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Several things to share today including reminders that our RADICAL CELEBRATION (and give-away!) is tomorrow! Stop by to share a little bit about what God has done in your life as you read the book (and comment to win some cool prizes!).

And the big READ-ALONG REVEAL is Wednesday! And for a very limited time (like 12 hours) you’ll have a chance to WIN one of 5 copies of the book we’re reading!

And now for some praises and prayer requests:

PRAYER: You might have heard about the crowd stampede in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last Monday that killed almost 400 people and injured 700 more. You can watch a video clip here. This small, poor country is so ill-equipped to handle a tragedy of this magnitude and desperately needs our prayers.

Here’s what my friend Yvonne (on furlough from Cambodia) said in her latest newsletter, The mostly Buddhist country has gone into a frenzy of fear based activity.  The hospitals are overcrowded and people are being forced to pay money simply to be allowed inside, then more money is expected in order for them to be allowed in a bed.  MRI’s and CAT scans are not being done due to limited funding-so people may be internally bleeding and nobody knows about it.  Others are sacrificing food, money, material items to the spirits of the deceased in hopes that this will appease them and no further calamity will come their way.  My heart hurts so much for the people I’ve grown to love….they are living out of such fear and do not even see it.

PRAISE: As always, God uses tragedy to bring people to him. Yvonne also wrote this, On the other hand, our Khmer brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God are being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in their hurting country!  The young adults of our village are visiting those in and outside of the hospitals, Panha and Veasna are sharing with the kids of Wat Phnom about the authority they have in the name of Jesus to tell evil spirits to leave them alone and God is going to be seen in His glory in the midst of all of this…..because, that’s what He does, He shows up, He defends the weak, He comforts those in need, He heals the sick…. and I can’t wait to hear the stories so I can share them with you.

PRAYER: This seems so trivial (not to mention embarrassing) in light of such large-scale horror, but I’ve been experiencing some physical pain/discomfort of a “personal” sort for quite awhile now. It’s gotten much worse lately (it keeps me up at night and has caused many tears), and I would appreciate your prayers (for wisdom for a correct diagnosis and for healing and relief). Thank you.

PRAISE: I’ve mentioned before that my sister Bethany’s church (her husband is the youth pastor and his dad is the pastor) sponsors an orphanage right down the road from ours in Cambodia (that we got to visit while we were there!). And I’ve shared about the cool things Bethany and Stewart have done with their youth group to raise money for the orphanage.

Well, check this out! They’ve raised $1100 so far which is enough to sponsor another child for 11 months, so the country director said he would get things moving to get another child (a girl) into their orphanage. I’m so excited!! I love that a bunch of teenagers in small-town Ohio have worked hard and sacrificed and are SAVING A LITTLE GIRL’S LIFE. (They’ll continue to raise money each month to meet her needs.) Isn’t that AWESOME?!

PRAYER: I would love for some of you to pray for our upcoming Read-Along, particularly that God would bring those who really, really need to hear the message of this book. It’s a message of healing and restoration and drawing closer to the God who created us and loves us immeasurably, and I think the New Year is the perfect time to make some positive, lasting, exciting changes in our lives.

PRAISE: Praising God for each one of you who read Radical (or plans to finish it as you can) and had your world rocked. Excited to celebrate with you tomorrow and hear how God is working in your heart to make radical changes in your life.

If you have a praise or prayer request, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I’d be honored to pray for you and/or thank God for what he’s done.

SEE YOU TOMORROW!! You don’t want to miss all the FREEEEEEEEE!!!

22 thoughts on “prayer and praise

  1. Sarah M.

    Been thinking about your Cambodian friends alot lately, certainly praying for them too!

    Would appreciate prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl….due anyday and TERRIFIED after a bad birth experience with my 1st. Many thanks friend!!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you, Sarah! I didn’t know you had a rough time when C was born. I’m so sorry.

      God, please be with Sarah as she gets ready to bring another beautiful baby girl into this world. Please calm her heart and help her to trust you. Give her the strength she needs and please bring this baby quickly, smoothly, and safely.

      I love you, friend!

  2. Brooke

    Obviously, I don’t do well with serious requests. In fact, I try to block serious stuff out when at all possible. My mom has had thyroid issues for the past year and just now got the diagnosis – nodules on her thyroid. she’s going for her followup with a specialist on Monday.

  3. Brooke

    Dear God, even though Marla is torturing us not telling us what we’re reading about, please be with our read-along. She can’t hide her choice from you. Make it a good one please and thank you.

    PS – God knows I’m weird. After 22 years of me being a Christian, He’s use to prayers like that. 😛

  4. Becca

    Marla I will be praying for you and your friends and everything you shared!

    I would love your prayers for our house and moving downtown – and also for some new stuff ministry-wise that we have coming up. It’s a wonderful amazing direction and we’re excited about it – but i’m nervous too!

  5. kendal

    praying. please pray for my 17-year-old friend, E, who is battling an anorexia. she’s only three weeks into refeeding and is terribly sad and angry. pray for her to desire life.

  6. Kelli

    Praying and praising for each of those requests!

    I am in need of prayer for the upcoming birth! I have a lot of anxiety and I pray God can calm all my nerves (and aches and pains) so we can enjoy this time leading up to the baby’s birth!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Praying for you right now, friend! God, please wrap Kelli in your peace and love, and bring this darling baby safely into the world!

      Do you still have my cell #? I need a call from the hospital within 2 hours of your baby’s appearance. 😉

  7. Claudia Porpiglia

    Still trying to finish Radical but bound and determined to do it!
    Praising God for salvation and the gift of His Spirit that strengthens and encourages me daily!

    Pray for me as I continue to daily care for and parent Tina. God has given me an awesome task, one that can drain me emotionally and physically. I want to run this race to the end achieving the prize!

  8. Laura

    Will keep your pain in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get some relief soon. So, so awesome about Bethany’s church and sponsoring a little girl. How does that work? I mean, where do they pick one girl from? I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be brought in (from whatever horror she is in right now) to a loving place where people from the other side of the world who don’t even know you love you enough to send you there! Joy! Looking forward to the next read-along. Hopefully I do a little more reading ALONG, and not scrambling to catch up. 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Marla! (and after our family watched 2 of your tree videos, we HAD to get ours this weekend, and just so you know, we did NOT get the first tree. HOWEVER, like always, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and the tree we picked was about 5 FEET TOO TALL for our living room. HAHAHA!) 😀

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you so much, Laura! You are such a blessing to me. I’m not sure where/how they’ll get the new orphan. I will keep everyone updated as I find out.

      Too funny about your tree. The one I wanted was way too tall too. 🙂

  9. Gail

    Marla, will be praying for your friends and for you hope you soon find relief I know the feeling, had upper back surgery 10 years ago and still can feel the weather, Old Aurthr every time the fronts come through, or stress visits me. Love your bloggs and keeping up with you. You have a beautiful family and love that you are serving Jesus daily.

  10. janelle

    I read Radical in Africa ….the last Sunday I spoke I read them this part ( pg. 88 ) ” He/God was initiating a revolution, but His revolution would not revolve around the masses or the multitudes. Instead it would revolve around a few men.” ( pg. 154) “how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” (pg. 187) ” His concern wast hat His followers would not go to the lost.” We / on this trip “built the church physically – a blg. ” – we also went door to door and built ” The Church” – His people – 96 “Common God Powered People “…. I tossed my Bible to Stephen in the front row and said, ” I am going back to America…..” RADICAL – Common God Powered People….all over the WORLD – to seek and to save the LOST !

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