through the wringer

This hasn’t been the easiest week. And the past few hours have been less Friday-Night-Fun, more sobbing, honking into tissues, red-rimmed eyes, and that hit-by-a-semi feeling. God and I had some words.

And once again, he reminded me, “I’m still here.”

I’m not complaining or asking for pity (prayers? absolutely!). Just wanted to stop in and say, “Hey! Didn’t mean to get you all jazzed about my new blog and BIG PLANS and then leave you out to dry!” (is that even the right idiom? or whatever it’s called? i’m so wiped.)

We’re hanging in there.

Tonight I’m praying for a sweet mama and two boys who lost their daddy last week. And someone I love who’s battling fear and discouragement. And for some marriages that have hit some rough, rough spots.

How can I pray for you?