Let’s do this Q & A-style, shall we?

I see that you now have a “Reply Feature” enabled on your blog. How is this going to change my life?

Thank you for noticing! And thank you, Gabe, for hooking me up! You can now reply to other people in the comments section! Isn’t that exciting? (Your life is probably going to mostly stay the same though. Sorry.)

I see that someone replied to my comment on Tuesday’s post. Why wasn’t I notified about this by e-mail or text or sky-writer or something?

Great question. Here’s the thing. When you leave your initial comment, you will be asked if you want to receive notification via e-mail if someone replies to you. Since that option wasn’t available when we all introduced ourselves a couple days ago, obviously no one checked that box. From here on out, you can be notified if you choose that option.

I never introduced myself on the Intro Post because I am a.) too shy b.) not sure if I want to commit to this c.) a rebel of sorts or d.) more of a lurker than a lime-lighter. Do you have a problem with this and/or me?

I sure don’t.

I noticed that a majority of the Readers-Along are homeschooling mothers of 3.8 children from Texas. I’m a single guy from Ohio. Am I going to fit in here?

Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Why do some people have a picture of themselves besides their comment and I don’t? Do you like them better than me?

Maybe. I’d rather not say. But you, too, can have a picture of yourself (or a flower, political slogan, Scrabble letter) by your comment. It’s called an “avatar” and just click here to get yourself set up with one. (And go talk to Gabe if you can’t figure it out.) EDIT: Web Guru Gabe says that it will take 5 minutes or so for your avatar to show up, so don’t despair. Patience is a virtue.

I was thrilled to discover that there are 1 or 2 (or 40) people from my neck of the woods doing the Read-Along. Do you think there’s any way we could meet up sometime, like face-to-face? Or would that be really awkward?

Oh, it’ll totally be really awkward. But I absolutely think you should do it. Take it from someone who stayed in the homes of multiple “strangers” last year. Getting to know people in real-life after meeting them online is the cat’s meow. Scratch that (not a cat fan). It’s the… giraffe’s tongue.

Soooo… how do you suggest I make that happen? Or could you just make it happen for me?

No, I cannot just make it happen for you. But I will lovingly guide you as you take brave little steps in the right direction. Give me a couple days, and I’ll try to make a little chart (and I use the term “chart” very loosely) of how many people are where and how we could get some groups set up. Cool?

You Columbus, OH folks can go ahead and start brainstorming. I’ll follow your lead.

I absolutely do not want to meet anyone face-to-face, and I don’t want you to tell people where I live. Okay?!?

No worries. Your secret is safe with me.

Don’t you think it would be cool if we all practiced replying to each other in today’s comments?

Not really. We’re busy people with more important things to do.

What if there are some of us who actually don’t have anything more important to do? You know, those of us in the Bon-Bon Crowd?

Well, do whatever. I won’t stop you. I do have an idea though. If you haven’t prayed for 2 people from the Read-Along group yet, go ahead and do that. And if you have, pick 2 more! And go test out the reply feature by replying to someone on the Intro Post.

On second thought, I do want to make sure the reply feature works without kinks. So, if you want to leave a comment, I’ll reply to it, and we’ll see if you get notified via e-mail (don’t forget to check that box).

I’m not doing the Read-Along. Will you ever write a non-Radical-related post ever, ever again?

YES. Tomorrow. It’s a promise. Have a great Thursday!

43 thoughts on “housekeeping!

  1. joyce

    I finally got my book today and just want to say that between reading the book and later Ann Voskamps blog from Guatemala I’m a mess. Definitely a powerful combination!

  2. Jen

    Ummm…I would totally LOVE to have a face-to-face group to meet with. Anyone else live in Cambodia? Marla, you wanna come and start a group with me? šŸ™‚

    1. Marla Taviano

      OH MY WORD. YES!!!! YES YES YES!!! Give me a couple months to raise $12,000, and all 5 of us will be ringing your doorbell.

      Or better yet, we’ll fly back with you in January. šŸ™‚

  3. Kelly

    Great updates…this is getting exciting! I’ve yet to read the first chapter…it’s like I’m too nervous, but I’m also just waiting until I have a good pocket of time to commit my full focus.

    And I LOVE the idea of some satellite groups getting together! Indy peeps, what’s uuuuuup?!

  4. Gabe Taviano

    A happy wife = a happy life. Iā€™m just thankful the happy wife is giddy with simple things like replies being supported on her blog. Praying for the men whose wives are much more complicated to make happy, LOL.

  5. Brooke

    ooh, i love being a guinea pig. although normally it involves my grandmother’s cooking which never fails. hopefully this test run of the “reply” button won’t hurt.

    did i even tell you where i live?

  6. Denise

    I absolutely adore how you write! Makes me smile! I am so stinking excited and I want to re-read chapter one just to make sure that I get everything out of it that I can!

  7. Ashley

    Hello Marla. This actually has nothing directly to do with your book reading, but something has risen concern within the Christian community that I was hoping you could reply/respond to, and encourage other Christian bloggers to the same. The event would be the Quran burning which is planned in Gainsville, Florida on Sept. 11th. Some people I’ve spoken with have quoted a passage from Matthew for the sermon on the Mount.
    I just feel that this is a worldwide troubling issue and wondered how you might suggest we as Christians should reply/respond/act. If nothing else, spreading light on the issue may provide scripture for those looking to have talking points when discussing the issue with others.
    Thanks Marla and good luck with your book reading! Looks like you’re building up quite a group – wish I had time this month to join in!

    1. Marla Taviano

      I’ll be honest, Ashley, I hadn’t even heard of this until last night when a high school classmate of mine asked me about it on Facebook. I haven’t read/watched/listened to the news in forever (whether that is okay or irresponsible of me, I don’t know).

      My gut feeling is this: what a horrible way to “love your enemies” and “share the gospel with all nations.” I haven’t heard any arguments FOR the burning, but I can’t imagine them holding water.

      I’ll look into it some more, but please know that I’m not some super-Christian with all the right answers/talking points. I would encourage you to absolutely search God’s Word yourself and get your answers straight from the Source.

      Thanks, Ashley. I’m willing to dialogue more if you have more questions.

      1. Dorian

        Many of our rights are not “right.” Burning the Koran – wrong. A commentator on a program last night said Jesus wouldn’t burn the Koran. I took comfort in the fact that Jesus IS the Word and that if He were to be anywhere near a Koran it would probably catch fire simply from being near the Truth.

        When the holocaust museum was built in D.C., some buildings nearby displayed crosses. They voluntarily took them down. The Pope chose not to place a convent near Auschwitz. The Gospel is honey – not vinegar.

  8. Stephanie your sister

    How exciting! I love replying!

    Is it just me or is the word “reply” starting to sound weird, like it’s not a real word anymore?

  9. Holly

    GABE……you are amazingly genius! šŸ™‚ Thanks for your help.

    MARLA… know I’m already brainstorming……this girl LOVES a gathering! šŸ™‚ I am thinking if Ali and I knock our heads together, our gathering can be better than the zoo party! LOL

  10. Bethany Peters

    Ooh! And now the most recent comments are on top instead of at the bottom. Gotta keep that in mind while reading them.

  11. Bethany Peters

    I am SO excited about this reply to comments feature! What a fabulous idea! Especially for this “Radical” study. Every blogger should have one!

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