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EDIT: (10:27pm) I just found out that the girl passed away. My loved ones will be going back to the school tomorrow. Please pray for them, the girl’s family (I can’t imagine what her little brother is going through), and the students at the school.

I haven’t heard any updates on Michael’s daddy or Uncle Bald Eagle. Thanks for praying, guys!

For three people.

1.) A 13-year-old girl (I don’t know her) tried to hang herself this morning, and her 8-year-old brother found her. She’s on life support. I can’t give details, but two people I love dearly were asked to go to her public school and talk and pray with the kids who wanted comfort and counseling. The girl’s parents had recently gotten divorced, and she was having a hard time with it. Please pray for the girl, her family, the counselors, the kids at school, and for the kids at school who know Christ that they might have an opportunity to share Him with their classmates.

2.) My friend Michael’s dad had open heart surgery a week ago and has all kinds of complications now, including pneumonia. They called the family in, because there’s a chance he won’t survive. Michael and I went to high school together, and his dad has always been really special to me.

3.) My great-uncle J. Howard (my grandpa Yoder’s brother–everybody knows him as Chief Bald Eagle) is very weak and also might be going to heaven soon. They tried to put a pacemaker in, and it didn’t work.

Just a lot of people who are scared and sad right now as their family members are suffering. Please pray God will comfort their hearts.

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  1. lites4Him

    Praying… for all these situations and for you too. Thanks for letting us know. I’m praying for the comfort that only God can give to flood over these people and praying that they’ll know He’s holding them close to His heart.

  2. luvmynoah

    Wow…so much to pray about.  Thirteen years old is so hard on it’s own without added family complications.  Praying for her…her classmates, those ministering to them all…your uncle…your friend and his dad. 

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