quick update

EDIT (12:15pm): I’m driving Ava to the bus stop in 15 minutes, then buzzing on up to the dentist’s office. With Nina. During naptime. (this should be good)

And, no, the gift from Tug and Ang wasn’t chocolate. Something better.

Just got back from Target, need to get lunch. Have big plans to fill out the “How Nerdy Were You in High School” survey after Ava goes to school…

Thanks so much for your prayers! Little Kaily seems to be about the same. I just keep praying for a big, big miracle in that tiny, tiny body. Bethany is having a good day. Stew is feeling better for the first time in a long time, and you can’t imagine what a HUGE blessing that is! Not sure how Stephi’s foot is–hopefully she still has all her toes! We kids all inherited my dad’s awful allergies to all things buggy.

Something is terribly wrong with one of my teeth! It hurts like crazy, and I can’t really tell, but it seems like something the dentist put in it FELL OUT. Please pray that I can get in and get it fixed asap.

I can’t give details at the moment (I’m a louse, I know), but I just want to thank Tug and Angie (my BIL and SIL) for their supreme generosity. Something was given to them, and they shared with us. And I am beside myself with glee over it. (I can’t share yet, because I’m giving some of it away as well–secret!) THANKS, GUYS!

Gabe has gotten three more website requests since he put in his 2-week notice 2 days ago. And Jamie’s mama is going to get us hooked up with some affordable health insurance. And a neighbor dropped off a bag of fall clothes for Livi the other day. When God says, “Trust Me. I’ll provide,” He ain’t kidding.

Ava (just now): I’m huuuuuuuuuuungry! You’ve been on that computer for hundreds of minutes! Mommy! I’m staaaaaaaaaaaaarved! I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry! No one’s getting me food right nooooow! I wish someone could get me foooood!


Check back later for everything you ever wanted to know about me in high school. (ha.) Unless I chicken out.

7 thoughts on “quick update

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Hope your tooth feels better…I had a similar experience last year.  I had a tooth that hurt and I thought I had lost a filling or cracked a tooth but the dentist couldn’t find anything.  It eventually got better.

  2. gsowell

    So since Gabe isn’t officially done at the job yet, you still have dental insurance for a few more days, right? Call him rightthisveryminute!

    You WILL NOT be allowed to chicken out. You are allowed to not tell everything you think of, but I recommend full disclosure!

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