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EDIT (5:00pm): Baby boy has arrived safely! That’s all I know. Daddy Brian wants to tell everyone details himself, so… maybe I’ll know something by the weekend. Don’t know if she had a c-section or not, just that “she had a really rough time.” So, again, thanks for praying them through it! Fun post coming tonight after soccer game #17!

EDIT (3:33pm): Still no baby. That’s all I know. Thanks so much for praying!

Please pray for my cousin Christy. She went into labor yesterday with her first baby (a boy). She has a doula and has been gearing up for a totally natural delivery. But her water broke over 24 hours ago, and she’s still only 2 cm. dilated. The doctor wants her to have a c-section and she really doesn’t want to.

Please pray for God’s hand of protection on baby Emmett and that God will give Christy wisdom concerning the absolute best for her baby, no matter how he has to come out. Pray that God will give her clarity of mind and the ability to put her dreams aside if need be.

Thanks, friends! Updates on the best month of my life forthcoming. (oh, the pressure!)

12 thoughts on “prayer request

  1. gsowell

    I saw this post earlier, but didn’t have time to comment. I wanted you to know I have been and will continue praying for this situation. Thanks for the update, even if you didn’t have news!

  2. terriwright


    You know, if October is going to be the best month of your life, there can be no whining. (Which, of course, means you WILL have to sell..or at least lease…the children.)

  3. rocknnell

    Critical decision……same thing happened with Gabe, said he would of died…if I hadn’t went C-section…..Divine discernment and wisdom for Christy…..quickly ! will pray !

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