quick prayers please

EDIT: (Sat. 2:40 pm)
Got Nystatin for Nina from doc at urgent care. Two doses last night. Tongue still looked nasty this morning. Another dose. Just now, went to give her some more. Her entire mouth is clear. My entire mouth is hanging open. Not saying it won’t come back or anything, but oh my. Thank you, Lord.

Hate to be heavy on a Friday afternoon, but God has laid a few precious kids/families on my heart today. Please take a moment and ask God to comfort these sweet friends.

–a beautiful 5-year-old boy with Downs syndrome who just started kindergarten. His big sister, who used to love school, comes home crying because people (even a teacher) are making fun of her little brother. Does she want him to go to a different school, her parents asked. “No, I love him.” Pray for his mommy and daddy too. He was created in God’s image.

–a gorgeous 7-year-old girl who was born with disfigured fingers and a syndrome that affects one side of her face and smile. She starts 2nd grade in a new school this week, and it is always hard when new kids ask questions or stare or even become cruel. Her mommy and daddy wish they could be with her everywhere she goes and fight her battles for her, but they can’t. Help them to trust God. He made her exactly how He wants her. She is perfect.

–a sweet 9-month-old boy who began crying for no reason at all. Crying in lots of pain. His loving parents took him to the hospital. His leg is broken. No idea how it happened. The parents are being charged with child abuse, cannot be alone with their 2 children, are crushed, heartbroken, disbelieving. What would I do if this happened to me? It could happen to any of us… Pray hard for them. God is in control, even when it seems just the opposite.

Thank you, friends.

15 thoughts on “quick prayers please

  1. chrissyheartsjason

    i’m glad Nina’s tongue is better, PTL!  i will be praying for these families.  i can imagine it would be pretty hard to see your children going through something like getting made fun of for the way they look.  heartbreaking.  i will pray!

  2. adamslady

    this shames me for being so frustrated about having to work extra hard today to get my own baby just to fall asleep (which, she is now sleeping).  what a load of nothing.  why was i frustrated again???  i am so blessed.  and i will say a prayer for each of these.

  3. scottnjes

    Thanks for sharing your prayers. i’ll pray for them. i’ll pray so much that they all know how important they are to God!!

    Have you tried probiotics? That’s what we use for yeast.

  4. jbnygaard

    God, hold these families and little ones close to you. Wrap your arms so tightly around them that they feel your presence with every move they make and every thought they have. May you guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and allow your Holy Spirit to shine radiantly for ALL to see.

    Marla, I have yet to find another person (besides my brother, he is 4 years younger, exactly) to be born on Halloween!!!! I will turn 30 on Halloween and am so exicted! I can’t wait to join the 30 year old club!!! It put a smile on my face to find your b-day is the same as mine!

    I will continue to keep these children and families close in prayer.

  5. Hoffmom

    There’s some kind of disease that causes children to have extra brittle bones.  Parents of these children are often charged with abuse b/c their little ones will come in with fractures and parents are clueless.  Don’t know what it’s called, but I’ve seen stories on it.  If you know these people, maybe ask them to check it out.  So sad!

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