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I had to laugh at the sweet gal who sheepishly e-mailed me saying, “I’ve been ‘ignoring’ your Radical posts because I ‘knew’ I didn’t have the time or resources to read a book right now. I believe God woke me up an hour early this morning just to read today’s post.”

God bless her for humbly accepting one of the help-a-sister-out copies so she could join the Read-Along!

And bless anyone’s heart who is “ignoring” my Radical (and/or Cambodia) posts. There’s not a whole lot left for you these days, is there? I wish I could promise you that all the radical missionary blather will wear off, but my prayer is that it only intensifies.

So I got an e-mail this morning that made me want to sing. This gal? Her neighbor across the street invited her to join the Read-Along! And told her about someone offering to buy books for anyone who needed one. Is that awesome or what??

And who wants to hear an abbreviated version of a really cool story? (me! me! I do! I do!)

So, Ms. Anonymous Book Donor had given me a ballpark figure for the # of books she could buy. When I checked e-mail Tuesday morning, we were awfully close to her limit. So, as I stood at my sink washing dishes (best place to pray EVER), I asked God to send someone else to provide some more books.

Washed the last dish, dried my hands, checked e-mail, and there was a message from Ms. ABD that said, “Hey, let’s go ahead and up it to x. This is fun!”

Jaw dropped, thanked God profusely, e-mailed her back. She said, “Oh, don’t stop praying for God to send someone else! This is too big of a blessing to hog all to myself!” So I kept praying.

Later that afternoon, someone else offers to buy books. Which would be miraculous in and of itself, but when I told her the story about praying at the sink? She said, “That’s so cool. Wait until you hear how it played out on my end.”

Because she’s an intensely private person and would die if I gave her away, I’ll just say that God told her three separate times to “buy the books.” The first two times, she had really good excuses. The third time she said okay, God, I’m in. I wish we would’ve kept track of the exact times I prayed and the exact times she heard God speak to her.

Gives me goosebumps.

So, friends. There are books to be had. Click here and tell me you want one.

And then come back and try to watch this video without squirming.

Now go have yourselves a radical weekend!

7 thoughts on “get your radical on

  1. Keri

    Ok, so I went to a local bookstore here and they couldn’t get it to me any sooner than 6-8 weeks from now which was NOT going to be acceptable. SOOO… sister bought it for me in Texas and is bringing it to me in Singapore. Granted, she is coming here anyways, but at least I’ll have it on time. I can not even imagine what God is going to do with me through this book. All I can say is Bring. It. On.

  2. Jen C

    I debated on joining. We just finished Crazy Love in bible study, and I’m pretty sure God isn’t finished with me yet. Took the Border’s coupon I got in email this morning as my push to buy the book. Looking forward to starting, although I”m not sure I can wait until Sept. to start.

  3. Valerie

    I ordered my copy from Amazon yesterday….I’m going to read but can’t guarantee how active I will be with posting always as I start fall quarter on September 22nd and it’s going to be a doozy…. and for some strange reason the baby is awake more now and seems to like attention for some unknown reason….imagine that!! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    I bought my book and it shipped today! I am looking forward to this whole experience and so curious what I will learn and how I will grow, because I know I will. If I haven’t said it already, thank you for doing this. It feels so good to be a part of a group of women (and a few men I bet) who want
    God to work in and around them.

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