update on Jenny’s dad

EDIT (7:50am): HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! to my darling sister Stephanie!! Please go wish her a happy, snappy day!! I love you and miss you, Stephi!!

I e-mailed Jenny’s MIL (she’s in my Bible study small group) to tell her you guys were praying for Jenny and her dad. She just sent me this encouraging update:

Her dad had surgery again today but is looking better than he has!  They hope to be able to sew up his incision tomorrow which has been open since Monday to facilitate repeated surgeries.  I guess that is a very good sign.  They won’t operate on his pelvic bone, leg, or arm breaks until at least next week after he has regained some strength.  Jenny and Keith plan to return Sunday to go back to work on Monday if he continues to improve!

Praise the Lord! Sounds like he’s going to make it! Please keep praying for his recovery and salvation!

Gabe and I took the girls to the Metro Gardens tonight. Fun, fun! The flowers are blooming and beautiful! Gabe got some great pics. (His camera is a Nikon D50, Jess. They don’t make them anymore, but Gabe said the D60 is the most similar to ours.) He thinks he’s going to record a podcast here in a bit, but I’m hoping to convince him to get some of the pics ready for me to post instead.

I got some cool news from Harvest House today. Diapers has sold 4,050 copies already. I think I told you it needed to sell 5,500 to go to a 2nd printing (and get Nichole’s name spelled right!). It’s only been out 2 months, so I’m super encouraged. To put it in perspective, Is That All? has been out for 16 months and has sold 6,700 copies. Blushing never got to 4,000. 🙂 So, it looks like my goal of 10,000 in 2008 is do-able (Lord willing). Thanks for praying, for spreading the word, and just for being sweet in general.

Has anyone seen Expelled (the new Ben Stein movie about creationism)? Gabe went to see it in Michigan while I was doing Pillow Talk. He said it was absolutely incredible and that every Christian needs to see it. We’ll probably go watch it on our next Date Night.

That’s it for now. This was just supposed to be a quick update on Jenny’s dad. Have a great night!

16 thoughts on “update on Jenny’s dad

  1. terriwright

    Yea, Diapers. I need another copy. I haven’t seen the movie, but I know Ben Stein is scary-smart…even if he DID write speeches for Nixon. Of course, SOMEONE had to make that man sound honest………………………….

  2. AdamMacsgirl

    So happy about your book and Nichole’s name getting spelled right! 🙂

    Adam and I saw Expelled and we agree. It was awesome and every Christian does need to see it.

  3. bekisue

    This is so encouraging. I’m so happy for you. I want the world to know you are an awesome writer. I tell everyone I can. I’m going to message you about our top-secret event we’re planning.

  4. faithchick

    @mtaviano – thanks for all this info & for the messages.  i’m going to pass it all onto matt.  i’m not sure what’s brewing in his mind…but i’m anxious to find out.

    and i forgot to say earlier, “WAY TO GO ON DIAPERS!

  5. mtaviano

    @faithchick – Gabe bought the camera body, then bought the Quanta Ray 18-50mm lens at Ritz Camera for $80. That’s the lens he uses all the time.
    Then, from Adorama.com, he bought a Nikon 70-300 mm lens for $135.

  6. faithchick

    i just got an email from matt.  apprently, i need to know what kind of lense the camera has, too. 🙂   (i find it funny that matt is thinking about this from work.  i showed him the pics of the girls at the library and he needed to know righthisverysecond what camera it was, an now, two days later he emails me from work to ask about the lense. this is good.  once he gets an idea in his head, he can’t stop til he buys it! )

  7. ladymiss3739

    That’s so exciting about Diapers!  I bought a copy for my SIL and she loved it…said she wants to buy Is That All next. 

    Prayed for Jenny’s Dad…keep us posted! 

  8. cnyoder

    Saw your book advertised in the Family Christian ad that just came out!  Yippee – that should put you well on your way to 10,000 copies!

  9. kellycohan

    Wow, how wonderful for Jenny’s dad. I’ll definitely keep praying! And it’s great to hear Diapers is doing so well! I have a bunch of friends who aren’t really “there” yet, but I think will be within the next year or two – so hopefully a whole new market like them will keep sales going strong.

    Ben Stein is brilliant. Can’t wait to see Expelled.

  10. tonialynn59

    That is so encouraging.  Yes, we keep on praying!  So cool about the books doing so well.  And I mentioned that Gabe saw that movie and how we need to see it.

  11. OkinawaAna

    Yay!  How encouraging about her dad!  We’ll keep praying. 

    And congratulations on your book!  Yay!  I’m imagining a Mommy Army out there, 4.050 strong.  LOL!  (But maybe that’s just because I’ve been at war all day with my tiny tot, and the thought that there are others out there alongside me in battle is encouraging.  Ha!)  I definitely think you’ll reach your 10,000 goal this year.  How exciting!

    Wes is wanting to see Expelled as well.  It will likely be out of the theatres by the time we get a date night to go see it, but we’ll definitely be watching it when it goes to DVD.  You’ll have to post a review when you see it! 

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