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Please pray for my friend, Amanda. She’s 33 weeks pregnant with her 3rd little girl and has HELLP syndrome. From what I understand, it’s similar to pre-eclampsia (but worse). Amanda’s oldest girl is 4 and was born at 28 weeks. Her 2nd is almost 3 and was born at maybe 34 weeks. Her body just doesn’t handle pregnancy well, but she loves little ones, so she deals.

Please pray that she won’t get full-blown HELLP which means seizures and other stuff–the only “cure” is delivering the baby. Obviously, the longer baby girl stays in, the better. And Amanda wants to be able to stay with her and not have to divide her time between 2 at home and a preemie in a hospital over an hour away.

In other news, we had 2 miniscule potty-training victories today. And I do mean miniscule. My friend Deb loaned me a potty chair so we could watch TV while sitting.  (and sitting and sitting) Sometime this evening, I heard Ava say, “Mommy! Nina pooped in the potty! Well, I think she did…”

I run over, and sure enough, there’s something there. But it looks suspiciously like a Milk Dud from the Halloween stash. Not funny. I lean down to smell it, and…it’s 100% definitely NOT chocolate. Hooray for Nina!

A couple hours later, she sat down for awhile again. And I hear Ava, “Mommy! Nina peed in the potty! Well, it kind of looks like she might have…” Sure enough. 8-9 droplets of pee.

Nina was beside herself with glee. This is fun. I’m sure we’ll have raging success from here on out.

Hey, if any of you are on Twitter, I want to follow you. If you have no idea what Twitter is, I’ll explain it soon.

Also, you can now pre-order Expecting on my website. It’s $10 now and will be $15 in January.

Last thing–if you want me to put you on my Book News e-mail list, please give my your addy. I just sent out my latest newsletter. If you got it twice, I apologize.

Okay, very last thing. Jamie–this is for you. In my blog-writing zeal, I just left a batch of cookies in the oven too long. DRAT. Every 10th or so sheet of cookies I bake gets burned–and all because I get too distracted to hear the timer. Oh well!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! My family is coming tomorrow! WOOOOHOOOO!

17 thoughts on “prayer request (and stuff)

  1. jbnygaard

    Oh dear Marla. If I would have been there, I would have thought you have these baking incidents ALL the time! 🙂

    I just cracked up at Nina’s responses to Potty Training. I can hear her little voice talking now…she’s such a hoot! And…I’m SO incredibly glad you didn’t EAT the ”milk-dud”!!! When you were saying that it looked like one…I was about to vomit!

  2. jessyomama

    Encourage Nina to eat lots of apples and grapes – it will help the pooping urge. She definitely won’t have to sit and sit. And encourage lots of juice and water. Then she won’t have to sit and sit to pee. ; )

  3. biblestorebrowser

    Wow. I haven’t checked Xanga in some time, but am recovering from an angiogram so I thought I’d check in. I’m glad I did ’cause I don’t get the SS emails anymore for some reason. Definitely praying for Manda.

  4. mrsnorthern8605

    Praying for Amanda! I had HELLP….and it was so scary, but it’s good to know that she is 33 weeks, the little one, if delivered early should be just fine! But I certainly understand what she is going through!

  5. Kdelayne

    Thanks for posting about Manda.  I know lots of people come to your site and I’m sure lots will be praying for her.  She’s one of my dearest friends. One of the kind that sweeps into your life and you can’t imagine it without her.  I’m definitely praying.

  6. Anonymous

    Marla – I’m so excited about your new book!  I only wish it were coming sooner 🙂  We are expecting baby #3 in June.  I look forward to using your devotional as a special way to pray for this gift!  I came across your site awhile back through Amanda Jones’ blog.  I love reading your blog! 

  7. KmHunsberger

    Oh Manda…I was so hoping this wouldn’t happen to her again. Poor girl. Definitely praying for her…please keep me updated. I need to email that woman!

    Yeah for Nina! May you have continued successes….

  8. kellycohan

    Wow, props to Amanda for perservering through this pregnancy. Just prayed for her…

    And… good luck with the potty training. I just wish I wasn’t eating breakfast while I read this post.

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