you doing okay?

I was praying over your requests this morning and wondered how things were going. Any updates? Anything else you want to add? Lots more room in my prayer journal.

Love you guys!

15 thoughts on “you doing okay?

  1. Ashley

    Thank you for praying for us Marla! Our situation (husband working 7 days a week, every week – still very little money to go around) is improving! I have gotten a few more hours at work and my husband is working hard, as always. The day after I asked you to start praying for us, I sold $300 worth of textbooks on This will be very helpful to pay bills this month! Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for us. If you wouldn’t mind praying that our financial situation would continue improving, I would greatly appreciate it. Is there anything we can we praying for you? I was praying for you and your family while I read about how badly a stomach bug hit your house! Hope everyone is feeling better and back to normal.

  2. suzy louk

    My husband works as a golf caddie here in Florida, but the weather has effected the amount of work he’s gotten this week. This has an immediate effect on our financial situation. Please pray that l will remain focused on the Lord and remember that he always takes care of us. Thank you Marla.

  3. Risha

    A young man, John, whose family I have been friends with for a very long time, and his wife, Marissa. She delivered their second child on Oct 29, and it was immediately discovered that he was very sick. He has been hospitalized since birth at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy and has now had 4 major surgeries to correct some major anatomic problems. Doctors are fairly certain (or maybe sure) that he has a condition known as CHARGE, which will present lifelong obstacles for him as long as he is alive. Marissa keeps a blog about his progress and prayer requests:

    I have been so impressed by this godly young couple and their determination to praise Jesus in all things. And this uncertain medical condition of their precious baby just breaks my heart.

  4. Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose

    I have experienced new measures of victory on all three levels this week: emotional, spiritual, and physical. Thanks for your prayers. I still have a long way to go, but God continues to speak truth to me to enable me to overcome my obstacles. He is so good to me.

    @Mary–Have Peggy and her husband considered chiropractic for their son? I have experienced huge benefits from it, and I have read about hundreds of miracles resulting from chiropractic. It’s worth a try–especially since no one else has come up with any answers yet.

  5. Holly B.

    Please keep the prayers coming. I’ll keep you posted if I have breaking news to share… Thanks, Marla! Love you dearly!

  6. Valerie

    Some days good…others not so much. Today is a not so much…trying to muster up the strength to go to a friends baby shower today. Her baby is due two weeks before our last angel was….. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

  7. Emily Kay

    Not as well as I’d like. I have been more patient with hubby and the munchkins lately, but the house is still falling apart. So I still need prayer in the dedication, motivation, and perseverance areas. 🙂 Oh, and in getting my spiritual walk back on track.

  8. Krista

    What a great idea. I have a good friend who is struggling with cancer for the umpteenth time, wondering if the chemotherapy is worth the side effects and feeling that she’s at a dead end. Thank you for praying!

  9. Angela

    Not good. I feel like our new marriage is caught in a downward spiral – between his ridiculous work schedule and my bad attitude, we’re dying here!

  10. Lee Detrick

    You are a gem…my pain is still with me, but is better. I had cataract surgery on the left eye, and have it planned for the right eye on the 19th. After all that is over, I plan to visit a pain specialist about my back pain. Pray that I get good results from the treatment. thank you so much for praying, friend!!!

  11. mary

    You are a doll! Jamie and Mike have sono this coming week..we sure want everything to be ok . Also my cousin Peggy in WA has chronic health issues from birth,that have left her with now only 30 percent lung capacity and on disability..she was an occupational therapist. She is in late 30’s and has a one year old and a three year old. Three year old has been having bizzare health issues since November..seizures, rashes,mood swings,muscle weakness,crazy stuff. In and out of hopsitals, testings and labs like crazy, specialists….finding nothing! His health has deteriated terribly and the one year old is fighting bronchitis and needs tonsils out,which Dr wont do til she is two. Now Peggy has bronchitis and probably is going to end up in hospital as she becomes very ill any time she has anything like that.
    Her husband is self employed contractor.They are pretty overwhelmed.Prayers from all appreciated. Thanks!

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