update from the hospital

God is so good. I’m sitting here in the family waiting room at the hospital, bleary-eyed and weary, but thanking him for saving my husband’s life tonight. Gabe had a heart attack earlier this evening, but he’s going to be okay.

I don’t know any technical terms, but he had a blockage in his most important artery, and while it’s often called a widow-maker, they got to it in time and put a stent in, and he’s going to be okay.

Please pray for his continued recovery and strength for me as I help care for him in the days to come. We’ll be in the hospital at least through Tuesday.

I’m blown away tonight by God’s goodness and the amazing family we have at Sanctuary Columbus Church. Thank you, Jesus.

40 thoughts on “update from the hospital

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  4. Sandy@Godspeakstoday

    Girl…this is the second freak heart attack I heard of this weekend! The other was a girl I used to babysit! (She’s now 32). My goodness!!!

    My heart goes out to you and your hubby. I will be praying for him (and you) and will be standing with the many others in faith that he will fully recover.


  5. Alisha

    My prayers go out to Gabe and your family. I also learned about this through the Moms2Moms page at Northwest Bible and have been blessed by your books and speaking engagements. I have prayed for healing, peace, and strong minds of the medical team helping.

  6. Jennie Sizemore

    Marla, I will be praying for your family. I read about Gabe on the Northwest Bible Church Moms2Moms facebook page. I gasped out loud…so shocked. Just this morning in his sermon, our pastor mentioned how sometimes people are spared because God has amazing things planned for them. I believe that for your family, Cambodia is part of that. I am also thankful that you have an amazing faith and trust in God to heal Gabe and get you through this!

  7. Mary

    praying for your guys – i can’t imagine how scary that was! hoping for a quick recovery and gabe to be back at home as soon as he can!!

  8. Kelly S

    Oh goodness! I am shocked by this news but thankful Gabe is okay. My first thought is how this will affect your Cambodia plans… but thankful that we know God is WAY in control over all that has happened and will happen. I am so, so thankful that Gabe survived and is recovering, but praying still that God would be at work in the road ahead.

  9. Claudia

    Praising God that the medical personal acted to quickly! Praying for a steady recovery and tons of strength and encouragement from God! Praying for the girls as well!

  10. Amy Sorrells

    Praying!!! As a nurse, and as a wife of someone at risk for this (we’ve had more than one serious scare), I totally understand your situation. Please, Lord, bring peace and wholeness to Marla and Gabe. We praise you that the doctors got to the blockage so fast and got that stent in! Continue to heal and infuse them with hope and healing! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  11. valerie (in TX)

    Oh my goodness! I am so sorry this happened, but with Danielle, I’m so thankful you were here and not already in Cambodia! Praying for you all today and in the days to come, and thanking God for His goodness and mercy.

  12. Kathy

    In this time of your husband’s health crisis, may the Lord be more real and dear than ever before. I pray that Gabe will be given the best medical care to strengthen his heart. The Lord Jesus will be his primary healer as the image of death is erased and the victorious life of Jesus prevails.

  13. LS

    friend. . .praying for you. for your family. for your girls. and praising the Lord alongside you. thank you Jesus for having mercy and saving Gabe! He isn’t finished with y’all yet. lovelovelove, hugs, and prayers.

  14. Sheree

    Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Just prayed for you and your family, Sweet Lady. Strength to Gabe, you, and your girls during the recovery. What an amazing God we serve who watches and knows EVERYTHING!

  15. Elizabeth

    Marla, I had no idea this was happening!! I don’t know what to say except THANK GOD Gabe is ok and help was available. I wish I was close to help, but I am praying!! Love you all!

  16. Sharon W

    I am in shock and can only imagine what you all are experiencing at the moment. Praise God that Gabe is going to be alright. I hope you will take up people on their offers to help. Praying for you all. Let us know how else we can help.

  17. Ruth

    Oh my goodness! I just knew something was up when I didn’t see a blog post!! Thank you, Jesus, for saving his life! Sam and I just prayed and I’ll continue praying. Lots of love from Hamtramck coming your way!

  18. Valerie

    I will be praying for all of you….so glad they were able to get in there in time. If you guys need anything…help with girls, dinner/lunch, etc please don’t hesitate to call honey…no appointments or anything so I’m available at any time. Love all of you!!

  19. Karen

    Oh Marla, I’m so glad to hear they caught it in time and I know exactly where you are at emotionally. Last year, my husband (46 yrs old at the time), had a 99% blocked artery and had a heart attack with no previous symptoms. It came out of the blue while we were on vacation. He also had a stent put in and was in the hospital for 4 days. It rocked my world but not in a good way.

    My prayers are with you in the days ahead. My husband bounced back fairly quickly and has had no signs since. He now will have to see a cardiologist and take a stress test every year for the rest of his life but that’s ok because he’s still with us.

    Please keep us updated as we pray for you and your family.

  20. Danielle

    The first thing I thought of was God’s sovereignty. If this had happened 42+ days from today… But we know that God is good, he has plans for us to work good in our lives, and he cares deeply for his children. This was not a surprise to God, he saw it coming from millennia away. Praise God that we serve the living, active, amazing I AM! May God quiet you with his love. We will be praying for all your hearts.

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