update on Barb

This is an e-mail Barb’s younger brother, Art, sent out last night. So far, so good–keep praying!

Prayer Friends,

Barb’s surgery ended at approx. 5pm and we were able to see her at about 8pm or so. After such an extensive surgery, she was very tired and groggy. She needed time to rest in PACU (post anesthetia care unit), so we didn’t get to see her, but for a few minutes. Doctors have said that things went well and that more will be known later. Darin even said she looked so much better than the last surgery, on 1/9. Praise the Lord for bringing her through it. We are unable to know what effect it has had on her memory or vision. Tomorrow they are hoping to get a better idea after she is able to rest. We’ll know more later. Thank you for all the prayers. We had good family support and the Lord was gracious. We thank Him for everything.


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