pray-for-you thursday

Whew. I’m beat. We just hosted our new Community Group in our home tonight, and the last of the folks just left. Exhausting, energizing, exciting. God is so good.

THANK YOU for snatching up all the copies of The Hole in Our Gospel so quickly. I’ll be writing more about it soon.

I still have 2 copies of Expecting (with a black mark on the top) for $9 each (including shipping) if anyone wants to pray along with us for some beautiful pregnant women in Haiti. I’m hoping to have a list of names (and photos) next week.

Check back tomorrow for some FUN STUFF to buy. Because several of you have lamented the fact that everything’s always gone before you get a chance to buy them, I’ll be doing TWO posts–one will go live at midnight (Thursday night) and the other at noon (Friday).


And I don’t have any more energy left in me to write, but I plan on having all kinds of energy (and coffee) tomorrow (Thursday), soooo…

If you have something I can pray for you, please let me know either in the comments or via e-mail. Seriously–it’s an honor to take your requests to God.

Have a great day!!

39 thoughts on “pray-for-you thursday

  1. gitz

    i’m late to the party but i’m going to ask for the prayers anyway 🙂 i’ve just finished a month of antibiotics for a lung infection that is finally turning around. and i’m so grateful it is. it’s been two years of constant illness and infections and i’ve seen the disease progress and limit me more and more with each one. between pain and not being able to move and this grief of dad, my energy is sooooo low. and it’s frustrating me. i’m praying that either my energy improves enough to not make every little thing such a struggle, or that i am able to lean into the exhaustion better and accept it. thanks, lovely.

  2. Michele Willis

    I have several things…sorry to be needy, but a lot is going on at the same time in our family!
    1. always #1 for me – my brother’s salvation, Chris
    2. financial provision for our adoption from China (need $19,000 more)
    3. job for hubby because…
    4. church plant launches Easter weekend
    5. I won’t get overwhelmed from all of the above (I tend to take things to God without leaving them there…it’s a conrol thing…ugh)
    Thank you!!!

  3. Laura

    My sweet little guy (owen) has his every winter recurring cold with a horrible cough (the kind where he coughs all night until he throws up from coughing too much). I just want him to get better, and to be able to get a night of full SLEEP. As a mom, not being able to fix that is the worst feeling. I would love some prayers for him. 🙂

  4. eloranicole

    this past month God’s brought to light some memories dealing with childhood trauma. i started counseling this past week, and processing through memories & feelings is pretty difficult. i’d love prayer for discernment, clarity and complete healing. i know this will be a long road, but i’ll take any extra prayer i can get. 🙂

  5. Kelly S

    My husband, Jesse, and I are headed out of town today for a couple days of “getaway” – staying at a hotel, enjoying some fun times together, etc. We’ve been married for a little over a year and are trying to do things like this frequently!

    Please pray that it’s an encouraging time for the two of us and that things go well. We have a great marriage and love to hang out together, but sometimes it seems that the time that we specifically set aside to celebrate being married is also the time that things go wrong! (Not sure if that’s Satan at work or just coincidence or what!) Thanks!!!

    Also, the Narnia books came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited! One of our activities this weekend is going to be reading one together! Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. Kelsie

    I’m not feeling so great today. 🙁 Been busy lately, and I’m looking at today as a day of rest – even with two energetic boys. They’ve been good today. 🙂 And – I am SO thankful for sunshine!

  7. Jen Hanson

    I’ve been sick since Saturday night with a horrible head/chest cold with fever. I’m on meds for it, but it just keeps hangin’ on. I took three days off work and am still not better. Back at work today – only 10am and I’m already exhausted. Oy. Not sure what else to do.

    Please pray for healing and strength to get through these next two days until I can rest again this weekend.

    THANK YOU!! You’re amazing.

  8. Sharon Meekins

    Oh Marla,

    I could use all the prayers I can get as I transition out of Haiti and back to the states.

    Please know that I think of you often and I’m so excited about the Lord’s plan for you and your family to go to Cambodia. You truly inspire me.

    Much love,

  9. Cheryl Pickett

    What popped into my head/heart just now is I’d like a prayer of thanks. Thanks to some coaching, in Dec/Jan I made some changes to my business structure, set up a new website and things seem to be clicking. Nothing earth shattering yet, but new things are coming up, I’m learning and growing. God has also provided in other ways to keep us afloat while I grow and am not able to contribute to the household budget as I want to so that provides a little more peace too.

    So just a big ole’ thank you God feeling today that you can add to your list 🙂

  10. Erin

    Two things. Is that selfish? We’ve both wanted to adopt for a long time but have never been on the same page about the details. We started praying a few months ago that God would allign our hearts and He so faithfully did! We still don’t know details but we’re excited to move forward. There’s a little more on the blog.

    My mom is having surgery while I’m out of state at the end of the month. It wouldn’t change anything if I could be there, i just wish I could be.

    Praying for Cambodia, the ladies in Haiti and for your family today. Thanks for being an encouragement, Marla. I hope one day I can hug your sweet self. 🙂

    1. Marla Taviano

      You can list TEN things if you want. 🙂 ERIN!! That is sooooo exciting about the adoption! I loved your post!! Praying for God to work out the details and for your sweet mama. I WILL hug you someday–no worries!

  11. Tana Adams

    I would love it if you would pray for my writing friend Krista Phillips. Her daughter is under a year and is on the heart transplant list. I want to immerse that family in prayer. And for my family, so that we have a safe time skiing in the mountains this weekend. We have been known to break legs that way. 😉 (Did you get the DVD?) I just want to make sure it found you!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Praying for Krista’s beautiful little baby. I can’t even imagine.

      And for your ski trip. DO be careful!

      And YES, I got the DVD. THANK YOU!! Trying to find a time when we can ALL watch it together. I’ve heard such great things about it.

      p.s. Have I mentioned that I love your ms?

  12. Kathleen-NM

    My husband Kevin and I are helping host the Love and Respect Conference at our church this weekend. We were gone last weekend to San Francisco to celebrate 20 years of marriage, and hit the ground running this week, LOTS of opp. for ministry, all good but draining. If you could just pray for an extra measure of His grace that would be great!

    I love the response to Hole in the Gospel! Love that so many have a heart for missions! Keep leading the charge girl!

    Abundant Blessings!


    1. Marla Taviano

      I know, Kathleen!! THANK YOU for your inspired idea to spread the missions love around! Love you!!

      Praying for your conference!! For strength and wisdom and God’s spirit working in hearts and marriages. Let me know if you ever want a hundred Blushing books for, like, 10 cents each. 🙂

      1. Kathleen-NM

        The girls in the Young Marrieds group we lead loved the book!

        What I’d really like to do is fly you out here to speak to our MOPS group and have you bring more books with you! Hmmmm…praying

        Praying for you too, friend. You are dispensing is quite a few places. May His Spirit fill you with grace, energy, time peace and some quiet too.

  13. Lindsee

    Because I coud always use prayer, and because I am honored that you would even ask, I am going to ask you to pray a very selfish prayer. Would you just pray that my heart is truly content and satisfied with Valentine’s Day coming up? I feel so silly even posting that, because I’m loving this season of life, and I dearly love Jesus, but sometimes the desire to be married is so intense I don’t know what to do. And then I cry. It’s a vicious cycle! I have such a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. You know what I mean? You’re a gem, Marla! Thank you for praying! How can I pray for you?

    1. Marla Taviano

      Awww, Lindsee. I’m so tempted to remind you how beautiful and wonderful and fun you are, with such an amazing heart for God and young girls and basically just everyone, how I’m just sure that God has the PERFECT husband for you out there in his perfect timing.

      But I know that won’t help the ache, so I’m praying for you. Now. Today. And on Monday too. (And Gabe and I do absolutely nothing, zilch, nada on V-day, if that helps. Which it probably doesn’t.)

      I love you.

    2. Brooke

      hope you don’t mind me reading this also – I’ll certainly say a prayer for you. Please don’t give up on God’s timing okay? I know its hard, trust me I do. But the pain that comes from turning your back on Him is far more difficult to deal with.

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