Prayer: (see post below for details I left out–and links to everyone’s sites)

–Please continue to pray for Andrew, Denise, and baby Parker James. He was 2 lbs., 3oz. and 14.5 in. Everybody’s doing okay, but they expect Parker to be in the hospital for 2 months or so. (He was almost 11 weeks early.)

–Gail’s mama had a good night. Her post today is really encouraging. Praise the Lord!

–Krista’s hubby has a job lead (with the same company that let him go). Pray for God’s leading.

–All the preggo mommies seem to be doing well–tired, nauseous, irritable and craving wacko things. Sounds like some healthy babies to me!

–Beth Elaine is down to 16 days until Hubby’s return!

In Other News:

When Ava got home from school, we told her she was accepted into the magnet school. She had a meltdown. A little chat, some hugs, some prayer, and she was good to go. We popped in the school today to look around. Sigh. It was built in 1896, the outside looks like a castle, and the inside is unbelievable. Warm, inviting, old, a billion colors everywhere. Wow. She can’t stop talking about it. (thank you, Lord)

We had another picnic at the Metro Gardens last night, then walked around enjoying the nature. I love free, beautiful entertainment. Tonight’s agenda includes supper here, trip to a Metro Park, a hike and DQ.

We got something in the mail we’d been waiting before. Thank you, Lord.

The girls and I hit up a few garage sales this morning. Ava spent 75 cents, and I found a mattress pad for $2. The one we have now is a garage sale find from years ago. It was $1 and is completely falling apart. Time for an upgrade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “updates

  1. gsowell

    I imagined a Hogwarts-y place, too. We all have HP problems! Sounds like a great school. Thanks again to you and all your great readers who prayed for my mom. She’s doing a bit better and is able to do more of her normal routine, which is such a relief for her. She said she’s still having pain, but it is greatly decreased. I know that God hears our prayers.

  2. filledeparis

    Sounds like a cool school! Let me know if they ever need any French culture info.! I think that there is a bilingual French/English school in Columbus, too.

  3. jrfriend

    Hello.  My name is Louane and I dropped in from Gail’s site.  I also know Terri!  Your post on all the prayer needs is awesome.  I will add them to my list for this evening and I know that God had a hand in my checking out your site.  I can’t imagine losing a child and the family who lost the little one to SIDS breaks my heart. 

  4. FlyingCAB

    Love the mattress pad upgrade!  Made me laugh =)  So cool about Ava’s school….sounds like every little girl’s dream really!  Thanks for keeping us posted on the prayer requests…

  5. ladymiss3739

    Ughh…step away for a week and I miss so much.  I don’t think I know about Gail’s mom or some what a magnet school is…so sad.  I’ll catch up! 

    Glad you are doing well, having fun at the metro gardens and finiding good garage sale bargains.   

  6. faithchick

    how cool that it looks like a castle! no wonder she can’t stop talking about it!

    i was 8 weeks early and just over 3 lbs.  that was almost 27 years ago.(i’m mostly fine except for a few personality flaws that i don’t think have anything to do with being premature )  i like to tell people that because it’s encouraging to hear considering the vast differences in medicine, drs. etc today compared to that long ago.  it adds a little hope, i think.    I was also in the hospital for 2 mos.  my mom said it was the toughest thing she’s ever done-leaving her baby at the hospital.  so, shower that mama with as much love & encouragement as you can muster. 

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