please pray

My mom just called me. One of my best friends from high school, Rebecca, just lost her baby. She was 22 weeks pregnant. She was out shopping on New Year’s Eve (I think), and her water broke. The baby was born weighing 12 ounces. A little girl. Her heart was still beating when she was born, and they got to hold her for a little bit. Rebecca and Michael have a little guy (not quite 2) named Cooper.

Please pray for Michael and Rebecca. Their hearts are breaking, and I can’t even imagine.

I also have a couple unspoken requests for some other people I love. Thanks for your prayers!

20 thoughts on “please pray

  1. mtaviano

    @Clayton Bell – Thank you so, so much, Clayton. I’ll share your site with Rebecca and Michael. I’m so sorry for your loss and look forward to meeting Gracie in heaven. Wanna hear something neat? August 20, 2006 was Rebecca’s 30th birthday.

  2. KmHunsberger

    I too cannot imagine such pain. Praying for God’s presence in tangible ways…bc they need it I am sure.

    Marla, it thrills my spirit to hear of the beautiful time you had as a family this Christmas season.Absolutely thrills me.

  3. lites4Him

    Praying now. I can’t imagine what they’re feeling… but I know the Father understands what that’s like. Praying they’ll run into His arms and be held close to His heart.

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