facebook group TOTALLY optional!

Oh my goodness, can you feel the RADICAL JUICES PUMPING?! (okay, where did that come from and did it even make a lick of sense?)

Never fear, my Facebook-shy friends!! You aren’t going to miss a thing! Yes, we started a Radical Read-Along Group on Facebook. If you’re up for hanging out some there, click here and then click “like.” It’s really just kind of a bonus room of sorts, and you won’t need to feel left out at all if you don’t want to join.

I know some of you have very good reasons for either a.) not being on Facebook (like my own sweet sister who refuses to join “unless the Holy Spirit leads her to, which he hasn’t”) or b.) not wanting to give up the level of privacy that works best for you and your family. (You can still actually view the Facebook group without participating, and no one will know you’re even there.)

I just think Facebook will be another great way to get people to take notice of this book, hopefully read it, and then POW! let God change their lives in a radical way and spread his glory all over the place.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

So, just to set your minds at ease, we’ll be discussing the book HERE. And you can do it anonymously or not or whatever. We’re just going to pray that God gets gobs and gobs of glory no matter what!

One thought on “facebook group TOTALLY optional!

  1. Anna

    Marla, tomorrow is P’s payday and I’ll place my order for the book. I am really excited to participate. 🙂 Thanks for putting this all together.

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