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Make sure you read about Gabe the Babe below, if you missed it. And no, Jamie, he wasn’t home when I wrote it. And the chirping should start any minute now…

Also, if you haven’t read the letter baby Audrey’s mama wrote to her, oh, please read it. You’ll cry with joy and heartache both. Wow. To God be the glory! If you missed a couple posts ago, Audrey was born Monday and lived for a little over 2 hours. Her mommy carried her for many weeks, knowing she would probably not survive much past birth. A family friend/photographer took 1600 photos to document her short, precious life. (Cami, I keep thinking of you and how you want to bless people in that way!) Her parents and big sisters got to hold her and love on her. Sigh.

Oh–my prayer request. I’m speaking for 35 minutes tomorrow morning. A break-out session on motherhood at a spring break retreat at my church. Not sure how many women will be there. Could be 3, could be 30 or more. After thinking so much about baby McKenna and baby Audrey this week, I feel God prompting me to speak on “making the most of every day.” I have nothing planned, nothing written out. I want Him to give me words that will challenge us to live each day like it could be our last, to treasure our loved ones (especially our kiddos), and to seek God’s glory in everything we do. I don’t want to waste a minute.

Thanks, girls! Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Pray for Gabe too. He’s taking 3 girls by himself to a soccer game at 9:00. (Nina’s not a huge fan of sitting still for an entire game. Especially when there’s a playground in sight.) Then lunch and another game at 1:00 (my mom and dad, Bethy and Stew will be at that one). I’ll be home at 2ish.

12 thoughts on “quick prayer request

  1. KmHunsberger

    Praying for your speaking engagement…I am sure that God will give you the words for some (or many) women…words they need to hear.

    That letter…wow, there are just no words. Do you know what Audrey had that caused her to be born early and pass away? Wow…oh to have that kind of faith…and grace…and beauty. Wow.

  2. terriwright

    Your fabulosity is guaranteed…..I’m praying for it right now. I’m praying that you inspire, encourage, and are lifted up and given words by the Master as you speak. You big liar.

  3. terriwright

    agree with Gail about watching…..I’m a big softie. I’ll do it, but….

    You will be fabulous. I can visualize your fabulosity even as I type. I’m praying that you inspire, encourage, and are lifted up yourself as you speak. Even if you are a big liar.

  4. OkinawaAna

    What a precious story!  What a challenge to me, to see how she saw just two hours as a true gift from God and chose to be thankful for it.  Praying for you this morning as you go to share on a very similar thought at your church!

  5. gsowell

    Praying right now for your breakout session this morning. I’m asking God to fill you up (and to sort it all out from swirliness to coherency ).

    I will read the letter later. I’m still pretty raw from watching the video of McKenna over at BE’s.

  6. jbnygaard

    Just checked out Angie’s site. Do you know her? I bawled reading it. Have I ever shown you the picture I took of my friend Jeremy with his stillborn son Carter?

    Praying for you. Praying for Gabe. Praying for Nina to listen to daddy. 🙂

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