roller coaster ride. I’ve managed to blog only a few responses to chapters because I’ve felt I have more to learn than to say. I think one of the best things I’ve received from reading Radical is how our attitude toward giving has changed. We have gone from giving “leftovers” to giving the “first fruits”, and radically so.

    I want to share a story with you all that sums up what I’m feeling is happening with me…it’s about a woman who went to a silversmith to learn how silver was refined to better understand why the analogy is used in the Bible:

    As she watched the silversmith, he held a piece of silver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that in refining silver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities.

    The woman thought about God holding us in such a hot spot; then she thought again about the verse that says: ‘ He sits as a refiner and purifier of silver.’

    She asked the silversmith if it was true that he had to sit there in front of the fire the whole time.

    The man answered that yes, he not only had to sit there holding the silver, but he had to keep his eyes on the silver the entire time it was in the fire. If the silver was left a moment too long in the flames, it would be destroyed.

    The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked the silversmith, ‘How do you know when the silver is fully refined?’

    He smiled at her and answered, ‘ Oh, that’s easy — when I see my image in it.’

    Prize #7

  30. Liz

    #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical? (Tell me something cool God is doing/has done.)
    I have to tell you I have not finished the book yet but I will and I have loved it. It has changed my way of thinking. It has made me more aware of those moments where God uses me to reach people. Even though he knows everthing about me He still wants to use me. I don’t want to miss those moments.
    Just this morning I was at Starbucks for a meeting and a elderly man tha I know from Starbucks (yes I spend too much time there) kept wanting to tell us stories and we were really busy trying to get our agenda done from our meeting. Then I thought maybe God wants us to listen to these (boring) stories to show this man the love of Jesus. It made me stop my agenda and say okay God I have the time to do what ever you want to do.

    #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?
    Please pray my son is home before Christmas, this will take a miracle but I serve a God of miracles.

    Prize #4

    I am so gratful I have gotten to become blogg friends with all of you (even if I don’t have a blogg)

  31. Shannon

    Marla, first I just want to say that I love your blog. It is encouraging for me and I enjoy getting to see a glimpse of your life. As for question 1, I haven’t read Radical yet but have heard great things about it and I hope to read it in the near future. My prayer for 2011 is that my husband and I would just trust in God’s timing and that our actions and words would reflect that. We’re in a period of waiting (on a new job for him and a family of our own) and I want us to praise Him while we wait.

    Numbers 1, 5 & 6 would be my top picks.


  32. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    You are such a kind, generous friend. I love you.

    #1) God has completely changed my view on life (my own and life in general) through Radical. He has helped me to have a clarity for what our purpose is here and has opened my eyes to the realities of this world that are far different from the pseudo-reality I’ve cocooned myself in here in middle class America. I look at every event, every expenditure, every program differently.

    God has done some incredible things in my husband’s heart, too. Things that I would never have dreamed of two years ago.

    #2) One thing you could pray for me about is that Kyle and I would find a place of unity and oneness in our hopes and dreams for our family’s future, for direction on how and where we can sacrifice to support kingdom work, and just some specifics about what He would have us do here!

    I would looooooooooooove to win #5, 6, or 7!

    1. Marla Taviano

      I love you too, Meg. And I’m absolutely praying for you and Kyle. God knows your heart, and I know he’ll honor your request for unity with your hubby. Keep inspiring us, girl!

      p.s. Yes, the Like on Facebook counts for something. Who knows what though?

  33. Natalie

    Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

    Please pray that we would seek God’s will for our family for 2011 and that He would speak clearly to both my husband and I. I would like our lives to come into line with biblical expectations NOT cultural ones!

    Again, I’d love to win the Francis Chan book πŸ™‚

  34. Natalie

    Hey Marla,

    This is quite a party you are having here πŸ™‚

    Question #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical? (Tell me something cool God is doing/has done.)

    My life is different in that I am questioning everything I thought I believed in as it relates to my faith and the culture. My kids and I have committed to praying for the world over this next year and I also signed up to join a Bible in 90 days group that starts in January. The other parts of the Radical Experiment are less clear to me because my husband only read the first three chapters and there are obviously certain decisions that we have to make together. I am praying that he will pick it back up or at least watch the sermon series.

    I would love to win the Francis Chan book.

  35. Amanda

    Question #1: I’m planning on going to Honduras this summer on a mission trip (I’ve never left the US before!) AND I’m planning on taking my son (11) along too! We are so excited! And Christmas, oh goodness. We have SO much, and the excess we see, especially at this time of year, is so glaring right now. My kids are still getting presents (but not a lot from us–our family will give them so much) but I’ve decided to forgo the matching jammies (3 sets) this year (they all have MORE than enough jammies) and I’m going to let them pick something out of the Samaritan’s Purse catalog and use the money for that instead.

    Question #2:I pray that the weight of responsibility to our global community and our local community as well will not get lighter as time passes. I pray that I can help my children to recognize the privilege they benefit from and see the disparity in the world around us. My 6 year old–bless her heart–watched a video on the Operation Christmas Child site–after we had just packed a box–and wished aloud that she would receive a box like it. She thought she was needy because had to wear a pair of capri school uniform pants last week because she couldn’t find a clean pair of long pants that day. She just can’t comprehend poverty. I pray that I can help mold her heart into a giving and caring heart that knows compassion!

    1. Amanda

      And I would love #1. My copy is a Kindle copy now & I’d love to be able to pass some on to those I’ve been sharing with!

    2. Marla Taviano

      That’s AWESOME that you and your son get to go to Honduras together, Amanda. Praise the Lord! (and I LOVE the idea of trading jammies for Samaritan’s Purse gifts!)

      I’m praying that God will continue to burden your hearts with the needs of those less fortunate. And that God will cause something to click in your little girl’s mind and heart so that she gets it too.

  36. Tug Taviano

    For 2011, I would love people to pray for the guidance and direction of WillRock4Food…with recently getting 501c3 status, I know we need to get rolling, and rattling the cages of this area. Please pray in whichever manner you feel lead!

  37. Sarah

    First of all, I wasn’t gonna do this! But you made me…Thank you! I finally finished the book this last weekend so I can honestly answer these questions.

    #1 I have suddenly become disgusted with materialism. I’m far from perfect in this area. But I cringe when I hear family wanting to teach my girls what a “shopping spree” is πŸ™ Both of my parents are pack-rats and I don’t want to end up like that! My treasure is in Heaven where it belongs πŸ™‚
    #2 I certainly need prayer to model these things in our home…daily! And to keep up with the Bible reading…ugh! I’m not a reader (and don’t really have time for it) so this will be tough. Also, for direction. In the last year God has used the earthquake in Haiti to take me on a journey exploring adoption. He has opened and closed more doors in the last year than I thought were possible! But I keep following and am anxious to see where He leads me/us πŸ™‚

    #3 or #6…can’t decide πŸ™‚

    1. Marla Taviano

      Now, Sarah. I didn’t MAKE you. πŸ˜‰ I prayed for you just now–that God will help you stand up against materialism. And that he’ll help you like to read more. πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see what God has planned for you guys!

  38. Jordan Wiseman

    Recently I have been struggling with what is the next step God wants me to take in my life. I recently felt like God was telling me to stop doing web design on a freelance basis. I’m not completely sure why, but I am currently interning at my church, so it could be he just wants me there!

    I would definitely appreciate your prayers.

    Thanks Marla!

    Prize #7

  39. Rachelle

    As I’ve read through all the comments all I can say is, “WOW GOD!!” Praise you Jesus for allowing us to witness the things you are doing as you transform us into your image. This is so exciting!

    Even as we weakly try to follow Christ in our human way, God is faithfully displaying His glory through us. I am humbled that he can use us.

    My husband, Clyde and I read Radical together. It was no secret before that we had a heart for children from “hard places” and Clyde always knew that I wanted to adopt and that I never had the feeling that we were “done” having children (we have 4 bio). But he was never to the place where he thought we should adopt.

    And then…we read Radical and I witnessed God do a work in my husband’s heart. During our read along Clyde went through a few days of feeling like he was literally starving, like a teenage boy. He kept complaining that he was hungry, but had eaten. Then, with tears rolling down his face he said, “I think God is letting me feel like this so that I can have a feeling of what it is like to feel hungry”. “There really are children starving and what if one of them is ours?” I was speechless, but said, “huh?” That’s when our journey began and also the ache in our hearts for children that we have never met.

    We began seeking God for his direction; realizing that what we were doing was going to look crazy to everyone on our life. We felt led to begin the process of adopting a child from our state foster care system and as we took the first steps we realized that God wanted us to adopt a teenager! That radical! We can’t explain it, but it is God’s plan and I’m sure it will be harder and greater than we can ever imagine!

    This saturday we will complete our foster/adoption training followed by the homestudy process. We have inquired on a boy that just turned 17 who has unknowingly drawn us to love him.

    Here’s the kicker: Clyde thinks we should adopt older siblings from Ethiopia, beginning in about a year… πŸ™‚ I have no idea where this journey is going to lead and I admit that it’s very scary, but know that God will lead if we will only follow and that His path will be full of blessing that is beyond our wildest dreams!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh my goodness, Rachelle. I already knew so much of your story, yet here I sit STUNNED at how good God is. Praising him with you and your family! And praying so much for you guys!! (And the story about Clyde? Just about did me in.)

      Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

      I love you and can’t wait to meet you in person someday!!!

      (Don’t forget to tell me what book you’d like to win.)

  40. Jennifer

    We’re definitely looking at money differently. We’re not rich by any means, but we’ve been reminded of what realy poverty is and feel compelled to give more than we have been. We were recently told that a very expensive part needed to be replaced on our AC unit and felt like that would put an end to our ability to give more, at least until it was paid for. Not even two weeks later, someone at our church gave a belated pastor appreciation gift without knowing any of this, and the amount given covered over half the cost of the repair. We’re in a better position to give now than we were as a result, so this past week, we adopted our third Compassion child. This is just a small beginning, but we’re excited!

    Oh, and prize #1! My copy is digital, and I would love to pass a paper copy along to a friend….

    1. Marla Taviano

      Congratulations on a new Compassion child, Jenn! That’s AWESOME!! And thanks again for all your insightful posts during this read-along. I really appreciated them and got a lot out of what you wrote! Love you!

  41. Amy Kate

    Please pray that my sense of urgency and eagerness is not dulled by the world…I want to find a new rhythm of our family life: integrating global prayer into our homeschool days, seeing the people we come in contact with as God does, keeping materialism and greed at bay. Yup, that ought to be a good start. Thank you for all your wonderful, encouraging words through this read.

  42. Amy Kate

    I look at my spending very differently. I’m trying to ask myself questions…like what kind of Kingdom work could this dollar do? I already see God blessing our finances so we can reach out to the hurting world. And the concept of *extending grace* and what that looks like is something I’m still chewing on.
    Any books would be great, but I’m especially interested in #6.

  43. Sharon Meekins

    Hi Marla,

    First of all, I am still reading the book. It’s a hard read. Probably because I’m in Haiti. Honestly, I’m still really struggling about the Lord leading me to Haiti. I’m right in the middle of some of the most amazing things He is doing in Haiti. I should be thrilled and excited about being a part of His amazing work. Yet, I just want to be home.

    Please pray that our Lord will continue to work on my heart. I love Him so much, Marla. I want to serve Him. Is it wrong to want to serve Him in a different way?

    Thank you, Marla, for allowing me to be real!

    Prize #2

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh, Sharon. I’ve been praying for you and will keep on praying! I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for you. I’m praying that the holidays will be a time of rest and refreshment and that God will give you clarity and peace about where he wants you to be. He knows your heart, friend. Just keep loving him!!

  44. Jen Hanson

    #2 – Please pray for diligence and that the leadership for the Radical Experiment will come mainly from my husband, so that I can learn to follow him better and so that he can learn to be a stronger leader.

    (I would like “Stuff Christians Like” or, if that is already taken – “Forgotten God” or another copy of “Radical”)

  45. Kathleen-NM

    Changed from the inside out, and Radical was a part of that as well as another recommend from you, Thin Places. I am more aware of the unnecessary ways of spending money, and have made conscious effort to say, “that money could be used elsewhere.” I didn’t post much, but kept up. I have challenged my Women’s Ministry team to read the book and some are. I am involved in the discipleship leadership on our team and plan to use some of the principles in the book to shape our mission statement.

    My husband and I lead a group of young married couples from our church. If I were to win I would love the 4 pack of Blushing Bride to give away to the girls in the group. I loved that book and gave my copy away to another young friend.

    I am working on a blog site (finally) and hope to post more as we read the next book.

    You are advancing the Kingdom in wonderful ways, Marla, thank you. I sent a separate email to you.

    Grace and Peace!

  46. Jen Hanson

    #1 – Ooooooh my! How my life is different. I care less and less about material things and find myself noticing the needs of others a bit more often.

    Cool story – I ran into Holly (the homeless lady I wrote about on my blog) again last week. I bought her breakfast and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. I was sorta-kinda late for work – but I did get to pray with and bless Holly, which was a more urgent need at the moment. (I did not get in trouble at work btw πŸ˜‰

    It’s funny, the challenges presented in Radical were really hard as I was reading them, but they seemed to have slipped into my life anyways and now I must closer to second-nature than I thought it could be.

    (I would like “Stuff Christians Like” or, if that is already taken – “Forgotten God” or another copy of “Radical”)

    1. Marla Taviano

      That’s sooooo cool about Holly, Jen! And I know what you mean! I thought this would be harder than it is, but once you take that first step, God just lays opportunities in your lap–and they’re FUN! Love you, girl!

    2. Rachelle

      I love how you said that these (Radical) challenges have “slipped into your life”. A tree doesn’t have to muster up fruit, it just happens to the tree! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness as His ways become our nature.

  47. Joel McLaughlin

    One more prayer item….

    As I grow in faith and start serving him in many ways, I am disheartened in that there are MANY time I am the ONLY guy there serving.

    I went on the day before Thanksgiving to help my Father In Law with a Thanksgiving dinner in his apartment building. Most of the people who live there are retired and need this kind of place to live after their husband or wife pass. I felt God told me I needed to serve him there.

    While I was blessed beyond words and definitely experienced God, I was also a little disheartened that I was the ONLY guy there other than my father in law.

    Plus, other then Gabe, I was the only guy here I think! Or at least in the minority.

    So what I thing we need to pray about is why men aren’t involved more in serving God and being faithful to him? I am sure there are some, but according to the Bible, we are to become the spiritual leaders of our families.

    I am not dismissing women at all. I appreciate what Marla has done and some of the other women in the read along. They are inspirations! However, we men need to serve as well!

    So let’s pray for that!

  48. Sandi

    Still not completely finished with the book (sadly…).
    1. Jim and I are asking questions of ourselves, as a result of reading both Crazy Love and Radical, that we’d never dreamed to even ask before. And we’re stepping up and asking how our church’s priorities are set, and funds are spent, which has not always met with positive reactions/responses. Of course, I don’t think that there are any easy answers – just hard questions and hard answers. But, we still have to ask them.
    2. FCA funding has become sad-making/stress-making in San Antonio. Prayers for God’s continued provision would be much appreciated. And, pray that Jim and I would teach the challenges and commands of Jesus in a way that the median adults he teaches (fifties), and the 11th grade girls I teach would hear HIM and obey radically. Thanks! (#8 is my first choice…)

    1. Jen Hanson

      My husband and I read both of those books back-to-back as well, and I am amazed at the sort of questions I’ve been willing to consider as a result. (My husband has never had a problem asking those hard questions)

    2. Marla Taviano

      Thank you so much, Sandi. I prayed for you and Mr. Jim just now, that God would wrap you in his peace and love today so tightly that you feel loved all over. Thank you for who you are and all you do for his kingdom. I have every intention of meeting you face-to-face in 2011, just so you know. πŸ™‚ Love you, friend!

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  50. Nina

    Question #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical?

    I am a lot more aware of how I am spending my money, and I’ve virtually stopped spending it on things that are not necessities or books. I am also in the process of volunteering to be a Compassion Advocate and have arranged to do a presentation to my church in January to encourage folks to sponsor a child through Compassion. These are small steps compared to some of the other comments I’m reading, but ya have to start somewhere. πŸ™‚

    Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

    That all of this isn’t just a phase for me. I go through a lot of phases–jump on the bandwagon, dive in with both feet, etc.–and too often end up exhausted and disillusioned. I want this to be a lasting thing–a real change of heart for me, not just something I do for a while until something else catches my eye.

    I would like “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. If that one’s taken, I could use another copy of “Radical”–I’ve already bought two more copies and given both of them away!

    1. Marla Taviano

      That’s awesome about being a Compassion Advocate, Nina! And that’s no small thing!!

      Praying for you that this isn’t just a phase. I’m totally a Phaser too–and don’t want to be!! It’s been an honor to get to know you, Girl With the Fabulous Name.

  51. Brooke

    Question #1: How is your life different because of reading Radical? (Tell me something cool God is doing/has done.)

    My husband and I donated (what I would consider) at lot of money to a Bible translation organization. Who would have thought my nonbelieving husband would be okay with giving missionaries more money than we’ll spend total this Christmas? To translate a book he doesn’t believe in, to share a God he doesn’t put his hope in.

    Also, starting in December, I’m going to start a “charity of the month” challenge for myself. The challenge is for me to quit wasting money on things that don’t matter (fast food, new clothing) and start giving to those that do.

    Question #2: How can we pray for you as look forward to 2011 and living radically?

    That I would not grow stale in my resolve. That my radical behavior would set me apart from the hypocrites in the church that drives my husband away from God. That he would look at me and not be able to say “I’m just as good/honest/kind/compassionate as her and I don’t even have a god.” Not because of my power, of course, but because the Holy Spirit has so endwelled me I can’t help but reach out to others. And to think of myself less often.

    tweeted (twitter handle @smartstrongsexy)

    Those book choices are tough!!! As you know I really liked the one I just finished by Miller, have had my eye on the Acuff book for a while now, but then again have never read anything by the wonderful Taviano. hmmm…I’ll go with prize option 3

    1. Marla Taviano

      Wow, Brooke. I can’t wait for the day when you tell me that your husband has given his life to Christ. I know it’s coming. PRAISE HIM for working in his heart already. That is so, so cool.

      I’ve been praying for you two and will continue to pray. I LOVE your charity of the month idea!

  52. Kandi

    Wow. For one thing, and this is simple yet huge…I can’t stop talking to other people about what God has done for me and what I need to be doing to share Him. Simple, yet life changing. As soon as I read chapter 1, I convinced my husband to read along with me. We would each read a chapter and then discuss it. Wow again…this has been huge in our prayer life together and our dreams and plans for the future. We have left our usual group on Sunday to give a missions emphasis talk to a different group every week. We were already very missions minded, yet this took us to another level. My husband just returned from Haiti and since everyone is interested in hearing about that, we’re using that as a way to give a much bigger testimony and lesson that wraps up our own missions testimonies, what we’ve learned from Radical, a larger perspective on missions from the class Perspectives (highly recommend btw) and a challenge to join us in living RADICALLY. We will be starting our own read-along in our home after the first of the year…that is huge for us also. We are both introverts and God has really been working on us to step out in faith and build RELATIONSHIPS. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that reading this book spurred me to actual ACTION rather than just thinking “oh I should do that”. I have been buying 3 copies every week from Amazon and handing them out to anyone that expresses interest. I always say, along with some other things, “I’m giving this to you b/c I want to be held accountable to living this way. The more people I know that read this, the more likely that is to happen!”. Thanks so much for hosting this, Marla. I had never read your blog before…I found the link on Boomama. I have been inspired by reading about you and your family and how you live. Oh, one more thing…I’m copying your idea to host a Christmas Cookie Drop-in. You can pray about that. We live in a very unreached neighborhood. We may have low turnout but I know God will bless our effort. And pray that we can overcome our shyness and truly have a desire to be in relationship with our neighbors. (Luckily, our children did not inherit any of the shy gene so that helps!)

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh my goodness, Kandi. I don’t even know where to start. BLESS YOU! I love, love, love that God is moving in your heart to constantly share what he’s doing in and through you. SO AWESOME!!

      And I’ll ABSOLUTELY pray for your Cookie Party. Praise the Lord!!! Please pray for ours too. It’s 5 days away, and I feel so unprepared. We may have a low turnout too (I have NO idea), but I’m praying that God brings every single person he wants to come.

      Thank you so much for sharing today! Wow. (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win.)

  53. gini

    Radical really stirred my heart and reminded me of a lot of things I know and was ignoring… It has made us look at how we are serving and loving our neighbor and the poor. I pray that in 2011 God reveals area of ministry that we can get plugged into. We just joined a church in our new home and they are focused on missions and sharing the gospel with those near and far… so I am excited to get plugged in and serve. God’s already got me out of my comfort zone and I am not sure exactly what Radical will look like in Payton and my life… but I am eager to see how He will use a willing servant! πŸ™‚

    I would love the happy hubby combo. πŸ™‚

  54. Kelly

    1. My life isn’t quite different yet, as I chickened out halfway through. But I am attempting radical things, first by going to INDIA in March to hold little babies who have been saved from infantcide.

    2. I would appreciate prayers that I raise enough money to go on said India trip and for my new relationship (!).

    And I will post this on Twitter, only because I love you Marla! I’d love to win the funny book, too, btw. πŸ™‚

  55. Genie Blazi

    I am not sure that words can express how this book has changed me…lets just say that I sat through our service Sunday night with tears just a streaming down my cheeks as my pastor and friend preached on why I exist. It’s the gospel…and going and sharing that with the world…and I get it…I really do. My tears were for lost people…my selfishness…my desire to go…my broken heart over my comfortableness. I can write on here what God has done, simply because none of my church members will probably read this here:) They read my blog so I am careful to write about what God is going to be doing…I am busting at the seams to share so I will share on here and on my blog after Sunday:) This Sunday our church will make a HUGE announcement…one that may rock some folks…others will be stoked! In April, my husband and our pastor along with two other elders will board a plane to Ecuador where we will be starting a church. They are going on a fact finding trip to know what financially we will need to give…so we will build this church…we will send teams on a consistent basis to go and minister…we will fund their pastor…WE ARE PLANTING A CHURCH IN ECUADOR!!!! I am beyond excited…to the point of wanting to pack my bags and stow away with my husband:). God introduced me to Ecuador when I was in college through the writings of Elizabeth Elliot and I have had a burden ever since…when my husband came home and told me what was going on…I said “God has so burdened me over the last few weeks for them…I can’t get Ecuador off my mind”. And so this journey begins…one of excitment…little bit of fear…sacrifice(giving up so we can give)…preparing our hearts to potentially serve full time there or somewhere else if God leads. My dream of being a missionary(that I haphazardly put on hold years ago) is coming true…I am blessed beyond belief to have the opportunity to share Christ with people!!!! Praise God for this book making a difference in my pastor’s heart….my husband and I’s heart…and now prayerfully it will make a difference in Ecuador! So that was the answer to #1:)….#2…pray that I will be faithful…that I will sacrifice majorly…that I will just obey God’s calling to go…that I will share with the people around me in my community! I have loved this journey Marla and friends…can’t wait to see what GOd has done a year from now! Can’t wait to see what the announcement is tomorrow!!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh, Genie. This is INCREDIBLE. Praise you, Jesus!! I am THRILLED for you as you embark on this amazing journey. God, please be with Genie and her husband, their pastor and their church, as they take a huge leap of faith for you. Bless the work of their hands, bless the people of Ecuador, and may you get much glory! Oh, God, thank you for the incredible, amazing way you work! We love you!! Woooohooooo!!!!

      (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win, Genie.)

  56. Joel McLaughlin

    1) I think it’s changed me as I always look at what God wants and right now he wanted us to take a leap and have my wife go on a unpaid leave to help take care of my son’s issues in school. For me, that is pretty radical.

    2) Pray that God can not only provide, but that we can get his issues figured out. Also pray that we have a way to celebrate Christmas this year as right now it looks pretty bleak with the loss in income we’re taking now. We’re still planning on having Christmas with my parents in TN, but right now our car needs a lot of work (new muffler, oil change, possible brake job, a headlight bulb and a blower motor resistor.)

      1. Marla Taviano

        God, thank you for Joel and his wife and their sacrificial love for their son. Please provide in ways they could never have imagined. Bless them as a family and bring them closer to each other and to you.

        (You won’t get more than one book, just an extra chance to win it.) πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to tell me which one you want.

    1. Rachelle

      These kinds of decisions are not easy. I pray that God will bless you as you experience the reality of having a servants heart, even when another path looks easier.

  57. Tracie

    It’s hard to put into words. Finding Radical coincided with a sermon at church. It spurred me on to things that were sitting in my heart that I needed to take action on. It affirmed and sharpened my focus and influenced my choices. It was cool to see it spread as I told friends at church about the book. Pray for me in 2011 to follow God’s prompting wherever he’s leading me. To not be bogged down in the stuff that’s been bogging me down so that I’m free to take on the risk and adventure of living radically for Him. And pray for my personal relationships in all that. And if I won, I would like the Soul Healing set.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Well, I’d say you put it into words just fine. I can SO relate to everything you wrote. God, please give Tracie peace and wisdom for her next step and the faith to take big risks for you. And that those around her would catch the vision so she doesn’t have to walk this road alone.

  58. Amber

    As for question number one: I know that God is changing my heart. I read Sandee’s post and think the same…what DOES it mean for me, as I buy Christmas gifts for my loved ones….and decide whether or not to spend money on Christmas decorations. He is really changing the amount I think about my spending in ways I never would have before. I think I’m going to reread it to truly see what God wants me to change. This has been SO great! Thanks so much for hosting!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Sandee’s post was great, huh? Thank you so much for sharing, Amber. I read the book 4 times. πŸ™‚ Prayed for you just now. (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win.)

      1. Amber

        Hmmm, any would be great! I’d like the Francis chan, or Donald Miller, or happy hubby combo! I’ve already bought several copies of Radical and given them to friends.

  59. Amy

    My hesitancy in starting this book is that it would just be another book. That’d I’d get it in my heart but never see it elsewhere. Well, right out of the gate God challenged me (and my friend) and the Blood Water Belt was started. He opened my eyes to how a $28 belt could be used instead to provide clean water through Blood Water Mission. We now have 46 ladies that have joined and have raised over $1000. I would say that made it out of my heart! I praise God for directing us and using this book and read-along to make a difference. Thank you, Marla!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you, Amy. The Blood Water Belt has been a blessing to me (and I’ll do my post with pics soon). Prayed for you just now.

      (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win.)

      1. Rachelle

        Can’t wait to see the belt post (especially after it was MIA coming your way)!

        It is such a blessing seeing what God is doing through Blood Water Mission, what a joy to have a tiny part in that work!

  60. Cheryl Schroeder

    #1 – Two years ago I left my old church (of 30+ years) which my husband and children still attend, and I have felt put in a box as far as God goes. Feeling like all I could do was go to the church of my choice (that was bad enough), not able to get involved at all or even have any “church friends”. Since beginning “Radical”, I have taken on teaching a 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade DiscipleLand class on Wednesday nights which has grown from 3 kids my first night, to 12 kids now. And I’m even able to talk about it to some degree at home with my family – you know, funny stuff the kids say or whatever, but still talking about it. And in 2 weeks, I begin my new monthly commitment to working our church’s food pantry. I’m starting to feel like the servant I need to be, and WAS until the last 2 years.

    #2 Pray I continue on my servant’s path. It is what I have missed and yearned for. I forgot how self-sacrificing it is and how much more fulfilling it is. The drive to be a servant never left me, but now I feel the freedom to go with that drive.

    When I started down the “Radical” path, I never dreamed it would lead me here. It was scary for me. Just like its scary for someone else to consider adopting (never done) or going on a missions trip (never done) or starting a church (never done). But like I said in an earlier post – I have learned that everyone has their own “Cambodia”, and it is just as big and scary to them as the next person’s.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you for sharing, Cheryl. That’s some hard stuff. You’re so right–everyone has their own “Cambodia.” Prayed for you just now as you work through this. Praying you feel his presence and don’t feel alone.

      (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win.)

    2. Rachelle

      Your journey is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. I am so glad that you are stepping out as a servant in your church. It is amazing how when we give God returns blessing to us that we never imagined!

      You’re right-the point of Radical is that we all have somewhere to serve. We have a mission and it is scary and unknown, but God is always there making our paths straight!

  61. Becca

    Oh I wish I could explain all the ways Radical has changed me. See, in some ways it was a lot of “preaching to the choir” since we are already pretty “radical” in the way we are living our lives. However, the ideas and Scriptures behind the book have called me heart to a deeper place of surrender and obedience to Him.

    And PRAY for our brand new ministry (which is still kind of a “secret” I suppose . . . ) we are stepping out on our own to start a really different inner-city ministry in the next few months (not to mention moving into the city and possibly adding someone to our family . . . ) So basically we need LOTS of prayer!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you so much, Becca. I’m REALLY excited to hear all about what you’re doing. And if you need someone to share your secret with, I’m all ears. πŸ™‚ Once again, you inspire me to radicalness. Prayed for you and your hubby just now.

      (Don’t forget to tell me which book you want to win.)

  62. sandee

    I posted my response on my blog. http://sandeefamily.blogspot.com/2010/11/o-come-emanuel-there-is-no-radical.html

    I am (still) struggling with all this and so desperately in need of Him. But I did answer your two questions.

    Thank you so much for hosting this read-along. It was good to read this book with others, rather than alone…and now know kindred spirits with which to walk along, even if in cyberspace. (Such a funny place to walk.)

    Interested in seeing what the next read-along will be. Blessings.

    1. Marla Taviano

      That post was beautiful, Sandee (you all need to read it!). Thank you. I’m praying for you and your family and trusting God to work in a BIG way. Hugs!

      (Don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win.)

    2. Rachelle

      Sandee, loved your post! Your title was perfect, because without God, Emmanuel, there is no radical. There would be no point. First and foremost the Gospel is that God sent his son Jesus to rescue us from God’s own wrath due to our fatal sinful nature. Anything else in our lives is the fruit of our enormous and overwhelming thankfulness.

      It was so good to share in this read along with others!

  63. Marla Taviano

    Ooh! Ooh! I want to be the first commenter!! Actually, I just wanted to say hi before I hit the hay. It’s midnight in Ohio, and I need some sleep. Feel free to party on without me!! See you in a few!

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