steven curtis chapman’s little girl

Please pray for Steven Curtis Chapman‘s family. His youngest daughter, Maria (age 5) was killed on Wednesday night. Her older brother was driving the SUV that struck her (in their driveway).

My stomach is in knots and my heart hurts. I can’t even imagine this kind of pain.

EDIT: Holly has the lyrics to a song on her site. SCC wrote it for a friend who lost a child. God knew he would need it himself someday. I sure don’t understand our God, but boy, does He move in amazing ways.

14 thoughts on “steven curtis chapman’s little girl

  1. Airdee26

    So sad, I heard about it earlier this morning.  I can’t imagine the pain, for the family and especially the brother. 

    That song is incredible in light of this situation.  I’m sure he never thought it would be applicable to him but I hope they are all able to cling to the lyrics.

  2. tonialynn59

    My heart is hurting for that family as well.  A friend called this a.m. to tell me.  I can’t imagine that kind of pain either and am just speechless!  Praying for the family!

  3. mtaviano

    @jbnygaard – Yes, Gabe was hit by a car when he was 8. He was at recess and ran across the road to get a kickball. He flew up onto the hood of the car. His mom and dad were at Rock’s brother’s funeral when they got the call about Gabe. He was unconscious until he got to the hospital, but he was fine.(and Gabe just added that it was a red station wagon driven by a 60-year-old lady)

  4. jbnygaard

    That is so sad. So sad. I cannot imagine his family is going through. My stomach just churned when I read the story. When you have a child the same age….that is so scary! I’m praying.

    Wasn’t Gabe hit by a car when he was little? I’ve been trying to tell the boys about how to be careful and I used Gabe as an example onetime, but now I’m wondering if it was someone else.

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