a deep breath before week 2

Completely overwhelmed by all 64 responses to Chapter 1 of Radical? Wondering if you should just quit “The Club” since you couldn’t find the time (or words) to write your own post and Chapter 2 is “due” tomorrow?

Don’t do it. Don’t quit. It’s okay, I promise. Just combine Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 this week. Heck, you can just write about 2 chapters every other week. Or just read along and respond to what others have written.

And if you really want to read through all the posts but just can’t because, hello, you have children and/or a job? Here are some of my favorites.

(Disclaimer: I’m just going to choose a handful of posts that stood out to ME for one reason or another. I’m not picking favorites, and goodness knows, what God used to speak to me might be totally different than what God used to speak to you. So, please, if you read a post that really resonated with you, let us know!)

~~Jen reminded me that sacrifice for Jesus doesn’t have to be miserable and martyr-ish, that the God who created us and loves us knows that there is great JOY to be found in serving him.

~~Ali suggested pushing pause on our out-there-missionary fantasies for a moment to reach the people God has placed in our own zip codes.

~~ Megan says (tongue-in-cheek): “I’ve been on this quest towards simple living and releasing attachments to stuff for several years now.Β  How convenient of Jesus to join me in my pursuit.”

~~Danielle asked waaaay too many questions that made me all squirmy.

~~Tara tells a sad (and funny and powerful) story of how she judged David Platt.

~~Erin‘s husband threw her book at her.

~~Kelly wants to know, “If I’m the most frugal person on the planet, never waste a dime and support 12 orphans, but I can’t bite my tongue when the opportunity to gossip comes along, am I living radically?”

~~And Amy convinced me to spend $28 of my hard-earned money on a BELT that I DON’T EVEN LIKE.

In other news, I feel like I got a pretty clear word from God this week that we’re not moving to Cambodia. (at least not anytime soon) But I got some encouragement and affirmation that a family trip there certainly isn’t out of the question.

And I got a LOUD and CLEAR word from God that he has plenty to keep me busy right here in my own neighborhood and city. We’re talking opportunities just falling in my lap (and fairly painless ones at that).

Good stuff.

Oh! And thanks to those of you who bought some books, we sent $20 to Serving His Children in Uganda to help this poor, sweet little guy. Break my heart. (more $ being sent somewhere else after I get a couple checks)

A Happy 32nd Birthday to my favorite brother, Josh!

And see you all tomorrow with a response to Chapter 2! (Friendly reminder: don’t use apostrophes or quotation marks when you link to your post, or it will look all screwy.)

Question for you: What ONE word describes your heart right now? (mine is “eager”)

33 thoughts on “a deep breath before week 2

  1. Zach Gifford

    I think my word is ignorant. I’m completely at a loss as to what God is trying to teach me through this study. I’m ready, and I’m willing to learn, but I don’t see it yet. I sure would like to know, though.

    Thankfully, I’m just a little bit stubborn…er… persistent, so I’m not gonna give up just yet.

  2. Bethany Peters


    Like I’m not sure yet what God wants from me. We are reading through Matthew for our small group and was intrigued by Jesus’ fast when he was ready to be tempted by the devil in the wilderness. My group discussed the reasoning behind fasting and it was to “inquire of the Lord.” I was reminded of Jen fasting before reading Radical. Since I’m pregnant, I think I’ll fast from something other than food–like TV. But I want to know what God wants me to do.

    I’m so glad for those links you posted because I clicked on Amy’s post about her fabulous idea for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt! I have the perfect shirt to wear with it (I want to wear it to youth group so I can share the idea with our teens) and I have money from banner sales that I haven’t given away yet. Perfect! I also love the idea of passing around the belt and connecting with other women and writing in the shared journal.

    Then I was thinking of some other traveling sisterhood thingy that I could start! Like I could make an apron and pass it around and you have to wear it and make something (a meal or cookies or anything) and give it to a neighbor (maybe even one you’ve never met yet) or someone who needs encouragement. It wouldn’t cost anything (except shipping to the next person), but we could include a journal and the purpose would be to reach out to those around us and show God’s love. Um, I’m trying to think of a good purpose statement. What do you think? Or do you have a better idea of how I could use this idea with something I know how to make that would have spiritual significance?

    1. Jen Hanson

      I LOVE the traveling apron idea! You could not only write in the journal who you shared your cooking with and about that experience, but also include the recipe! How fun would that be?!

      OH! Then you could totally make a little book out of all the entries and then “sell” it to the participants to raise even MORE money! AH! I’m totally on board with this!

  3. Amy

    My heart is amazed how God used just Chapter 1 to already affect over 1,000 people through a belt πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what you do with your turn with that belt πŸ˜‰

  4. Mary

    Small world – I was clicking through the post and got to Erin’s and was like “Hey, I went to college with that girl!” πŸ™‚ You’re doing great things Marla!

    Oh, and my one word…anticipatory!

    (Is it ok if I sorta made my word up?)

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