on my figurative knees

Tomorrow is one of those packed-full days that I’m excited for and dreading all at once. Will I get everything done? Will I get all stressed out and yell at my children? Will I cry when my baby (who just lost her very first tooth tonight) gets on the school bus for the very first time?

If I’ve learned anything in the past 35+ years (and sometimes I wonder), it’s that I need to choose the path that defies human logic if I want to survive this kind of 24-hour period.

In other words, I need to start the day with prayer, end the day with prayer, and stop lots and lots and lots of times in the middle of what I’m doing all the livelong day to pray.

Pray for my babies and their teachers.

Pray for my husband and his busy work/photography/web design/soccer-coaching schedule.

Pray for Adeline and the other sweet mamas in Haiti who need miracles.

Pray for Moses and for the agonizing choices Troy and Tara have to make.

Pray for the beautiful people of Cambodia (and so many other places in this world) where hope is so terribly hard to find sometimes.

Pray for Faa and her ministry to the street children of Thailand. If you’re not doing anything at 7pm tonight, we’d LOVE to have you join us as Faa shares what God is doing in Thailand. E-mail me for directions to my house.

Pray for YOU. Please feel free to share any burden that’s heavy on your heart right now (in the comments or via e-mail if it’s private).

I’d be honored to talk to God about you while I run errands and whip up yummy chocolate chip cookies and such as and so on. Have a great day, friends!

14 thoughts on “on my figurative knees

  1. Destiny

    Just subscribed to your blog after a friend gave me Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time (loved it by the way).
    Thank you for offering the prayers. There is something incredible thinking someone who doesn’t even know me is praying for me.
    Anyway, long story short my daugher, 12 weeks, had procedure done for a posterior tongue tie at 6 weeks. We have been struggling to nurse from the very first feeding after birth. I have yet to experience nursing without incredible, excruciating pain. I long to be able to nurse her and be able to enjoy the amazing experience.
    Thank you!
    PS-we prayed for your family and Cambodia trip at dinner tonight! And prayers for the other commenters as well.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Destiny! Thank you so much!! I prayed for your sweet little girl just now. My middle daughter had her tongue clipped when she was four. I never knew she was tongue-tied until her first trip to the dentist. Thankfully, it didn’t affect her nursing when she was little. I’ll keep praying for her–and for you.

  2. Teresa Henry

    Marla, I so love logging on to my email and seeing your blog post waiting for me to read. I love your honest account of life as we live it trying to make sense of what God is individually calling us to do. Your heart inspires me to be more aware of the needs of those around me and to open my life to more possibilities.

    I would love prayer. I know God is calling me to certain things but I let fear get in the way. For a while I have heard God asking to me to leave the job I am in (which is $10 and hour) and the only source of income because I am a single mom. I heard Him say as soon as you leave th floodgates will open…I know I heard that but I fear my own choices and I hold on to the job. The world may say you have to keep it…you need a job…be thankful for a job…yet I know God’s ways are not always logical tot he world (rarely logical to the world). I need prayer as I raise my kids and some issues going with their dad and the fact that I have had to keep them from seeing him for their safety yet now he is pushing me and I am scared. What if I make the wrong choice? I am homeschooling 2 of my kids this year (age 12 and 15) and I am not organized. I know it sounds like I don’t trust God…but I do…I just allow my fears to stand in the way of my trust sometimes and feel overwhelmed with making decisions as a single mom. I am getting my Master’s and new classes started on Monday…pray that I stay focused and finsih well.

    I will be praying for you today too. Blessings to your sweet kindergartener!! I taught Kindergarten one year and the first day is so special!

  3. joyce

    I would love more prayer for my beautiful 16 year old niece who is in the middle of an absolutely brutal chemo regimen to treat her recently diagnosed leukemia. She is a strong, brave, believing girl but we spent the weekend with her and oh her road is long and hard. Thank you.

    Kindergarten is my favorite. Hope your little one enjoys her day!

  4. Holly B.

    Love what’s happening at your house tonight, friend! Praying…
    Please pray that Anna (6 months) will eat better. We’ll see the Dr. tomorrow, but she hasn’t been eating so well for a few weeks. Thanks for lifting her up, Marla!

  5. Ruth Chowdhury

    Pray for fear that is trying to grip my 5 yr old son’s heart & my heart as well. After breaking his arm on Friday he is afraid to do almost anything & screams when he is afraid. I also am continually battling thoughts of “certain pending doom”, so to speak, as that was our 4th trip to the ER for our family in the last 4 months. God has been SO faithful though and we’ve learned/grown a lot. I’ll be praying for those needs as well (Moses has been on my mind as well). Thank you, Marla! It’ll be a great day!

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