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I’d love for you to take a few moments today and lift up these friends in prayer.

Prayer Requests

–Our friends Andrew and Denise had a baby boy, Parker James, this morning. He was 10.5 weeks early. I don’t know many details. I think he’s doing okay so far. Please just pray for God’s hand on this tiny guy–and for peace and strength for his mommy and daddy.

Gail‘s mama, Charlene, is having an especially difficult time with her MS. Lots of pain, the worst it’s been. Please pray that God will give her strength, heal her body and lift her spirits.

Krista‘s hubby, Kerry, lost his job last week as a result of standing up for his values. I just read in Acts 5:29 today that “we must obey God rather than men!” Pray that Kerry and Krista will trust God completely and that Kerry will find a new job soon.

Kristen‘s grandpa had a heart attack Monday morning. I don’t know details, but pray that he recovers quickly and fully.

Bethany, Nicki, Sarah Jean, Shannah, and Jess are all in their first trimesters of preggo-ness. Pray for healthy mamas and healthy babies. Several of these babies have been prayed for long and hard for many people, and all six (Shannah’s having twinsies!) are sweet answers to prayer! (anyone else have any news to share…?)

Beth Elaine has 17 more days before her hubby gets home from his military duty overseas. Pray for Steve’s safety and that B.E. will feel especially encouraged in these next 2+ weeks. And that they’ll fly by!!

–I know several of you have been following the story of little Audrey Caroline. Tuesday night, her 2-month-old cousin, Luke, died of what was probably SIDS. His mommy (Audrey’s dad Todd’s sister) found him in his bed not breathing. I can’t imagine the blow this is to that family. Angie has a list of incredible prayer requests for Greg and Nicol (baby Luke’s parents) on her blog. Please pray for God’s comfort for them.

If you have an extra minute or two to click on one of the links above and encourage someone, I know she’d appreciate it!!


–fun morning at the Metro Gardens with Gabe, Ava, and Nina. Had a picnic, saw tons of frogs, SIX (!!) snakes (ew!), TWO (!!) white squirrels (cool!), (I forgot about the 2 mumbo-jumbo snapping turtles. Freakish but cool.) and tons of gorgeous flowers.

–took Ava to school. Her principal, Dr. Kline, is leaving after this year. Sweetest woman. Ava cried herself to sleep over it last night. She made her a card and Scrabble magnets today. I helped her deliver them. The principal sat down with Ava, had Ava read her every sticker on the front of the envelope (they were all about God and His Word! and Ava read them out loud in the school office! wow!), had Ava read her the card she wrote and sorted out the Scrabble letters. It was so sweet.

–Gabe got a call out in the van while I was in the office with Ava. Ava’s been accepted to a magnet school! A different one than Livi. It makes me a little sad that they’ll be at different schools, but I know God’s up to something. And it’s the school with an emphasis in Foreign Cultures. I’m excited! (if I haven’t explained magnet schools, they’re part of the public school system, but just 25-50 kids per grade instead of 125 and there’s an emphasis on a certain subject. there’s a lottery to get in, and Livi and Ava were both #1 on the waiting list)

–a sweet friend called me this morning (you know who you are!) and blessed me in a very tangible way. I prayed for something very specific this a.m. on my run, and she was a big part of the answer. Thank you, friend.

–my proposal for my next book is coming along nicely after a long dry spell. Woohoo! I love to write!

–I get to see my sister Stephanie in 5 days! (and her hubby, Daniel, and the rest of my family) I can’t wait!

That’s all for now. Whew. That was long. Blessings on your Thursday!

19 thoughts on “prayer and praise

  1. tonialynn59

    Thanks for the list.  I’ve been praying for most of these too but I’ll add the others.   The metro garden trip sounds like such fun.  So excited that you get to see your baby sister! 

  2. kellycohan

    Yes, thank you for updating the list. And, so exciting for your girlies! You must be really proud and way stoked about how these schools will bless them – and how they’ll bless their schools in return!!

  3. ergirl053

    Wow- thanks for posting all these request and praises! God is certainly working the lives of some little Taviano’s today 🙂 Excited to learn what He will do with these opportunities!!

  4. mtaviano

    @terriwright – BECAUSE YOU DON’T MAKE SENSE. Why did you say I needed a car with good gas mileage? If it’s because the girls are going to different schools, THEY WILL BE RIDING THE BUS. FREE RIDE!! You are weird. (that should have been in all caps)

  5. luvmynoah

    So much going on in so many lives.  I’ve never heard of a Magnet school…that sounds interesting.  You taught me something new today.  I’m glad your wheels are turning and great, God inspired ideas are coming to you for your new book! 

    Have a great Thursday!

  6. terriwright

    As Gail said, most were already a part of my prayer, but I will add the others. We are so blessed to be able to depend on prayer warriors to lift us up. Yea, Ava. Is Livi OK with this?

  7. gsowell

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been praying for most of these requests, but a few I didn’t know about. Congrats to Ava! Just wonder what God will do with her background as she grows. Amazing. It starts from the time they are born. And thanks for listing my mom. She was just telling me this morning how overwhelmed she has been with the love and support of my xanga friends. She really appreciates everyone’s prayers and notes.

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