word sabbath (wenzel edition)

I don’t have any words this morning, but David and Amy do, and boy, are they powerful. Please pray for this amazing couple. Their testimony is rocking my world.

4 thoughts on “word sabbath (wenzel edition)

  1. Kristen

    Thank you so much for your continued prayers, Marla…and for spreading the word. This whole ordeal has rocked our family…but in a way that produces renewed faith, deeper faith…more abandon… Lots of uncertainty…but we are contunuosly striving to “disarm” fear with the truth of God. For where there is no fear, there is surrender…and there is freedom.
    Love you friend

  2. Kaye

    Thanks for sharing their posts with your readers. So very powerful and please know I will be praying for them.
    Travel safe, say hi to all for us. Miss you all..
    Matthew 21:22

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